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TOP PICKS: Where (and Why) to Buy Nicotine Salt E-Juice

Jeremy Salter
by · January 23, 2018

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Where to Buy Top Nicotine Salt E-JuiceJust in case you missed it, there’s a new alternative to the standard e-liquid that we’ve all come to know and love. If you’re a vaper who uses nicotine, most e-liquid contains a traditional form of nicotine called “free base” nicotine. Many people find this version both satisfying and effective, but there’s a new form of nicotine available – and it may just change the way you think about vaping. Although it’s not as readily available as traditional e-juice, a growing number of manufacturers are offering nicotine salt e-liquid as an alternative. Is it right for you? Let’s discuss some of the reasons you might want to switch and where you can buy nicotine salt e-juice.

More than likely you’ve already heard about nicotine salts. They’re one of the hottest trends in vaping and a growing number of vapers are making the switch. You can find a detailed background about nicotine salts here, but here are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider nic salt e-juice:

The Benefits of Nicotine Salts

  • MORE SATISFYING. The main reason many people are making the switch to nicotine salts is that some people find them more satisfying. This can be explained, in part, by the higher concentration of nicotine found in nicotine salt juice. The research on this subject is certainly questionable, but it’s not just higher nicotine levels that causes users to feel more satisfied.
  • SMOOTHER & LESS IRRITATING. Many vapers who have tried both forms of nicotine report that nicotine salt e-liquid is smoother and less irritating than traditional e-juice. Nicotine salts just so happen to have a lower pH, so it makes sense that they’re less harsh. Because of this, users who require increased levels of nicotine can do so without the overwhelming burning sensation that typically occurs with highly concentrated free base nicotine.
  • LESS CONSUMPTION – LOWER COSTS. Because nicotine salt e-juice delivers nicotine more effectively at higher concentrations, vapers may find themselves vaping less frequently and requiring less e-juice to reach the same level of satisfaction. Not only does this mean that your vaping supplies will last longer, but you’re likely to spend less money over the long term.
PLEASE NOTE: Nicotine salt liquids are not intended for use in sub-ohm devices. Although they will work, the increased concentration of nicotine is likely to be too overwhelming for most users. Nicotine salts are best experienced in low voltage, high resistance devices – such as pods.

Suppliers of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

Even though nicotine salts are growing in popularity, they’re still relatively new and you won’t find hundreds (or thousands!) of different choices like their free base nicotine counterparts… YET. With that being said, there are certainly some reliable sources for purchasing all of the top nicotine salt e-juice brands.

* These are just a few vendors where you can buy nicotine salt e-liquid: Breazy.com, Ecig-City, Eight Vape, Ejuice Connect, Vapor DNA

Top Nicotine Salt E-Juice Brands:

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find a huge array of choices at the moment, but there are certainly some standouts in the nic salt e-liquid space. We’re just starting to get our feet wet with these types of products, but these are some of the top nicotine salt e-juice brands to consider right now:

#1 – Mr. Salt-E Liquid

Mr. Salt E-LiquidOne of the most established and well-known nicotine salt e-juice providers, the Mr. Salt-E Liquid line consists of a huge selection flavors with over 20 different options covering every end of the flavor spectrum. We’ve only tried a handful of flavors so far, but we’re certainly going to try more because each of them was tasty and well-executed! At this point you’re unlikely to find this many options from one e-liquid provider, so if you’re looking for variety of nicotine salt options then you’ll definitely want to consider Mr. Salt-E.

[ $$$ ]

#2 – NKD 100 Salt E-Juice

NKD 100 Salt E-JuiceOne of the best-selling brands of e-juice on the market, Naked 100 recently introduced the NKD 100 Salt line which consists of five of their most popular flavors – now containing nicotine salts. Available at 35mg or 50mg nicotine, you can choose from: American Patriots (classic tobacco blend), Brain Freeze (strawberry kiwi menthol with pomegranates), Frost Bite (pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew blend), Lava Flow (tropical mix of strawberries, coconut and pineapple) and Really Berry (blueberry and blackberry with lemon sugar drizzle). These flavors are just as good, if not better with nicotine salts!

* Available at: Breazy, Eight Vape, EJC, Vapor4Life
[ $$$ ]

#3 – Salty Man E-Liquid

Salty Man E-JuiceSalty Man is another nicotine salt juice provider with a nice selection of products – around a dozen flavors in total. We’ve only tried a few, but we’ve heard great things about most of their line. Available in 30ml and 100ml unicorn bottles, they have the typical high nicotine concentrations that you would expect with salts (30mg / 50mg), but also offer lower amounts of nicotine (0mg / 3mg / 6ml) for those that want to use nic salts in their larger, more powerful sub-ohm devices. Lots of great options to consider from Salty Man!

* Available at: Breazy, Huff & Puffers, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

Other Honorable Mentions:

Since it’s a completely new market and we’re just starting to dabble with salt nic e-liquid, we only wanted to recommend a few brands that we’ve actually tried. There are a couple other brands worth mentioning, though, and we’ll be sure to update this list as new nicotine salt e-juice becomes available.

What’s been your experience with nicotine salts? Would you recommend? Where do you buy nicotine salt e-juice? We’d love to hear your input below:

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