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NicQuid E-Juice Review

NicQuid E-Juice ReviewNicQuid is one of the most popular and heavily marketed e-liquid brands on the Web, with a great reputation and broad market exposure. They’re stocked at a wide range of vape shops, and many online suppliers carry them as well. They boldly claim they’re the “#1 USA E-Liquid Manufacturer” in the country, so we did some testing and here’s what we thought about NicQuid’s e-juice.

NicQuid Juice Ratings













            • - Full selection of premium flavors
            • - Well-balanced and accurate
            • - Pre-steeped prior to shipment


            • - Premium pricing ($19.99 per 30ml)
            • - Cannot customize PG/VG blend

            About NicQuid E-Liquid

            You’ve probably seen NicQuid’s colorful e-liquid ads before; the catchy name and bright, rainbow colored logo are hard to miss when you’re shopping around for vaping gear. Based out of Dayton, OH, NicQuid was established in 2012 and is a founding member of the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), an industry trade group dedicated to creating safe manufacturing practices for the e-liquid industry.

            Comprised of USP/Kosher certified VG, USP certified PG and GRAS approved flavorings, NicQuid e-liquid is produced in one of the only ISO Class 6 / FED STD 209E Class 1000 Clean Rooms in the country, ensuring only the highest quality and safety standards.

            Unlike some companies that mix their product per order, NicQuid e-juice is created in 5G batches and is given time to ‘steep’, a necessary process to promote quality and consistency – resulting in a truly ‘craft’ product that’s ready to vape immediately upon arrival.

            Opinion of NiQuid E-Juice

            NicQuid is focused on creating a finely-tuned lineup of high quality e-liquid, involving months of research and development to produce each of their 30+ flavor choices. They offer several unique tobacco blends, almost a dozen menthol/minty options and an excellent assortment of fruit and dessert flavors.

            We purchased a 5-pack sampler to complete our NicQuid review. All three members of our team vaped each flavor for at least 24 hours to give us an accurate perspective. Niquid doesn’t disclose their PG/VG levels, but from what we can tell it’s likely a 60/40 or 70/30 mix due to the nice combo of flavor, vapor and throat hit. Here’s what we thought about each of the NicQuid flavors we tested:

            • Apple Breeze (3/5) – A cool and refreshing blend of sweet and tart green apple, mixed with a mild menthol kick. There’s a stronger version (Apple Frost) that we avoided, since we’re not big menthol fans, but even the lighter option was stronger than we expected. It’s definitely not harsh or difficult to vape, but the apple could have been a bit more pronounced. Not a bad flavor, especially if you’re into menthol, but it didn’t top our list.
            • Banana Nut Bread (5/5) – By far our favorite NicQuid flavor during this review! We love dessert flavors… and Niquid certainly did an excellent job with this one. A well-balanced and perfectly sweet combination of banana and walnut, producing a bakery fresh aroma – just like mom used to make. Extremely accurate, delicious oven-fresh banana nut bread.
            • Pom Beach (4/5) – A tasty fruit-flavored blend with tangy ripe pomegranate complimented with sweet hints of strawberry. On inhale it’s a bit more tangy than sweet, but not so tangy that it makes your mouth pucker. During exhale the strawberry is definitely more pronounced, with a sweet and crisp aftertaste that makes it a refreshing all day vape.
            • SOHO (4/5) – Like most people who have been vaping for a while we’ve generally moved beyond tobacco flavors at CigBuyer.com, but SOHO was added to the mix so we could cover a product in each category.  SOHO seemed appealing because of it’s sweet, nutty caramel description, and we weren’t disappointed. Reminiscent of RY4 (offered by many vendors), it had a smooth tobacco taste, with a lightly sweet, hazelnut cream undertone. Tobacco flavors may not be our preference, but SOHO was light and delicious, a great option for those with milder tastes.
            • Strawberry Fuzz (4.5/5) – The perfect combo of strawberry and peach, Strawberry Fuzz was near the top of our list after completing this review. NicQuid did an excellent job combining these flavors, with a pleasantly sweet, and natural-tasting strawberry base mixed with just the right amount of tangy peach. If you’re into sweet and fruity flavors, Strawberry Fuzz is definitely worth a shot – a great spring or summertime treat!

            In general, we were thoroughly impressed with NicQuid’s e-juice line. Although we weren’t enamored with every flavor we received, if you put aside our personal preferences, each selection was well-balanced, flavorful and accurate. NicQuid has undoubtedly put a lot of time and effort into crafting a quality line of products, and it’s obvious to us, after this review, why they’re so popular.

            The only criticism we have is the lack of customizable PG/VG blends, or an all-VG option for those with PG allergies. They could probably lower the price a bit too. Even though that may sound appealing, if you’re looking for a “craft” product that’s been meticulously formulated by experts, you’ll need to pay a little extra and bypass the flexibility. In the case of Nicquid, we definitely think it’s worth it!  

            Expert Flavor Feedback…

            v-saliasThe idea of a “craft” e-liquid seemed kind of gimmicky when I first started vaping, then I tried some “premium” stuff and my thought process changed. It costs more upfront, but there’s no need to fiddle with PG or VG ratios, no guessing about how many flavor shots or the need to wait for weeks of steeping for it to taste right. Each of NicQuid’s flavors are ready to go right out of the bottle! Banana Nut Bread and Strawberry Fuzz were amazing, and SOHO was a pleasant surprise during this review. Give NicQuid a try… you won’t be disappointed. – Vanessa Salias

            ABOUT OUR REVIEWS: Since flavor preferences vary and depend on various factors, we use multiple members of our team to complete our e-juice reviews. This Nicquid review was conducted by: Jeremy Salter, Vanessa Salias and Christopher Arthur. Their feedback was gathered, combined and summarized on this page, but please keep in mind that this is the general opinion of our team and should be treated as such. Juice performance varies depending on the device, and flavor preferences vary for each individual. We strongly suggest that you consider the feedback of others and experiment on your own.

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              This is our NicQuid e-juice rating. How would you rate Niquid e-liquid? What do you think about the company and their products? Please share!

            2. Brett Jennings says:

              I have vaped daybreak for a couple years now. It is in my top 5 rotation and won’t be going anywhere. Soho is also a very good vape. Nicquud cost a little more but it’s really good so I don’t mind the few extra bucks.

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