IJoy INR 18650 2200mAh 20A Battery – Just $4.95 Each

by · April 12, 2018

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IJoy INR 18650 2200mAh 20A BatteryIt’s been a while since we posted a battery deal, but this is a pretty good one. For a limited-time, you can get a single IJoy INR 18650 2200mAh 20A battery for only $4.95. Most vendors sell them for $10 each! Produced by a vape manufacturer that you can trust, the iJoy INR 18650 is a high quality, reliable cell with a max discharge rate of 20A (10A max continuous). With 2200mAh of capacity it will provide plenty of life before needing a recharge, and it should work perfectly in most moderately powered devices.

We’re not sure when this deal expires, but anytime you can get a single 18650 cell for under $5 (or under $10 for a pair)… we feel like it’s worth sharing. While supplies last, you get one at US vendor Eight Vape for just $4.95 each →

* Expiration of this special deal is unknown. Good while supplies last.

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