E-Cig Gift Ideas for First-Time Vapers

by · December 5, 2013

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E-Cigarette Gift IdeasIf you have friend or loved one who smokes, electronic cigarettes make the perfect gift! They provide the taste and feel of real tobacco smoke, without all the nasty chemicals, tar, smoke and ash. Although there’s no guarantee that an e-cigarette will help them quit, if the early research is any indication there’s a strong possibility that they’ll eventually give up their trusty tobacco and make the switch – or quit altogether. There are a lot of options to consider when it comes to electronic cigarettes, but here are some suggestions for anyone new to the world of vaping.

Before You Choose an E-Cigarette

If you’re shopping for an electronic cigarette for a friend or loved one, there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing an electronic cigarette:

  • How often do they smoke?
  • What type of cigarettes do they prefer?
  • How important is convenience?

Understanding how much someone smokes and the type of cigarettes they prefer will determine how powerful of a product they need to curb their cravings. For casual smokers who smoke “Light” cigarettes, a small, cigarette-size product should suffice. But if the recipient smokes regularly (a pack-a-day or more) and prefers full-flavored cigarettes, then you may want to consider something larger. With these facts in mind, here are our top 3 picks for light to heavy smokers:

→ TOP 3 GIFT SUGGESTIONS: Casual / Light Smokers

Since casual and light smokers tend to smoke less frequently, extended life and strong battery performance may not be a top priority. In addition, anyone that smokes light-flavored cigarettes may not be looking for “thick vapor” and a “strong throat hit” to satisfy their cravings. For these type of smokers, a small “mini” e-cig should do the trick. Here are our top picks for light, first-time users:

#1 – Halo G6 Starter Kit ($44.99)

Halo G6 Starter KitSleek, compact and extremely well-designed, the Halo G6 is one of our favorite mini e-cigarettes. It comes in white and several edgy anodized metallic colors – purple, pink, blue, red, green and more. Choose automatic or manual batteries and pick from over 20 different high-quality, U.S. made e-liquid flavors. The kit comes with two batteries, a charger and a 5-pack of black prefilled cartomizers.  Or, choose matching blanks and fill them instead. Our review →

#2 – Green Smoke Express Kit ($46.72)

Green Smoke Starter Kit

For smokers making the switch to electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke provides the most natural transition out of any product. They’re simple, straight-forward and work great! Although they’re a bit on the expensive side, Green Smoke produces one of the most natural feeling e-cigarettes on the market – with a “tight draw” (just like a real cigarette) that produces excellent vapor, tastes great and performs exceptionally well. Our review →

#3 – V2 Cigs Beginners Kit ($34.95)

V2 Cigs Beginners Kit

This basic kit doesn’t include quite as much as stuff as the Green Smoke Express or Halo G6 kits, but it does provide a good entry into electronic cigarettes – and at an affordable price. V2 is an industry leader in the small, mini e-cig space and they’re definitely a top performer. It really boils down to aesthetics when it comes to these three products. V2 also offers a “Standard Kit” – comparable to the Green Smoke and Halo kits if you really like V2. Our review →

→ GIFT RECOMMENDATIONS: Moderate / Heavy Smokers

Heavier smokers who smoke more often need their e-cig to perform well throughout the day. Because of this, a small, mini e-cigarette may not cut it due to it’s limited battery life. In addition, heavy smokers crave more vapor and stronger “throat hit,” qualities that are only possible with larger, more powerful devices. For heavy smokers new to the vaping world, these are our top picks:

#1 – Apollo Superior Ego Kit ($49.95 SALE!)

Apollo Superior Ego KitThe Superior Ego Kit is one of our favorite products due to it’s excellent quality, outstanding performance and value. It’s powerful enough to satisfy almost every type of user, yet it’s relatively small – about the size of a cigar. Although it’s a bit more complex than than a mini (it’s manually operated with a button and the tanks need to be refilled), it’s quick and easy to learn and the performance is outstanding. Great for almost anyone!  Our review →

#2 – Halo Triton Starter Kit ($49.95)

Halo Triton Starter Kit

The Triton is very similar to Apollo’s Superior Ego Kit. Both include mid-size, eGo-style batteries and feature refillable “clearomizer” tanks that you fill with flavored e-liquids. The Apollo setup is only available with 900mAh batteries, while the Halo is available with 400mAh or 650mAh batteries. Halo also offers 900mAh and 1300mAh batteries, but they’re sold separately. Both setups work great and have lots of options. The choice is yours. Our review →

#3 – Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Kit ($74.99)

Vapor4life Vapor Zeus KitThe Vapor Zeus is a bit different (and a bit more expensive) than the other products in this category. Rather than using clearomizer tanks it uses “cartomizers.” They hold more liquid (3.5ml vs. about 2.5ml) and are very easy to use. Available with 650, 900 or 1300mAh batteries, it’s super long-lasting and produces tons of vapor! Plus, it’s available in an automatic (no button) or dual (auto / manual) version. Definitely a top performer! Our review →

Do Your Research…

When it comes to choosing an e-cigarette, a little research goes a long way. The last thing you want to do is purchase a gift that never gets used, or a buy a low-quality setup that ends up in the garbage. In order for your efforts to be successful, know your recipient’s smoking habits and make sure you understand the different types of e-cigarettes. Once you have a basic understanding of your options you can make an educated decision and hopefully help someone make a healthier choice.

* More about how to choose an electronic cigarette →

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