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vaping-improves-heart-blood-pressure Vaping May Improve Heart Health and Blood Pressure in Smokers - Everyone knows that tobacco smoke is bad for you; especially for your lungs. The fact that smokers easily run out of breath is one clue, and the hacking...
quit-smoking-e-cigarettes New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep – With the Help of E-Cigarettes - Cigarettes are one of the most dangerous and lethal products in the world, causing more deaths each year than HIV, illegal drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle and firearm accidents...
clapton-coil-benefits-list More Vapor & Flavor? Clapton Coil Options & Benefits - One of the newest fads in the vaping industry is actually something you may have seen before, but just didn’t know it had a name: the “Clapton” coil....

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  • Kanger Subox Mini Kit Review

    Kanger Subox Mini Kit Review

    Kangertech doesn’t sit on its laurels long, and it’s foray into box mods is no exception. Not even four months after it launched the original KBOX, the Chinese manufacturer...Read More »
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  • V2 Cigs Review

    V2 Cigs Review

    Starting at $34.95 V2 Cigs has rapidly become one …

  • Apollo E-Cigs Review

    Apollo E-Cigs Review

    Starting at $49.95 If you'e looking for options, Apollo has them. …

  • Green Smoke Review

    Green Smoke Review

    Starting at $46.72 In the relatively new world of e-cigarettes, Green …

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  • UD Balrog 70W Mod Kit (ENDED)

    UD Balrog 70W Mod Kit (ENDED)

    The Balrog 70W Mod is a brand new device from UD offering up to 70W of output with temperature control. We’re giving away THREE complete kits, with mod,...Read More »

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e-cigarette-guideChoosing the best e-cigarette (and understanding how to properly operate and maintain it) can be a daunting task. No matter what your level of experience, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We offer e-cigarette and mod reviews, e-juice ratings and more; but before you browse our website, these articles may be helpful:

At Cig Buyer.com, we believe that an educated decision – IS THE BEST DECISION. Not only do we provide detailed product reviews and ratings, but we’ve gathered a wide range of tools and information to assist you. And if you’re looking for the top e-cigs – search no further! We share some of the best vape deals on the Web!