Super Cheap 120ml E-Juice Options

Cheap 120ml E-Juice Options Over the past year or so there's been a new trend in the vaping industry – cheap 120ml e-juice. It was only a few years ago that most e-liquid was sold in 30ml bottles, but with the advent of mass produced sub-ohm tanks and coils, a 30ml bottle of e-juice just won't cut it. Today's modern vaping devices produce much more power and can chug through 30ml of e-liquid in just a few days. This inspired many companies to offer bigger 60ml and 120ml bottles. Throw in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and prices continue to drop, resulting in super cheap 120ml e-juice.

A few years ago I put together an article covering some of the most affordable e-juice suppliers. Although most of these companies are still considered affordable, a variety of new players have jumped into the game and specialize in producing bigger 120ml bottles at a hefty discount. We're talking 120ml for $25 or less!

The Budget 120ml E-Liquid Game

It's amazing how quickly times have changed. Not too long ago a 30ml bottle of premium e-juice would cost you $20 or more. You can still find some ridiculously priced “premium e-liquid”, but most of the bigger, well established names in the industry are now offering 60ml and 120ml bottles to help you save.

Companies such as Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Space Jam, Suicide Bunny and others are now offering bigger bottle sizes, but they still can't compete with the super low-cost 120ml e-liquid manufacturers on the market. These companies have a few advantages over the bigger guys. First and foremost, they have much less overhead built into their business models. Limited marketing budgets, less employees and lower overall expenditures means big savings for everyone!

Another strategy I see being employed by these cheap 120ml e-juice suppliers is offering HUGE, limited-time discounts. More than likely, they're giving away their e-liquid at cost in hopes that you'll fall in love with their products and return for more, then pay the regular retail price. I know from experience that this strategy works! I've picked up some super cheap 120ml e-liquid before, then returned to restock at full price. Often times their retail prices are still relatively low, but savvy shoppers will wait for the next big e-juice deal, if possible.


Cheap 120ml E-Juice Suppliers:

So what are some of the companies that I'm referring to? All of the e-liquid suppliers listed below offer cheap 120ml e-juice bottles for $25 or less. And that's normal retail price. Many of these companies offer discounts that drop their prices below $15, or even $10 per 120ml bottle! I'll provide a quick overview of each; to get more feedback visit to see what others have to say:

#1 – The Sauce LA (120ml for $17.99 or less)

The Sauce LA 120ml E-Liquid Bottles Out of all of the cheap 120ml e-liquid suppliers on this list, I'd have to say The Sauce LA is the best in terms of both quality and value. They have some outstanding products! Many of their flavors are comparable to premium options that cost 2-3 times the amount. Some flavors are available in 30ml and 60ml bottles, but you'll save the most by purchasing bigger 120ml bottles. And they offer some HUGE DISCOUNTS! Sometimes as much as 75% OFF! As mentioned above, signup for our newsletter to stay in the loop.

#2 – VanVal Vapor (125ml for $15.99 or less)

VanVal Vapor 120ml E-Juice Bottles VanVal Vapor's entire business model is based on “cutting out the BS” and offering high-quality e-liquid at an affordable price. They've handcrafted a variety of unique flavors, with prices starting at only $15.99 for 125ml. If you decide to restock, you can get a 210ml bottle for even bigger savings. Plus, they have some excellent ongoing deals to help you save even more. You can get a 7-pack sampler of flavors for just $18.49 to test them out, and they regularly offer BOGO deals and other nice discounts. A close #2!

#3 – Om Vapors (120ml for $19.99 or less)

Om Vapors 120ml E-Liquid Bottles Om Vapors frequently offers huge discounts, making it some of the cheapest 120ml e-juice on the market. Whether it's 50%, 60% or 70% OFF, you can regularly pick up 120ml bottles for less than $10. They do have several different e-liquid lines (in 30, 60 or 120ml sizes), but the Om Vapors Express Line is the most affordable option. I'd say most of their flavors tend to be on lighter side, but they certainly have some tasty options and you can't beat the price! Their normal retail pricing isn't too bad either, so you won't go broke trying to restock on your favorite Om Vapor flavors.

#4 – Fuggin Vapor (120ml for $24.99 or less)

Fuggin Vapor 120ml Bottles Fuggin Vapor is priced on the higher end of our list, but their 120ml e-liquid is still extremely affordable when compared to most e-juice suppliers. Plus, they offer regular discounts, including an ongoing “Big Fuggin Deal” which will reduce the price of a 120ml bottle to as low as $12 – when you buy three (360ml) or five (600ml) bottles at once. As with most suppliers, I'm not a huge fan of all of their flavors, but they have a handful that I absolutely love. I guess its all a matter of personal preference.

#5 – Broke Dick (120ml for $23.00 or less)

Broke Dick E-Juice 120ml Bottles Broke Dick keeps their prices low by focusing on a few finely-tuned flavors and offering them exclusively in 120ml bottles. This limited selection (just seven flavors) means less overhead and lower prices. Broke Dick doesn't have the cheapest 120ml e-juice on this list, but it's definitely good! I was impressed with both of the flavors I purchased using their special buy-1 / get-1 (BOGO) deal. Just select two 120ml bottles and pay only $23.00 ($11.50 each). As far as I know, this deal doesn't expire and can be used multiple times.

More Cheap 120ml E-Liquid:

Here are a few other companies that offer low-cost / cheap 120ml e-liquid:

So how do these companies compare to the more expensive, premium e-liquid suppliers? You'll have to be the judge of that! Since everyone's flavor preferences (and expectations) will vary, there's no way for me to say if you'll be a satisfied customer or not. In general, I think most of these companies do a pretty good job, but don't expect to love every flavor. And give your juice some time to steep before you make your final judgement. Then you'll know if its a real value 😉

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