Trade-In For a New E-Cig Model – With Green Smoke!

by · February 10, 2014

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Green Smoke Trade-In ProgramOne frustrating fact of life that happens way too often is to splurge on something you’ve always wanted only to discover that it doesn’t meet your expectations and is either nonrefundable or it’s too late to be returned. You’re left with two options, both less than desirable: use a product you’re not happy with or spend more money to try something else. Unfortunately, this is an all too common with occurrence electronic cigarettes, but luckily Green Smoke has a program designed to eliminate some of the frustration and provide you with an alternative.

Expand Your Horizons With Green Smoke

Green Smoke Essentials KitLike most vapers, I went through a gambit of different products when I first started out – some good – AND LOTS BAD! With so many different companies and options to choose from, deciding on the right e-cigarette with no prior experience or knowledge was like shooting in the dark. I knew from researching and reading on the Web that finding the right e-cigarette would require some experimentation, but it was a costly process with lots of ups and downs.

If you’re living on a limited income like me, trial and error is a gamble that’s just too darn expensive. I might as well have rolled up the money and smoked it after all the bad decisions I made! Too bad I couldn’t have traded in some of those crappy devices for a new model, at no cost, to narrow down my options. Well… Green Smoke is doing just that!

Here’s the Deal: E-Cig Trade-In Program

There’s nothing for you to lose by taking advantage of Green Smoke’s Trade-In Program. It’s the perfect opportunity if your current device doesn’t meet your expectations or if you’re looking to expand your horizons by trying a high-quality product like Green Smoke. They have a huge variety of supplies, awesome flavors, easy shopping and outstanding customer service. Our review →

The process to trade in your used e-cig unit (and charger) to receive a FREE Green Smoke Essential Kit is simple. Register at Green Smoke or call 1.877.473.3676 to speak with a representative. Be prepared to verify that you own one of their competitor’s e-cigarettes by providing one of the following:

  1. A photo of yourself with the competitor’s e-cigarette, battery, charger and packaging.
  2. A copy of the invoice of your purchase of the competitor’s e-cig
  3. Tracking information for the mailing of a competitor’s battery and charger to Green Smoke.

Act now to take advantage of this unprecedented offer to ditch your current, second-rate e-cigarette. We’re not positive, but word is this offer may expire at the end of Feb 2014.

* This offer is limited to one Trade-In offer per person/household. It’s limited to U.S. residents who are at least 18 years old only. Green Smoke reserves the right to contact you with future promotions, but this offer does not commit you to any future orders. See full terms and conditions.

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