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Category: E-Juice Reviews

Cuttwood E-Juice Review

Cuttwood E-Juice Review

Cuttwood, also referred to as “The Sauce Boss,” is a premium e-juice maker with a small collection of rich and flavorful e-juice blends. You’ll find their products at a wide range of retailers, and even though their selection is quite limited, they’re...

Suicide Bunny Review


When it comes to catchy marketing, no one does it like Suicide Bunny. The founder, Pip Gresham, is sort of a vaping celebrity, and their sexy, tattoo styled branding is unique and attention grabbing. Suicide Bunny e-juice is extremely popular, but is...

Cosmic Fog Review


Within just a few short years Cosmic Fog has become one of the premier e-juice manufacturers in the country. Widely available online and at brick-and-mortar vape shops, Cosmic Fog E-Juice is sold in seven interesting flavors that truly set them apart. Each...

Vapor Fi Reserve E-Liquid


Vapor Fi is a premium e-cig brand offering a full range of vaping products, including a nice selection of U.S. made e-juice. They have over 50 flavors in their standard e-liquid line that consists of 70/30 PG/VG, but Vapor Fi Reserve is their...

Jvapes E-Juice Review


Jvapes is a little bit different than the e-juice companies we’ve reviewed so far. With full-service vape shops in AZ and CO, they’re not a large, exclusive e-juice “manufacturer” per se, but they do have a variety of complex flavors produced in their...

Uncle Junk’s Review


Uncle Junks produces premium “craft” e-juice and offers a nice selection of creative products. Established in 2012, their e-liquid menu has grown to include eight different flavors – most of them being of the fruit-flavored variety. Of course these aren’t your typical fruit flavors; they’re smooth,...

Space Jam Review


Space Jam is undoubtedly one of the most recognized e-juice brands in the country, thanks (in part) to their spacey, cosmic-inspired theme. Despite the gimmicky feel, Space Jam has some outstanding e-juice – especially when it comes to their delicious fruit-flavored selections. With 8 tasty flavor...

Five Pawns Review


Five Pawns is well-known among vaping enthusiasts for their ultra-premium, “craft” e-juice products. They don’t offer a ton of options and their e-liquid certainly isn’t cheap, but you’re unlikely to find such rich and flavorful blends anywhere else. Their products are well-crafted...

NicQuid E-Juice Review


NicQuid is one of the most popular and heavily marketed e-liquid brands on the Web, with a great reputation and broad market exposure. They’re stocked at a wide range of vape shops, and many online suppliers carry them as well. They boldly...

Virgin Vapor Review


Virgin Vapor is a little bit different than other e-juice providers, specifically known for their high quality, organically flavored e-liquid. Like most companies featured on our website, all of their ingredients are U.S. sourced, but they contain no artificial colors, flavors or...