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SubJuice Max VG E-Liquid – Buy 1 Get 1 Free (BOGO) Deal

by · May 29, 2015

SubJuice Max VG E-Liquid DealFrom the team at MyFreedomSmokes.com comes a new line of gourmet, MAX VG e-liquid call SubJuice. Sub Juice e-liquid contains the highest percentage of VG to produce the biggest clouds and most robust flavor; specifically designed for users of sub-ohm tanks and drippers. Made from refined VG and naturally aged flavors, every handcrafted batch of SubJuice is pre-steeped so it arrives in full bloom and ready to vape right out of the bottle.

Available in ten complex flavors, Sub Juice is only available in small batches, but MFS is offering a special BOGO deal on this brand new line of e-juice. For a limited-time, buy one bottle of SubJuice e-liquid ($19.99 for 30ml) and get one free. Just pick two bottles and apply coupon “BOGOSUB” at checkout →

* This deal expires on June 1st, 2015. 3mg nicotine only, good while supplies last.

New Sub Juice (MAX-VG) Flavors:

  • Arctic Guava – The distinct flavor of Guava meets the chill of menthol in this amazing SubJuice blend. A burst of cool menthol hits your taste buds and transitions to exotic, tropical guava.
  • Breakfast Berries – A scrumptious and unexpected flavor combination awaits in this unique take on berry cereal in milk. A surprisingly sweet toasted pastry aftertaste follows the initial taste of berry, making this e-juice a flavorful choice for an all-day vape.
  • Carnival Apple – Just like a big bite of a caramel-dipped green apple, this Subjuice has crisp, tart notes followed by smooth, rich caramel. Hand-crafted and steeped to perfection, this juice avoids the “burnt sugar” taste of some other caramel e-liquids.
  • CocoStrawMelon – A cool inhale of fresh cut watermelon followed by an exhale of ripe strawberry would be enough for some e-liquids, but we’ve added the unmistakably tropical and vitalizing flavor of coconut to create a taste sensation. The flavors complement each other so perfectly you’ll wonder why no one thought of putting them together before.
  • Cream Custard – Velvety vanilla custard with a dollop of Bavarian cream on top makes for our most indulgent Subjuice flavor. Expect giant, aromatic clouds when you vape this juice, and expect lots of people asking you what flavor you’re vaping.
  • Lemonberry Cheesecake – Pamper yourself! Enjoy cheesecake all day long without gaining an ounce. Decadent New York cheesecake with tangy blueberries and a buttery graham cracker crust is topped with a light lemon drizzle for a desert you’d expect to find at an upscale restaurant.
  • Looty Froots – Childhood memories will come flooding back when you drop this new Subjuice into your tank. A well-known breakfast bird gave this new premium e-liquid his full endorsement. Thick plumes of fruity vapor will follow you wherever you go.
  • Pink Mint Mooshake – The Mooshake is a fan favorite, it’s a cool blend of strawberries with mint chocolate chip sprinkles in a creamy mix. Sweet, fresh and rewarding.
  • Slushie – Drip the magical convenience store concoction into your tank! A berry blend that packs a magical icy punch, Slushie Max awakens your senses and is a perfect all-day vape. MFS is not responsible for brain freeze!
  • Toasty Cinnamon – Toasty Cinnamon was painstakingly crafted with a medley of complex flavors to perfectly capture the toasted cinnamon sugar goodness of a popular breakfast staple. This tantalizing craft e-liquid begs to be your morning vape.

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