Bullet RDA by Sparkle Tech – $31.49

by · April 29, 2015

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Bullet RDA by Sparkle Tech (Infinite)The Bullet RDA by Sparkle (Infinite Technology) is an affordable cloud chasing RDA, combining extremely heat resistant (and heat dissipating) PEEK, 303 stainless steel and outstanding airflow options. The unique design includes two detachable PEEK rings, creating a typhoon effect that not only acts as a heat-sink for the airflow, but produces fantastic flavor and huge vapor. It features 12 adjustable airflow options and a 3-post design with the negative posts milled to the deck.

A culmination of Infinite’s RDA technology, the Bullet RDA by Sparkle Tech is designed for the most demanding cloud chasers, available at Vapor Kings for just $36.95. Or, you can pickup the “Project Sub-Ohm” version at Vapor DNA for $31.49 with coupon “DNA10” →

* Expiration of coupon code is unknown. Good while supplies last.

Sparkle Bullet RDA features:

  • Constructed of 303 grade stainless steel
  • Two detachable PEEK discs, strategically placed to induce a typhoon swirling effect
  • 12 patterns of vertical slotted adjustable air flow (90mm max)
  • Wide bore competition top measures 18mm
  • 3-post RDA design
  • Milled square negative posts with square positive post that eliminate spinning
  • PEEK subdeck and insulators
  • 22mm in diameter – 48mm height
  • 2.5mm post screws

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