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Green Smoke
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Green Smoke

Green Smoke® is about giving smokers an alternative to traditional cigarettes. We offer premium products with cutting edge technology to duplicate the smoking experience that smokers expect. With a staff of chemists, engineers, and flavor innovators, Green Smoke is leading the industry in taste, battery reliability and quality.

Our mission is to empower smokers to take back their freedom and move up to a more fulfilling lifestyle that includes the option of smoking without the ash, odor, smokers’ breath and other limitations of traditional cigarettes. We are dedicated to providing the best electronic cigarette experience available featuring our unique, robust flavor and taste, along with the smoke-anywhere-you-want convenience that goes with it. By employing superior technology and the highest standards of excellence in customer service and delivery, we enable our customers to enjoy a rich full-flavored smoking experience.

20533 Biscayne Blvd, Ste. 784


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