A Chance To Speak Out About Electronic Cigarettes

by · March 27, 2014

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Consumer Reports Survey on E-CigarettesAre you a current or former vaper? An opportunity to share your personal opinion about e-cigarettes is being provided by one of the most reputable consumer organizations in the world. Consumer Reports is depended on by millions of people to offer balanced and fair assessments of consumer products and services – and with several articles about e-cigarettes in the works, now is your chance to help shape the conversation. We’re not sure how electronic cigarettes will ultimately be portrayed, but they’re looking for user feedback and it’s important that you participate.

From Consumer Reports:

We are gathering stories about consumers’ experiences with e-cigarettes, for a series of print and online articles, and would like to hear from you about your experiences with them.”

* Click here to share your feedback with Consumer Reports

It only takes a few minutes to share your story…

The more vapers that join the conversation, the more we’ll be able to broaden the scope of Consumer Reports’ evaluation. The point is not so much to convince or persuade them that vaping is OK, but to share our personal stories and explain how e-cigs are changing people’s lives. The facts speak for themselves: electronic cigarettes are safer than smoking, they’re helping people quit and improving the health of millions of Americans in the process. If we can backup those facts with people’s real-world experiences, it’s sure to have an impact on Consumer Reports’ findings.

Electronic cigarettes have already been the focus of several Consumer Reports’ articles, and although they’re not all positive, the organization appears to have a balanced and open-minded approach. Why else would they be asking for our feedback? With strong participation from the vaping community, hopefully their newest articles will help to educate the public and advance our cause.

It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the online survey. Please take a some time to provide your input and share your personal story. A positive article (or two!) from a reputable organization such as Consumer Reports is good for each and every one of us! Take the online survey →

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