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Digital Ciggz
Digital Ciggz

Digital Ciggz has everything you need to get started using an electronic cigarette. We offer a large selection of e-liquids in various strengths and plenty of flavors.

450 College Avenue
Santa Rosa


This business embodies whats wrong with profiling in the united states. I walked in after going to Citrus (another smoke shop across the street much better service better prices doesn't profile you) to buy some cotton for my ecig after watching them help a fellow i ask the lady that was working (12/23/2015 around 330pm) for cotton she tells me $6 plus tax which already is a bit steep then asks for my ID i had just gotten off work and realized I left my wallet at home. Keep in mind im nearly 30 years old and african american she refuses to sell the cotton to me after i asked again (politely) then as im walking out says in a rude tone "you have to be 21 to buy alcohol why come in here without an id". I walk outside and ask two people that just left if they got carded when they went in to shop to which they replied no. Usually i'd let light racism go over my head but today was not the day after driving 15 minutes back to my house to grab my wallet i go back to the store and ask for contact info to the owner of the store (Michael Mullins why don't you have your info posted for consumers?) they fumble around and say that what im making serious accusations after I asked why they didnt card the other two customers do I need to have white skin to buy something here? Long story short they lost a customer and I'm going to tell anyone who smokes vapes to not shop there either theres no excuse to profile someone based on there race as i stated before im nearly 30 years old so not only are you insulting my heritage your also insulting me by treating me like a child I'd give a zero if I could unfortunately I cant the only reason i continued to go to this store in the first place is because it was the first store i went to when i got an ecig and they've had great service before I dont know if its the person who helped me or the management but you couldnt pay me to return to this place again

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