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TheEcig.com (Storefront)

TheEcig.com is a electronic cigarette importer and exporting company that is also the worlds largest patent pending glass drip tip manufacturer. Storefront in Phoenix, AZ.

PO Box 19078


This tank is such a beast! Beautifully crafted and very stylish. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone and I HAVE! I got the clear one because colored tanks just aren't my thing and I feel that seeing the liquid really makes the chrome pop and stand out. Its too bad that I have a couple flavors that I vape all day and that these are a bit pricey, but well worth it. I'd buy another, but can't justify dropping $80+ at one time for a simple tank. I just put my best liquid in it and its great. I'll more than likely be getting another one if really need be, but for now, one is great and worth every bit of the $40! Do yourself a favor and get one of these bad boys and I promise, you'll be the envy of all your vaping friends :-)

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