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Vapebox takes the vaping experience to a whole new level by helping you discover new juices and products that you will absolutely love. Join a club of thousands of other vapers, take our palette test then start enjoying this ultimate vaping experience.

Vapebox comes with different juices and products every month. Surprise your taste buds with new unique flavors from all over the world without breaking your wallet. Vapebox is different every month, full of new surprises. Try Vapebox for a month, if you don't like it, unsubscribe!

Vapebox comes with 3-5 unique juices, accessories, new products, and even mods from time-to-time. Vapebox is customized specifically for you, tailored to your palette preferences & subscription plan and curated by our flavor experts with many years of experience.

100 N. Citrus Ave. #410
West Covina
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