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by · July 7, 2015

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Cerealized E-Liquid DealWe searched far and wide to put together our recent list of the best cereal flavored e-juice, and now there’s a new line of e-liquid that offers a full range of morning breakfast cereals – Cerealized E-Liquid. Unlike some companies that offer just one or two cereal flavors, Cerealized offers six: Berried (milk and berries), Crunched (crunchy cinnamon cereal), Fruitified (fruity pebble cereal), Jacked (apple cinnamon cereal), Looped (fruit loop cereal) and Puffed (puffed chocolate cereal).

Although we haven’t tried Cerealized E-Liquid yet, we love delicious cereal flavors and we’re excited to give it a shot! Available exclusively at Vapor Beast, Cerealized e-juice consists of 30/70 PG/VG and you can take an extra 10% OFF with coupon “YEAHBABY” →

* Expiration of coupon code is unknown. Good while supplies last.

Cerealized E-Juice Flavors:

  • Berried – Berried has a distinct berry taste that you will immediately recognize with a rich creamy exhale. You will be berry happy you picked this up.
  • Crunched – Crunched has that crunchy cinnamon flavor down to a T. A sweet sugary aroma followed by a calming hint of cinnamon.
  • Fruitified – Fruitify your vape with this fruity rock cereal. A blend of cherry, lemon and a hint of berries will rock your vape.
  • Jacked – Jacked is apple cinnamon cereal perfected. A crisp, cider like apple on inhale with a warm cinnamon aftertaste.
  • Looped – Looped is our version of that delicious fruity, O-shaped cereal. This is by far our fruitiest flavor ever. You won’t want to stop making delicious fruity smoke rings.
  • Puffed – Puffed has a light chocolatey flavor that reminds us of that delicious chocolate puffed cereal. You’ll be puffing this chocolatey delight all day!

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