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Affordable & Cheap E-Juice A few months ago I put together an article highlighting some of the top “craft” e-juice makers in the industry, focusing on companies that produce unique, high-quality products that definitely stand out from the crowd. There’s no doubt that these companies produce some of the best and most interesting e-liquid on the market – but they’re also the most expensive. Many vapers cannot afford to pay $20+ for a 30ml bottle of e-liquid, but the good news is you don’t have to spend an arm-and-a-leg to satisfy your needs. Although it may require a bit of experimentation to find the perfect blend, there are plenty of cheap e-juice companies that will provide you with safe, high-quality options that are both flavorful and affordable.

High-Priced Vs. Low-Cost E-Liquid

As I mentioned already, there’s a long list of “premium” e-juice companies that will charge you a HEFTY PREMIUM for their products. The biggest advantage to paying extra for “craft e-juice” is that it’s been finely tuned over time; mixed with the highest-quality ingredients to create the best overall flavor, performance and experience. They’re rich, complex, well-balanced and often pre-steeped so they taste excellent right out of the bottle. These flavors can take months to develop, and although there are certainly exceptions to the rule, they tend to be more consistent, layered and flavorful than the cheap e-liquid alternatives.

But that’s not to say you can’t find an affordable e-juice you enjoy just as much, if not more. One thing you’ll notice is that low-cost e-liquid tends to be more simplified; with just one or two flavors mixed together vs. three, four or more. You may have to choose the PG/VG level – or even the amount of flavoring; meaning the fine-tuning is left completely up to you. More than likely, cheap e-juice will need to be steeped for several weeks and it won’t include fancy packaging. Quality is also a concern, so it’s important to choose reputable, US-based suppliers.

Cheapest U.S. E-Juice Companies

There are plenty of low-cost e-juice companies to choose from, but these are a few of the most well-known and trusted resources for cheap e-liquid in the US:

#1 – Vape Wild (30ml – $6.99 | 120ml – $19.99)

Vape Wild E-Juice We recently bumped up Vape Wild (1/15/17) to our number one spot, not only because they’re one of the cheapest e-juice suppliers in the country, but because they have an outstanding selection of flavors that rival some of the more expensive, premium e-liquid brands. Starting at just $2.99 for 10ml samplers, they have a wide assortment of options to choose from (over 100 flavors!), including fruits and desserts, candy and beverages… even cereal varieties. Their products are 100% American-made and available at 50/50, 35/65 and 20/80 PG/VG. 30ml bottles are only $6.99 and they have 120, 240 and 480ml sizes when you find a flavor that you absolutely love. A great way to save even more! 1-2 weeks of steeping suggested.

#2 – Mt. Baker Vapor (30ml – $7.99 | 240ml – $39.99)

Mt. Baker Vapor E-Liquid Not only are they one of the most affordable, but Mt. Baker Vapor is undoubtedly the most popular e-juice vendor on our list. Established in 2009, they’ve rapidly grown in to one of the largest and most trusted resources for low-cost e-juice in the country, with prices starting at $7.99 for 30ml. They have a huge selection of over 100 flavors and their products are 100% American-made with only quality, US-sourced ingredients. You choose nicotine level and PG/VG ratio, but they no longer offer extra flavor shots. Thanks FDA regulations! And they quit offering 120ml bottles, but 240ml bottles are an option with their most popular flavors. Mixed fresh per order, 1-2 weeks of steeping is recommended. See our full review →

#3 – Om Vapors (30ml – $7.99 | 120ml – $19.99)

om-vapors-logo Om Vapors is one of the newest companies on this list, but they have a nice selection of products and some outstanding pricing – especially if you take advantage of one of their special e-juice sales. Choose from several different e-liquid lines that are all Max VG and diketone-free. The Om Express line is the cheapest option, but their other lines are extremely affordable as well. You won’t find hundreds of flavors or the ability to customize PG/VG levels, but they make up for their lack of flexibility with some finely tuned, handcrafted flavors and super low pricing.

#4 – Vista Vapors (32ml – $7.49 | 128ml – $23.99)

Vista Vapors E-Juice Not quite as well-known as Mt. Baker Vapor, but just as reputable, Vista Vapors is another affordable e-juice maker with a huge selection of over 100 U.S. made flavors. At first glance Mt. Baker’s prices may appear lower, but most of their best options are priced at a slight premium – right inline with Vista Vapors’ prices. Choose from your basic tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert flavors, along with a nice selection of slightly more complex options. MBV has five PG/VG levels, while Vista Vapors has just three – 70/30, 50/50 and Max VG. They also offer extra flavor shots, along with bigger 52ml and 128ml bottles. Each batch is mixed fresh, so once again, 1-2 weeks of steeping is suggested.

#5 – Vape Craft Inc. (15ml – $3.00 | 120ml – $15.00)

Vape Craft Inc. E-Liquid Producing quality, US-made e-juice since 2013, Vape Craft Inc. doesn’t offer quite as many options as our previous suggestions, but their pricing is just as attractive and their products are certainly worth mentioning. Choose from the standard Vape Craft line, which is the most affordable and consists of about 20 traditional, dessert and fruit flavors at 70/30 PG/VG. 15ml bottles are just $3, while large 120ml bottles are $15 – available in a full range of nicotine strengths. They also offer the Vapors Anonymous line, which is a “premium” e-juice collection consisting of a dozen complex blends that are reasonably priced as well – just $5 per 15ml or $27 per 200ml. Unlike the companies we’ve mentioned so far, they don’t offer 30ml bottle sizes, but you can experiment with their 15ml samplers before you commit to a large bottle – which is undoubtedly the cheapest way go.

More Mid / Low-Priced E-Liquid

There are literally hundreds of different companies I could mention, but I’ve limited the cheapest e-juice providers (above) to reputable companies that sell 30ml bottles of e-liquid for $10 or less. Below I’ve gathered a list of other affordable e-liquid options priced at $15 per 30ml or lower.


Keep in mind, flavor preferences vary and there will certainly be some tasty (and not-so tasty) options at each one of these companies. Obviously, when you buy in bulk the price will drop, so you’ll get the biggest savings when you buy in larger quantities. It’s also important to note that I’ve only experimented with a handful of the e-juice vendors listed above, so by no means am I recommending them – this is simply a list based upon reputation and pricing.

What are your favorite affordable / cheap e-liquid suppliers? Please share below.

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  1. A couple to add to the list is Vapewild and They are both very good. Godfather has a lot of custards that are to die for. Pineapple kiwi custard omg! Lol

  2. Avatar Deanna says:

    I used to order from Ec blends, they have really low prices, any flavor you could think of, and always had really good things to say about them, but a few months ago I ordered my usual stuff, no changes at all, and it all tasted extremely bad. Even after steeping for weeks, no change, it’s still just awful. So idk, maybe it was just a one time thing but I can’t afford to waste money like that so haven’t ordered from them since.

  3. Avatar adam jenkins says:

    I’ve tried most of the vendors listed and Heathers heavenly and itcvapes get most of my vape budget. Try itcs custards or puddings (puddin9 and nilla gorilla) and you will think your vaping royalty!!!

  4. Avatar John says:

    These are some good cheapies, but I get mine from a local supplier. They just went public online, but they have been depending on local repeat business forever so they never hand out anything that’s gone wonky. Not as cheap as some of these, but cheaper than the rest of the premium brands I see for sale. Their website is up at and I know they have a coupon code for the sample packs. The fruit and dessert are $1 with the coupon TRYME .

  5. Avatar Tristan Orr says:

    @John thanks for the tip. I ordered one of the sample packs and it was pretty awesome. They game me a one time coupon as a welcome because I registered when I ordered. I re-upped my moon pie flavor, so that’s the one I would probably recommend most.

  6. Avatar Amanda says:

    I use to order from mount baker vapor and then one order came and it all left a horrible taste in my mouth so I found vista vapor and there isn’t anything I can say negative about them. 9 out of 10 juices are amazing. Vista vapor is the way to go. I have tried going back to mount baker to try different juices and again the horrible taste is there… I am going to try out vape wild due to Angela Thompson mentioning it.

    • Avatar dave dawson says:

      vape on with vape wild, awsome juice and great prices with freebies in every order over 15.00, and free shipping with orders over 30.00.

  7. Avatar shannel says:

    I also think vapewild is a great option really affordable really awesome customer service and great prices, if you order $15 or more you get 3 free 10mls bottles to try and orders of $30 free shipping. Also Mitten Vapor they are around the same price as vapewild but their juice is just so amazing a bit better than vape wild imo but I am a fan of both.

  8. Avatar Allison says:

    Hat Trick Vapors and Affordable Juice are two other vendors that have excellent liquid. At Affordable juice, u cant beat their 30ml bottles for $6.99!! Happy Vaping 🙂

  9. Avatar Travis says:

    ITC is definetly where it’s at for me… There fluid comes fast, cheap and consistent. Taste is awesome right out of the bottle and only gets better with steeping. Haven’t had a fluid I don’t like from them yet.

  10. Avatar scott says:

    Everyone who see’s this needs to check out “white label juice company.” I just got two 100mL bottles for 45$. The flavor is there, I recommend steeping but the strawberry custard is awesome right from the package.

  11. Avatar Kyle says:

    Try out Verde valley vapes, amazing price and product. If you check out there face book page there’s always a coupon code or sale going on. About 18-20 for 130 ml can’t beat it.

  12. Avatar r c says:

    Vape dudes out of texas is quite delectable… Just ordered more Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry Lemonades. Along with Strabango and Dr venkman

  13. Avatar D Bowers says:

    How ’bout the king of CHEAP. Check ’em out, you won’t be disappointed. This company is not new, they went from local to southeast to worldwide in 3 years and have over 300 flavors. Something for everyone and their best flavor is also an original developed by them. SNOZBERRY

  14. Avatar Jesgalitworks says:

    Everyone should try Vices at Their juice is amazing. And their prices are great at $3.35 for a 10ml or $6.95 for a 30ml. If you spend $19 you get a free sample bottle and you even get to choose your flavor that you want to try, which I like because most places just throw in a sample bottle of what ever they have on hand. They have great customer service and fast shipping times. They make their juice to order so they do need some steeping time. I’ve tried probably 15-20 of their flavors and haven’t had one that I didn’t like. They offer flavor shots on most of their flavors and they even have a DIY option where you can create your own flavor concoction and they’ll mix it for you.

    They also sell DIY flavorings and VG and PG and Nicotine and then all of the extras like Sweetener, Menthol and Koolada. And what I like is they have a DIY calculator to help you measure out your ingredients if you decide to mix/make your own juice at home.

    I hope this helps you guys out. Happy Vaping

  15. Avatar bruce says:

    I would like to say thank you for all suggestions… but me i like to buy in bulk… it’s the cheapest way! The cheapest one I found is Ecig Express… 500ml bottles for 34.99…

  16. Avatar Mrs. Jones says:

    Oasis Vape, by all means! With 12 brick-and-mortar stores in NM and AZ, I’ve purchased scores of different e-liquids from them online, and I unhesitatingly recommend each of their rich, well-developed flavors. Try Gummi Peach, Pearricane, Star Boss, and Zeus, the latter tasting for all the world like authentic German chocolate cake, replete with coconut-pecan icing!

    As for the online prices at Oasis Vape, be sure to order on Free Shipping Fridays or on 40%-off Tuesdays, the latter means paying little as $1.79 per 15ml bottle for any of their 50+ House Blend flavors. Yes, they have up to 90% MAX VG, and nicotine starting at 0, then moving in single increments — 1, 2, 3 … on up to 36mg/mL — all for the same low price, of course.

  17. Avatar Sasha says:

    Another company to add for cheap vape juice is BloVape. 120ml of premium e-juice for $9.99! It’s pretty good too. I suggest Panty Dropper. Check em out! 🙂

  18. Avatar Anthony says:

    I have been ordering from blovape for the past 5 months. No juice company can beat the quality of this juice. They say on the site that no steeping is required, but they make it fresh and it needs to steep for at least 2 weeks. I tried all the flavors and I highly recommended this juice. Top shelf high quality product. Free shipping on a selected amount. The best way to steep this juice is to keep it closed for two weeks then give it a shake let rest for one day and take the top off for at least 4 hours in a well ventilated room. Shake and vape. The flavorings they use are very expensive. Buy some. You will love it. They don’t offer many flavors, but the ones on the site is really all you need. Thanks.

  19. Avatar Anthony says:

    Vape wild e liquid is very very low quality man made products basically from China. The owner is part Chinese. He stated he was in a u tube vid. Anyway the whole concept of this e liquid is the advertising and fancy art work and freebies that make the site attractive thus pulls in a younger crowd of capers. Bull**** sells. Steer away. Sorry vape wild. Who you foolin?

    • Avatar Dan S says:

      Just because a company’s owner is from China doesn’t mean the products are from China. According to their website, Vape Wild’s e-juice is 100% USA made and they definitely have a ton of loyal customers who are rave about their products. I’m not sure where they source their ingredients, but true “pharmaceutical-grade” ingredients meet the same quality standards, whether they’re from the USA or elsewhere.

      I’m not saying their e-juice is better (or worse) than anyone else, and I’m not sure where all of their ingredients come from, but to say their products are “basically from China” because the owner is Chinese is pretty ignorant (no offense). And the majority of e-juice suppliers use “fancy art work” to attract customers. To be honest, I think their art work is relatively simple compared to other companies…

      If you don’t like their products, that’s one thing – everyone has their own personal preferences. But attacking a company because their owner is Chinese IS NOT FAIR. You may not like it, but the vaping industry is heavily influenced by Asia…

  20. Avatar Brian says:

    The Sauce la is an amazing site with award winning liquid.I have been using this great company for about a year and a half now.You can create a free account and with the email sales prices are crazy low.If you aren’t sure what to buy try their new customer deal where you can get 5 different 30 ml liquids for 1.99 each limit 5 use the code TASTER and check them out.I would recommend caramel waffle cappuccino capone really all of their liquids are fantastic.. Happy labor day to all and happy vaping!

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