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  • Smok VCT Pro Tank – Just $26.99

    Smok VCT Pro Tank – Just $26.99

    The Smok VCT Pro Tank is the upgrade version of the standard Smok VCT. Known as the Vapor Chaser Tank (VCT), it’s made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, but the Pro version is designed for high-powered mods with newly designed “VCT Pro E2″ coils (0.2 …Read More »

Recent E-Cig News & Discussion

best-vaping-forums-online Best Online Vaping Forums & Other Ways for Vapers to Connect -
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If you’re new to the world vaping you may be asking yourself, “why would I want to join a vaping community or connect with other vapers?” Getting started may seem like a simple process, but vaping can become an in-depth and time consuming hobby that could eventually turn into an obsession. E-cig technology is constantly evolving and (more...)
fda-e-cigarette-vaping-update Opposition To Proposed FDA Vaping Regulations Is Strong -
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2015 looks set to be the most exciting year in vaping history. The growth of the e-cigarette market has been unparalleled, and this is the year that vaporizers and e-cigarettes will finally fall under government regulation. Regulation has been called for by doctors, governmental bodies and consumers alike, in order to both stabilize the industry and further (more...)
affordable-cheap-e-juice Affordable & Cheap E-Juice Suppliers You Can Trust -
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A few months ago I put together an article highlighting some of the top “craft” e-juice makers in the industry, focusing on companies that produce unique, high-quality products that definitely stand out from the crowd. There’s no doubt that these companies produce some of the best and most interesting e-liquid on the market – but (more...)

Top E-Cigarettes & Mod Reviews

  • Vamo V5 Mod Review

    Vamo V5 Mod Review

    The Vamo V5 is a reasonably priced APV loaded with great features; including variable voltage, variable wattage, ohm meter, battery voltage indicator and more. I purchased the Vamo V5 several months ago because it was highly regarded by fellow vapers and it’s quickly become one …Read More »
E-Cigarette Reviews:

  • V2 Cigs Review

    V2 Cigs Review

    Starting at $34.95 V2 Cigs has rapidly become one …

  • Apollo E-Cigs Review

    Apollo E-Cigs Review

    Starting at $49.95 If you'e looking for options, Apollo has them. …

  • Green Smoke Review

    Green Smoke Review

    Starting at $46.72 In the relatively new world of e-cigarettes, Green …

APV / Mod Reviews:

Recent Vape Giveaways

  • EVOD 2 + 60ml E-Juice Giveaway

    EVOD 2 + 60ml E-Juice Giveaway

    Thanks to Goodejuice.com for sponsoring this mid-month giveaway! One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a full EVOD 2 Starter Kit, along with two 30ml bottles of Good E-Juice. Just choose your kit color, along with two flavors and …Read More »

Electronic Cigarette Buyers Guide

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e-cigarette-guideChoosing the best e-cigarette; and understanding how to properly operate and maintain it, can be a daunting task. No matter what your level of experience, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the wide variety of product choices. Our website provides detailed mod and e-cigarette reviews, e-juice ratings, customer feedback and more, but before you browse our pages these articles may be helpful:

At Cig Buyer.com, we believe that an educated decision – IS THE BEST DECISION. Not only do we provide detailed product reviews and ratings, but we’ve gathered a wide range of tools and information to assist in the decision making process. If you’re looking for the best e-cigs – search no further!

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