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Best E-Cigarettes for Beginners

by · January 31, 2014

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Best E-Cigarettes for Beginners

If you’re shopping for your first electronic cigarette it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the wide range of vaping products available to consumers. There are literally hundreds of different suppliers, each with numerous brands of e-cigs in various shapes and sizes. Which option is right for you? How do you pick the best electronic cigarette? Let us eliminate the confusion and share some of the best e-cigarettes for beginners:

Choosing Your First E-Cigarette

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to recommend an e-cigarette without first evaluating your current smoking habits and personal preferences. E-cigarettes can be broken down in to three major categories and each is designed with different types of users in mind. For you to determine which type of electronic cigarette is best for you, you need to ask yourself a few important questions:

  • How often do you smoke?
    Evaluating how frequently you smoke will help you determine how big of a battery you need for day-to-day operation.
  • What type of cigarettes do you prefer?
    If you prefer stronger, full-flavored cigarettes, you’ll probably need more power to satisfy your cravings for nicotine and vapor. If you’re a light smoker, that extra power may not be necessary.
  • Are you OK with stepping outside of your comfort zone?
    Does your setup have to look and feel like a regular cigarette for you to fully commit, or can you adapt to a larger, more satisfying setup right away?
  • How important is convenience?
    Do you mind swapping / recharging your battery every few hours, or do you want a longer-lasting option with less maintenance? Does it have to be small and discreet, or is something slightly larger OK?

All of these factors play an important role in helping you determine the best electronic cigarette for your needs, but beginners typically fall into two distinct categories: casual or light smokers looking for a healthier alternative, and moderate to heavy smokers who are serious about kicking the habit. Here are our top product recommendations for beginners in both categories:

Casual / Light Smokers (Mini / Cig-A-Like)

Since casual and light smokers tend to light up less frequently, extended battery life and top-of-the-line performance may not be necessary. In addition, anyone that smokes light-flavored cigarettes may not require “thick vapor” and a “strong throat hit” to satisfy their cravings. For these type of users, a small mini “cig-a-like” should do the trick. Here are our top picks for casual, first-time users:

#1 – Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit

Halo G6 E-Cigarette Starter KitThe Halo G6 is one of our favorite mini e-cigarettes of all time. Sleek, compact and extremely well-designed, it comes in faux white and a variety of edgy anodized finishes – blue, green, red, purple, pink and more. Select automatic or manual batteries and choose from over 20 handcrafted, U.S. made e-liquid flavors. The kit comes with two batteries, a charger and a 5-pack of prefilled cartomizers. Or, choose blanks and fill them with e-liquid yourself. Our review →

#2 – V2 Cigs Classic Starter Kit

V2 Cigs Beginners Kit

V2 is an industry leader in the small, mini e-cigarette space and the V2 Cigs Classic Kit is their most basic, entry level product.  It’s comparable to the Halo G6 in most aspects and costs about the same. Between the two, the choice really boils down to aesthetics, but if you’d like a slightly better performing mini e-cig then you might consider V2 EX series. The EX series offer more battery life and longer lasting cartridges with a sleek, stainless steel design. Our review →

#3 – Vapor Fi Express Starter Kit

Vapor Fi Express E-Cig Starter KitThe Vapor Fi Express Kit is a bit more expensive than the other kits we’ve recommended so far, but it does have one unique difference – refillable mini clearomizers. It still maintains the small form factor of a traditional cigarette, but rather than using non-transparent cartridges, the Vapor Fi Express Kit comes with reusable clear tanks that you can refill multiple times. Providing slightly improved performance and a bit more versatility, it’s another great little e-cigarette for beginners.

Moderate / Heavier Smokers (eGo / Vape Pens)

Heavier users who smoke more often need their electronic cigarette to perform well all day long. Because of this, a small, mini e-cigarette may not cut it due to it’s limited battery life. Plus, heavier smokers will crave more vapor and a stronger “throat hit,” qualities that are only possible with larger, more powerful devices. For heavy smokers new to the vaping world, these are our top picks:

#1 – Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit

Apollo Endeavor E-Cigarette Starter KitThe Apollo Endeavor Kit is one of our favorite products to recommend because of it’s outstanding performance and exceptional value. It’s powerful enough to satisfy almost every type of user, yet it’s relatively small – about the size of a cigar. It’s a bit more complex than a mini e-cigarette (it’s manually operated and the tanks need to be refilled), but it’s easy to learn and the performance is excellent. Ideal for just about any type of user! Our review →

#2 – Vapor Fi VAIO Go Starter Kit

Vapor Fi VAIO Go Starter KitThe Vapor Fi VAIO Go Kit is a little bit different than the Apollo Endeavor, using a larger and longer-lasting 2000mAh battery (rather than 2 900mAh batteries) and incorporates several different types of replaceable coils for different styles of vaping. Although it’s slightly larger and more advanced, it’s still super easy-to-use with simple one-button operation and no complicated controls or settings. Just add a coil, fill the tank and press the button to enjoy.

* For a slightly smaller, more affordable option, see the Vapor Fi Pro 3 Kit

#3 – Halo Cigs Triton Starter Kit

Halo Triton E-Cig Starter KitThe Halo Triton Kit is very similar to Apollo’s Endeavor Kit (above), with mid-size, eGo-style batteries and refillable “clearomizer” tanks that you fill with your favorite e-liquid. The Triton Kit comes with two 650mAh batteries, but you can upgrade to 900mAh or 1300mAh for extended operation (sold separately). All of these kits work great and feature a number of customization options. We proudly recommend all three e-cigs for beginners! Our review →

Ready to Jump In! (Entry-Level Vape Mods)

If you’ve already experimented with an e-cig before and are ready to jump right in, these products are a nice leap forward from the products we’ve recommended so far. They’re larger, have longer-lasting batteries and offer more power and flexibility. They’re also a bit more complex, with adjustable airflow and sub-ohm capability, but not so complex that a beginner can’t figure it out:

#1 – Smok Priv V8 Vape Mod Kit

Smok Priv 80W Vape Mod KitWith up to 60W of power, simple one-button operation and no complicated OLED screens, the Smok Priv V8 Kit is the perfect e-cig vape mod for beginners. It has a streamlined design to keep things compact and a large full-length firing bar on the side. It includes the highly acclaimed Smok TFV8 Tank which can be used with a wide range of coil heads to fully customize your experience as you progress forward with vaping. Single 18650 battery required – sold separately

#2 – Innokin iTaste SmartBox Mod Kit

Innokin iTaste SmartBox Mod KitThe Innokin iTaste SmartBox Mod Kit is another simple and easy-to-use vape mod for beginners. Like the Smok Priv V8 Mod, there are no complicated display screens or settings to worry about, and the built-in coil sensing technology automatically dials in proper wattage for you (based upon on the coil) – up to 45W total. It includes the iSub V Series Tank with several different coil heads for different styles of vaping. Single 18650 battery required – sold separately

#3 – Halo Tracer Mod Kit

Halo Tracer Mod KitIf you’re not a fan of the box-shaped form factor of most advanced vaping devices, the Halo Tracer Mod could be right up your alley. This type of e-cigarette is much bigger than a traditional vape pen, but it maintains a tube-shape and includes a long-lasting 2600mAh battery to provide plenty of battery life. It comes with a 3.5ml adjustable airflow tank and is compatible with several different types of coil heads to provide more control over your vaping experience. Everything you need is included, it even comes with a free 30ml bottle of e-juice.


Making Your Final Decision…

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re trying to choose your first electronic cigarette. You need to evaluate your current smoking habits and consider how you’re going to incorporate e-cigarettes into your daily routine. Does it have to be small and work like a regular cigarette, or will something larger and more powerful work better? There are a variety of types of e-cigarettes designed for beginners, but ultimately the choice is yours to make…

More about how to choose an electronic cigarette →

2 Responses

  1. Daniel Harman says:

    I use a 510 model from prime vapors and use just a regular clearomizer or a wick less one. 2 questions, #1 what’s the best model clearomizer to use? #2 I’m looking fora regular tobacco flavored vapor to use but I’m having a hard time finding a regular tobacco flavor I like, what kind or kinds would you recommend?

  2. Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

    Personally, I’m a big fan of dual-coil EVOD clearomizers, but these are for Ego-type batteries. I’m not sure what to recommend for a 510 since I haven’t used one in several years. As far as tobacco flavored e-liquid, I would recommend trying Halo:


    They’re well-known for their excellent assortment of tobacco flavored e-liquid, and there are a few different varieties depending on your preference.

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