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ICONIC Vape & Wellness
ICONIC Vape & Wellness

ICONIC Vape & Wellness Shop is the premier e-cigarette personal vape and CBD wellness shop in Central Florida, Polk County, and Lakeland. Check us out and see for yourself! You too can be ICONIC...

2403 S. Florida Ave.


Icon cigarette is the best place to go I've been looking around for years I found them and I've never left them the customer and they treat the customers just fine they help you out they explain things to you the explain different back home tutors to you and what fits what what what you can smoke while it's charging you can smoke something when it's charging what not to do and everything else and I love everybody at the shop they're so nice the men and women I need them to call me because I'm running out of juice misses your favorite person Roxann Welch miss you guys a lot and hope you made it through the storm but apparently you must had some damage because the stores closed cuz I've been calling and calling. There's nobody there to answer me. Thank you sincerely this is Roxann Welch
ICONIC is the BEST vape and CBD wellness shop in Lakeland. Great customer service! Super reasonable prices on equipment and liquid selection is curated and incredible! Flavors you can't find anywhere else! Their rewards program is FREE and so worth signing up for. They also have quarterly events in the evening that are so much fun and raise money for vape advocacy and local charities. Support your local vape shop by shopping at ICONIC Vape and CBD wellness!

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