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Wordup Ecig is your go-to vapor store with the best prices around on all kits, e-juice and accessories. Our goal is to offer the finest products available and help our customers choose the perfect ones to best meet their needs.

1531 N. Old Dixie Hwy.


No stars for this establishment! I had been a loyal customer of their Stuart location for some time...purchasing several mods, tanks and juice on a regular basis. In December of 2016, I was persuaded to purchase a Vaporesso Target Pro kit. By the time I added in extra tanks, batteries and chargers, I had around $300.00 invested in this system. After one month of use, the internal connector inside the mod came out still attached to the charging cord after charging. I have many devices that charge this way, and I have never had an internal connector separate from the device. Next, I removed the battery cover to take out the battery for external charging. When I put the battery back in, the battery cover would not attach to the device at one end. Lastly, when I replaced the expensive "CCell" coil for the first time, I found that one of the coils in the package was crushed at one end and unusable. I returned to the Wordup location in Stuart to see if they could help out one of their loyal customers. I was almost immediately greeted with hostility, and bombarded with a steady mantra..."user error". I would estimate that that term, "user error" was repeated at least twenty times in the space of ten minutes or so. I felt like a child being scolded for carelessly breaking a toy. One of the staff was persuaded to call the manager/owner(?). Without having the opportunity to even see the defective mod he, too, pronounced it "user error". He also claimed that the defective battery cover issue was a "less than 0.1% event. Now...I'm not a "probability expert", but it seems to me that concluding that an event had a 0.1% probability would require a sample size of 1000. So...I could be wrong on this, but I'm having a hard time believing that the manager/owner has had an opportunity to observe 1000 different Vaporesso Target Pros. Oh...and the bent coil? The conclusion there was that I must have stepped on it while it was still sealed in the box. So...bottom line...they offered to do nothing. No replacement under warranty of the defective mod, no fix for the defective battery cover and no replacement of the bent coil. Shop here at your own risk. As long as you're spending money and everything is going smoothly, they are quite friendly. But, as soon as there's a (the erring user) are on your own. In conclusion, just let me say that there was "user error" here. I, the user, erred in choosing to shop at Wordup. Delete review

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