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Mellow Vape
Mellow Vape

Mellow Vape is one of Nashville's premiere suppliers of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids (including organic e-liquid) and everything you need to fulfill your vaping needs.

2124 Gallatin Pike North


Don't know what Trotter was on when she and her husband went to this store. I have been going there for over a year now and THIS store is the very best in every aspect!! Personnel, including owners and family members, are the most courteous and helpful we have ever seen. Their knowledge is at a very high level and their assistance is par excellance! Prices in the store are VERY competitive to other brick and mortar stores (not internet) and they meet other local stores pricing when asked. Very pleasant and friendly shop to do business with! Scripting??? What does this mean??? Fake stuff??? As ridiculous as the writer of the aforementioned review!!!!!!!
This place scares me - my husband and I stopped by a couple of days ago and today - I couldn\\\'t not believe that when walked in a young guy was at the counter and the women behind the counter starting talking loud to the customer as well as the customer about building coils and what a great shop it was - no big deal - right ? But like I said we came back and there was the same customer but a guy th is night behind the counter - lol , the same story started to be told about building coils and what a great shop ,,, etc I looked at my husband and seriously we both were shocked - could or would a store have people acting and using scripts ? Seriously I think they are doing exactly that here - the prices are sky high compared to other shops - we left and will never go back seems to be a lot of fake stuff going down here

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