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  • New iTaste MVP 20W – $35.95

    New iTaste MVP 20W – $35.95

    The Innokin iTaste MVP 20W is the new-and-improved “upgrade” version of the highly popular iTaste MVP 2.0 box mod. It looks virtually identical and has all the same great features; including a long-lasting 2600mAh battery, micro USB charging port, user-friendly two button interface, OLED screen, variable voltage and wattage… …Read More »

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best-e-cigarette-box-mods The Best E-Cigarette “Box Mods” -
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Over the past year regulated electronic cigarette “box mods” have become all the rage in the vaping industry. Their square shape appeals to many vapers and they’re often loaded with power and other advanced features such as variable voltage (VV), variable wattage (VW), resistance meters and numerous built-in safety options. Box mods tend to have huge capacity batteries as well, meaning (more...)
toxic-formaldehyde-e-cigarettes Toxic Levels of Formaldehyde in E-Cigarettes? Think Again… -
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A study out of Japan last week caused a media feeding frenzy over the claim that electronic cigarettes contain “ten times more carcinogens than traditional cigarettes.” Not only is this headline completely false and misleading, but the study hasn’t even been published yet and full disclosures about the findings are not available. The irony is (more...)
e-cigarette-fires Let’s Be Honest… Electronic Cigarette Fires Are Extremely Rare -
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The media has expressed serious concerns about the potential for e-cig fires this year. Stories about accidental fires and random e-cig explosions continue to make headlines and imply that vapers are doomed by the very product that may help them quit smoking chemically-laden, cancer-causing cigarettes. The facts, however, show that fires caused by e-cigarettes pale in comparison (more...)

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  • Vamo V5 Mod Review

    Vamo V5 Mod Review

    The Vamo V5 is a reasonably priced APV loaded with great features; including variable voltage, variable wattage, ohm meter, battery voltage indicator and more. I purchased the Vamo V5 several months ago because it was highly regarded by fellow vapers and it’s quickly become one …Read More »
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  • Halo Cigs

    Halo Cigs

    Halo offers several different innovative product lines; the flexible …

  • V2 Cigs

    V2 Cigs

    V2 Cigs has rapidly become one of the top selling e-cigarette …

  • Apollo E-Cigs

    Apollo E-Cigs

    If you'e looking for options, Apollo has them. Not only does …

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e-cigarette-guideChoosing the best electronic cigarette can be a daunting task. If you’re new to the world of vaping it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices. Even if you’re an experienced vaper your options seem endless, with dozens of brands and hundreds of different vaping suppliers, each with their own unique lines of products. Our website provides detailed mod and e-cigarette reviews, e-liquid ratingscomparison tools, customer feedback and more, but before you browse our pages, these articles may be helpful:

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