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Current Vapor Co.
Current Vapor Co.

Purveyor of authentic vapor products located in Richmond, VA! Current Vapor Co. offers premium e-liquid, mods, coils, tanks, RDAs, RTAs, batteries and more.

406 W. Broad Street


I love this shop. The people are so wonderful. I go with a friend who has vaped for a bit now. But I learn so much from the people at the shop. You also get to try flavors so that you know just what you are getting. They have a huge shop of e juices. I will not go anywhere else at this point. They really do the best to make you happy. And to keep you coming back. I love the staff and how great the store is.
Best shop in the area! They want you to stay and relax! They don't kick you out for not buying something like Avail does. They have my business forever!
Best in the area! Knowledgeable and personable staff.

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