No Surprise… E-Cigarettes ARE NOT a Gateway to Smoking

by · June 21, 2014

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E-Cigarettes Not Gateway to SmokingCritics of electronic cigarettes, who often employ fear rather than facts, have long claimed that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking the real thing; a claim that lacks any scientific evidence and defies common sense. Why would someone using a product with significantly less health risks, no repulsive odor and hundreds of tasty flavors to choose from, pickup a nasty, chemical-filled cigarette in tobacco or menthol flavor? Those of us who use electronic cigarettes know that IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN! Well now there’s some research to support what we’ve suspected all along. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that electronic cigarettes ARE NOT a “gateway” to smoking normal cigarettes. Shocker!!!

New Research About the “Gateway Theory”

The findings published in the Journal of Tobacco Studies and reported by IBT, “verify” that vapers do not move onto conventional cigarettes, and nonsmokers almost never start vaping. Researchers assessed 26,500 consumers across Europe, the largest EU study ever published on the subject, and found that electronic cigarettes users were primarily younger people, between 15 and 39, who were heavy smokers that decided to switch to electronic cigarettes in order to quit.

The study found that 20% of smokers had tried an electronic cigarette at least once, compared to 4% of former smokers, with only 1.1% of non-smokers ever using an e-cigarette.

Konstantinos Farsalinos, cardiologist at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, told the New Scientist:

“This study verifies that e-cigarette use does not renormalize smoking. The results show minimal adoption by non-smokers.”

This is no surprise to anyone familiar with e-cigarettes or the vaping community, a group that’s primarily made-up of former smokers or those that are currently trying to quit. Just visit any vaping website, or active online communities such as ECF or ECR, and you’ll find that the participants are overwhelmingly those who have struggled (or are currently struggling) with tobacco.

It’s Not Going To Change The Minds of Critics…

This latest research is unlikely to change the minds of critics, who seek to demonize and diminish e-cigarettes by any means necessary. Despite the fact that they’re significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes and can help smokers quit, we continue to hear “horror stories” and unwarranted claims about electronic cigarettes being a “gateway” to smoking. Not only does the research prove otherwise, but logic suggests that there’s no reason to start smoking cigarettes if you vape, which offers many benefits over the deadly, disgusting old habit. Likewise, nonsmokers ARE NOT being attracted to vaping and the vast majority continue to remain NONVAPERS.

* Another study performed earlier this year found found similar results →

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