NEW Apollo Signature Series E-Liquid – 5 For $25 (75ml)

by · April 28, 2015

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Apollo Signature Series E-Liquid DealApollo E-Cigs just released their brand new line of “Signature” e-liquid. Up until now their selection has been limited to just basic, 1 or 2 flavor blends, but the new Apollo Signature Series consists of five complex flavors at 50/50 PG/VG. Choose ONE (apple cinnamon cereal in milk), TWO (fudge striped cookies with caramel and coconut), THREE (red licorice candy), FOUR (peanut butter and banana) or FIVE (sweet candy blueberry in yogurt).

Apollo is entering the premium e-liquid game, and it certainly sounds like they have some unique and interesting choices. Expect a review from us shortly, but in the mean time Apollo is offering a special 5 for $25 deal until Sunday, May 3rd. Normally priced a $9.99 per 15ml, that’s 50% OFF of a sampler and just $5 per 15ml bottle! Purchase a Signature Series 5-pack and apply coupon code “SIGSERIES” to save →

* This special deal expires on May 3rd, 2015. Good while supplies last.

Apollo Signature E-Juice Flavors

  • ONE – The unmistakable flavor of apple cinnamon cereal in creamy milk, with a hint of nut.
  • TWO – The flavor recognized around the world as the little fudge striped cookies gobbed in caramel and toasted coconut.
  • THREE – That signature West Coast red licorice candy flavor.
  • FOUR – The delicious peanut butter and banana combo so loved by The King.
  • FIVE – A sweet candy blueberry paired with a creamy sour yogurt.

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