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The Top 10 “Craft” E-Juice Makers & E-Liquid Companies

Jeremy Salter
by · July 1, 2015

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Top Craft E-Juice CompaniesYou have e-liquid… and then you have what many people refer to as “craft e-liquid.” Other than costing more, what does the term “craft” actually mean? I won’t pretend to be a full-blown expert, but from my experience there’s a noticeable difference between cheap, bargain-priced e-liquid and the more exclusive, high-end TOP-SHELF stuff. There are certainly exceptions to the rule, but in general, companies that use only the finest ingredients (and take plenty of time to perfect each new flavor) often have the best e-juice. Spending months in the development stage, “craft e-juice” tends to be more complex and flavorful than your typical e-liquid, artfully combining a wide array of ingredients to produce a rich and satisfying experience.

There are literally hundreds options to choose from, so picking out favorites was no easy task. I expect this list to change regularly (since I’m constantly experimenting), so for now these are my choices for top craft e-juice companies:

* I tried to include all of the most popular, well-known e-juice companies, but it was impossible to list them all. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

#1 – Five Pawns E-Liquid

Five Pawns Premium E-LiquidFive Pawns e-juice is made by hand in extremely small batches in California, with handwritten batch numbers included on every bottle. It’s stocked at a variety of high-end, boutique vape shops and has earned a strong reputation among the vaping community. We’re talking about extremely complex and rich varieties, consisting of 50/50 PG/VG and only the highest-quality ingredients. Gambit and Grandmaster are my personal favorites, but they offer ten unique flavors between the “Signature” and “Mixology” lines, each taking months to develop. Our review →

We’re perfectionists and refuse to allow any liquid to leave our facility before it’s absolutely perfect… We disclose the obvious flavors for tasting note reasons but there are many other ingredients that help enhance what you actually taste.

* Available online at: Breazy, Vapor DNA, Vapor Kings
[ $$$ ]

#2 – Suicide Bunny E-Juice

Suicide Bunny E-JuiceSuicide Bunny is another extremely popular craft e-juice maker, with a limited selection of just five premium flavors. Mother’s Milk is by far the most popular, a sweet and creamy strawberry custard blend that’s gained huge fanfare among vaping enthusiasts, including myself. It’s so good! Like all premium e-juice makers, Suicide Bunny uses the finest ingredients, and while their flavor selection is limited, each one is perfectly formulated to be well-balanced and delicious. From Suicide Bunny:

The other guys go blue in the face talking about quality. We just do it, and we’re relentless until it’s perfect. Our e-liquids don’t hit your hands until they’ve gone through a quality control process like no other. If it’s not built out of the very best ingredients to make the very best e-liquid in America, it’s not a Suicide Bunny product. Simple as that…

* Available online at: Breazy, Huff & Puffers, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#3 – Cosmic Fog Vapors

Cosmic Fog VaporsCrafted in Orange Country, California, Cosmic Fog has quickly grown into one of the most popular and well-known e-liquid companies in the nation. Vapers around the country have been praising their delicious e-juice lineup, with Kryptonite, a sweet melon candy blend, and Milk & Honey (the name says it all!) gaining huge fanfare. More-and-more vape shops are jumping on the Cosmic Fog bandwagon and it’s easy to see why… their flavors are definitely delicious! From Cosmic Fog:

Each flavor should be a new, exciting experience for every user, and given the amount of time that goes into each blend, it will be. Cosmic Fog spends an average of 7-10 months on EACH FLAVOR, combining our experience in the culinary world with dedicated research to craft unique and interesting products.

* Available online at: Direct Vapor, Huff & PuffersVapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#4 – The Standard E-Juice

The Standard Premium E-LiquidThe Standard produces several rich, multi-layered flavors that you’ll find at the most exclusive, high-end vape shops. Their products are not only delicious, but the colorful glass bottles are certainly not “standard.” Frankenvape (kiwi marshmallow) is probably the most popular, and also my favorite; while Curious Jorge (creamy banana) comes in a close second. Nothing low-quality or sub-par here, whether it comes to the packaging or the ingredients. From Henley:

The Standard is an exceptional e-liquid brand that produces and markets a handful of rich, well-rounded and extremely popular flavors. Aside from the multilayer flavor profiles, we absolutely love the packaging!  Bottled in glass cubes with cool, creative labels.

* Available online at: Breazy, Vapes.com, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#5 – Halo E-Liquid

Halo Craft E-LiquidHalo is an established name that’s known for producing high-quality, premium e-liquid. With nearly 20 different flavor choices, they have a nice selection to choose from but they’re lacking the overly sweet and fruity flavors that many people prefer. Although they offer several gourmet, dessert flavors, they’re best known for their complex, rich and flavorful tobacco blends. Tribeca has been one of my long-time go-to flavors, and they have a variety of creative varieties layered with subtle hints of sweet and spicy. If you love tobacco flavors – you’ll love Halo! See our full review →

Halo Cigs prides itself on providing quality, American made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation we are dedicated to providing superior products that are safe, consistent and flavorful.

* Available online at: Halo Cigs, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#6 – Space Jam E-Juice

Space Jam Robo FuelHandcrafted with care, Space Jam claims that it’s seven e-liquid flavors will “blow you out of this world.” Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but they certainly have some of the tastiest fruit-flavored varieties on the market. Andromeda is a big winner, a creamy combination of blueberries and pomegranate, while Astro is my personal choice, a perfect mix of apples and strawberry. Despite the seemingly simple combinations, the flavor profiles are tasty and complex; sweet enough to keep you interested, but light enough to make perfect all-day-vapes. See our full review →

The Final Frontier of Vaping is here. Founded in Orange County, CA, Space Jam Juice offers the finest e-juice in the country. We pride ourselves on the complexities and subtleties of our flavors and invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy.

* Available online at: Direct Vapor, Huff & Puffers, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#7 – CRFT E-Liquid

CRFT Premium E-LiquidLet me tell you, it was really hard to pick just ten e-juice companies for this list. There are certainly more widely-known options available, but I was looking for the true “craft” e-juice makers and how could I pass up a company with CRFT in the name? CRFT e-liquid is definitely top-shelf, available at some of the most reputable, high-end vape shops. They offer four unique flavors: Strawberry Blonde is similar to Mother’s Milk from Suicide Bunny, but with a bit more strawberry. Trail Mix is fruity, creamy and slightly nutty – like a handful of trail mix; and Lime Soda has a fizzy cola flavor with a soft lime undertone. Although I enjoy them all, Gravel Pit is definitely my favorite, an outstanding mix of peach and guava. You definitely gotta give CRFT a try! From CRFT:

Flavors can often be convoluted by necessary ingredients. We’ve tested 25 different brands of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Nic so that you can enjoy CRFT blends in their ideal mix.

* Available online at: Breazy, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#8 – Jimmy The Juice Man

Jimmy The Juice Man E-LiquidIn the not too distant past, Jimmy The Juice Man e-liquid was extremely rare. Made in ultra-small batches, only a few people were fortunate enough to get it… but it appears that they finally ramped up production. Creme Brulee is probably their most well-known option; a smooth creamy blend comprised of custard, dark, burnt sugar and just a hint of banana. Delicious! Shurb is another popular option (creamy rainbow sherbet); but being a fan of purely fruit flavors, Peachy Strawberry is probably my personal favorite. Caramel Pear was another big surprise I thoroughly enjoyed! They have six different varieties; each is unique and full of flavor.

Once upon a time, in the far, far away land of Chicago, there was a man…. a juice man…. named Jimmy. Jimmy was a vaper, and a discerning one at that. He loved really good e-juice…. premium e-juice…. but he had grown tired of getting bent over on prices for the good stuff.

* Available online at: Breazy, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#9 – ANML E-Liquid

ANML E-JuiceThe newest addition to this list (added 3/20/15), ANML e-liquid started popping up at a bunch of vaping suppliers and was highly recommended by visitors here and elsewhere, so I decided to give it a try. They only have two flavor choices so far, but boy is it good! Looper tastes exactly like a bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit Loops and is definitely their best option. It’s a perfect balance of fruit, cereal and milk. Yum! Even though I’m not a fan of licorice candy, I really enjoyed Carnage as well – a tasty Red Vine Licorice flavor. From ANML Vapors:

Created by the world-renowned mixologist and gastronomic-genius behind both Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve and Gemini Vapors, this artisanal-grade e-liquid is meticulously hand crafted in small batches, with an ultra-high attention to detail that borders on lunacy for a vape experience that is truly out-of-this-world. With impurities neutralized and flavor-to-vapor ratios optimized, ANML stands in a class all its own… you just have to try it to believe it.

* Available online at: Huff & Puffers, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

#10 – NicQuid E-Juice

NicQuid E-JuiceNicQuid is a highly recognized and popular e-liquid brand, sold around the Web and in vape shops across the country. A founding member of the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), you can be sure their quality is second-to-none, offering nearly 40 different flavor choices, from tobacco and menthol to fruit and dessert varieties. NicQuid offers a full range of options, from simple, one-trick ponies, to more complex blends such as Banana Nut Bread and SOHO (sweet, nutty, caramelized tobacco). My personal favorite is Strawberry Fuzz, a deliciously sweet combination of strawberries and peach. Like any true “craft” e-liquid maker, NicQuid spends a considerable amount of time to perfect each flavor, and unlike some companies, they actually “pre-steep” their products so they’re ready to vape right out of the package. See our full review →

At NicQuid®, we make fantastic e-liquid. Period. Great care and artistry is a part of our flavor creation process. Our team of experts spend months testing each flavor and hand select each high quality ingredient. We allow for extensive steep (saturation over time) variances, before taking a new creation forward for final review and acceptance to our eliquid line, as well as many other rigorous tests. Our mission is to deliver a product that is unrivaled in the marketplace…

* Available online at: NicQuid

Honorable Mentions:

There are so many high-quality e-liquid choices available – it’s a bit overwhelming! I tried to include the most popular and widely-known options, but there are certainly others to consider. Honorable mentions include:


84 Responses

  1. Jaymie says:

    Missing lazarus vintage :(

  2. jennifer onetto says:

    I highly recommend checking out Cape Fear Juice Company as they are a craft eliquid, that doesn’t disappoint!

  3. Armando says:

    For tobacco flavored juice I’ve found that without a doubt Want2Vape’s s Signature Blends unbeatable.
    Also a +1+1+1 for Five Pawns!!!

  4. Cameron says:

    Currently vaping ‘Gambit’ from Five Pawns. Absolutely the best I have had so far. Nutty, creamy, with a great nose of apple, and caramel. Delicious for an all-day vape. The price is well worth it, in my opinion. I plan to get a sampler from them as soon as I can. As for these other companies, I have tried the Mother’s milk from Suicide Bunny, and it is delicious. Reminds me of strawberry whole milk, with a drop or two of Mexican vanilla. Thanks for this article, I’ll be trying these other vendors out as soon as I’m able to!

  5. adam says:

    5 pawns is good,northern lights not on the list just as good and special reserve,amazing vape, suicide bunny leaves a dusty residue on your coils watch out for that. Northern lights big alaskan flavor best vape i have had.

  6. J says:

    You have to check out Steam Juice, and Viasi. They both have amazing complex blends and great prices and fantastic customer service. Orion from Steam Juice is one of the best vapes I’ve ever tried, with a hint of brown sugar pear, black tobacco, and notes of pralines & cream. Totally delicious.

  7. Eric says:

    Very good top 10 pick!!! One of my top picks right now is a new company called B-52 Juice. They have a blend called Sonas that is one of the best blends I have ever had.

  8. Liz y says:

    I’ve tried over 50+ brands and local vendor e-juice in a little over 2 years of vaping. My fave on this top 10 is Suicide Bunny. Mothers Milk is incredible. I have not tried Alice in Vapeland but that might be next on the list. My favorite e-liquid comes from The Vapor Still. Everything I have tried from them was top grade and delicious. There are so many vendors out there I think it would be easier to make a top 10 of the worst companies. Another high quality vendor that has pre steeped liquid is Cyclops Vapor. My favorite local vendor is Lehigh Vapor. I can get Suicide Bunny from them as well and their Vanilla Custard I can get in 100% VG and taste great. The Vapor Still is still my go to, you have to try Rudger… it’s amazing.

  9. Stan says:

    Being from the Orange County, CA area I would agree with most of the companies on this list. If you want a true craft/artisan E-juice I would recommend a little known company called Vigneron Vapory, met them at the OC vape meet. Their Fiasco flavor is a cereal cinnamon toast crunch with a great milk flavor that will knock your socks off.

  10. Trent says:

    My new favorite Witty Octopus is actually much cheaper than any of those, and puts off a flavor that is unbelievable. Root Beer, Bavarian Creme, Sinner’s Cider, Chocolate Hazelnut (Nutella) & Pilar are all Extremely good!

  11. Sally Smathers says:

    Good list, I don’t know how you were able to narrow it down to ten. You made one glaring omission. Pink Spot Vapor is a favorite of mine. They are a little pricey but certainly no more than most of the ones you picked. Their whole tobacco line is awesome, Swagger being my fave. “Happy Ending” is the best juice I’ve ever had, hands down. I’ve loved every one I’ve tried. You get a free sample (of your choice) with every purchase. Good people to work with. All around a great company, IMO

  12. Brandon says:

    Nice list. My new favorite is Blue Ostrich Vapor. I just had their Blueberry Gingerbread, and it’s awesome. Real, adult blueberry flavor (not at all candy-like) perfectly balanced with gingerbread. Sounds a little strange, but it’s my new ADV.

  13. beth says:

    I am new to vaping and have only tried from a local shop, vapor fi and virgin vapor. All good except virgin vape i tried two flavors banana nut and kona caramel milkshake. They were awful and will be thrown in the trash. Live and learn and dont judge by others opinions everyone has their own taste:)

  14. Linda Dunning says:

    Oh my gosh I can not believe Mt Baker Vapor didn’t make the list, they are the greatest, quality, price, fastest shipping and greatest customer service.

    • Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

      I agree that MBV is an excellent e-juice company! We’ve written a full review and recommend their products often, but I wouldn’t exactly consider them a “craft” e-juice company…

    • Derek Laughlin says:

      Mt Baker vapor is total trash. I’ve got it 3 times when low on funds and after steeping for a month… Just takes like chemicals. Doesn’t even compare to these high end blends.

  15. Pete Smiddy says:

    It is worth mentioning EC Blend… particularly Wizards Cave!

  16. Chris Portugal says:

    Cuttwood, Unicorn Milk… Is soooo good, love @ first vape for me.

  17. Laith says:

    The best ejuice I tried is the Alchemy e-lixirs all organic and natural

  18. Lauren says:

    You guys should definitely add Highbrow Vapor to your list. I’ve tried Halo and Zeus juice (also popular but not listed) which were both good, but highbrow beats all of them. it’s the only one i order from now. literally every juice is amazing!! The chai tea is my favorite and it definitely deserves a mention!

  19. Mike says:

    I love most virgin vapor flavors. Might want to give them another try. You are right on the kona caramel milkshake though. One of the worst flavors I ever had but they do have some good ones. I currently have been getting going bananas and vanilla blackbeery swirl.

  20. Ryan says:

    I’ve gotten some great liquids, Vaporaisor. Cool thing is, the Vaper’s Mark blends aren’t too overpowering with their bourbon taste in the Bourbon ball flavors. The Old Jacks No7 is my fav & is a bourbon/soda blend.

  21. james says:

    NO DOUBT!! Choochooejuice! This company by far has pushed the limits, not only with some outstanding premium ejuice flavors but with a matching win with their customer service or I should say Fam service! They really do treat you like family! Check em out… A+++
    #choochoofam #stunna

  22. Anibal says:

    Cuttwood should be in the list for sure…. Sugar Bear – Unicorn Milk – Boss Reserve & Monster Melon, MUST TRY.

  23. Jd says:

    Flathead Fluids-CHOPTOP……… So good!

  24. Deborah Burnham says:

    I have to say Vapor Chef hS knocked my socks off with nearly every sample I have tried, making it REALLY difficult to choose what to buy in full size because every darn flavor has been SO good.. They sent me a sample of their Ba Ba Bluey, and I kinda wrote it off, I’ll never do that again. Southern Hospitality is a tobacco blend that is different every time you vape it.. So smooth, this company is worth a definite mention!!

  25. Justin says:

    This is a great list. I’m mothers milk all day I tried space jams Venus the other day and the bottle did not last 8 hours. Roasted marshmallows, caramel,whipped cream had different notes. Get to Venus.

  26. Fred says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Who was the mouthbreeder who made this list? I KNOW that any best of list is impossible to agree on completely as taste is subjective but some of these juices are commonly considered sub-par at best and IMO absolutely horrible. Five Pawns is an easy to 10 because of the way it is marketed and they do have some top shelf juices and most definitely unique and suicide bunny is one of my favorite lines as well but Space Jam? If that is a “craft” juice then Mt Baker is gourmet. Virgin? Try the vanillas both versions if you please then try vaping tobacco chew spit thru a filter from a solid waste disposal treatment plant and I challenge you to tell me which one is which! Did I spell which right? Well bad spelling and a insanely horrible list so who cares? The only reason anyone buys standard is because they like the bottles. I know some low shelf juices are preferred by some people and they love the flavors but to put most of these juices on some kind of upper quality list is insulting. Halo??????? Let me guess what the atomizer of the year is???? an 808d-1??????? C’mon man how much did this advertising disguised as a legitimate taste test cost to run? Please please please tell me this is an ad and that no real vaper possibly agrees with this list!

    • Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

      Well… according to the comments on this post, quite a few vapers agree with my list (or at least parts of it). Everyone has their own opinion; I chose these based upon my personal experiences over the last few years. In that time I’ve vaped hundreds of different flavors from dozens (or hundreds) of different e-juice brands, but I certainly haven’t tried them all. There are literally thousands of different companies making e-juice right now!

      Funny thing is, you agreed with my top 2 choices and then called it a horrible list. Can’t win em all! I’d be curious to hear your suggestions. You jumped on a bunch of my choices but didn’t provide any alternatives. I think other “mouthbreeders” would like to know what you think is the best…

      • Tyler Artimovich says:

        honestly, yes your two top choices are good i have not tried 5 pawns yet but i heard its great, halo eliquid is more for cartriges i think in my opinion but some good eliquid brands ive tried heres a list for ya homie.
        SPACE JAM
        DFW VAPOR (more of a lower grade eliquid)
        FUZION (dragons blodd)
        UNCLE JUNKS (honey do)
        COLD FUSION JUICE (warning shot)
        MAD DOG
        hope some of these youve tried or look forward to trying these are just some of my favorites ( im using a sigelei 150w with a subtank and a nautilus)

        • Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

          Thanks for your input! Space Jam and ANML are in my top 10 as well, and a few of the others are in the “Honorable Mentions.” So many choices!

      • hi says:


        You were so negative to point out that Jeremy’s list was horrible but you didn’t even offer your own list. I am new to vaping, and I have never smoked in my life so people think it is weird that I love vaping. It is very relaxing and the flavors I have tried so far have gone everywhere from crap to awesome. But I am looking for some definite positive feedback to lead me in the right directions, because when I first started I had no idea what I was doing and was buying juice off ebay lol! Of course that juice is still in my collection, but it has no flavor and just works out when I want to make my own juice. I only vape 0mg and I may not have great experience but I am trying to get there, so anyone’s positive feedback is helpful. There is just so many juice’s I have NO idea where to even begin. BTW I do have friends who own Vapealicious Juice out of Oxnard, California and their Juice is not craft but it is some amazing stuff. They have one called Twigs n Berries that is my ADV and I absolutely love it. It’s like a lightly sweetened bowl of fruit with a light hint of spice or a natural herbal essence. You all should definitely check them out, they offer everything from light and fruity to dark and rich. Anyway, Jeremy I appreciate your list, as well as everyone’s replies because I am writing down each suggestion to try as soon as my budget allows. I think I have kind of bought enough so far to open my own store and then some lol.

        • Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

          I’m totally with you, I have so much e-juice right now it’s ridiculous! If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that your flavor preferences vary as time goes on. Some of the flavors and companies that I liked in the beginning have become a thing of the past. And to be honest, even some of the ones on this list are likely to get cycled out as I find better options. It’s like a never-ending experiment! And everyone’s flavor preferences vary, so what I consider the “best” may be totally different from someone else. Thanks for chiming in!

  27. Tony B says:

    Looper by ANML… best vape and flavor! Tastes exactly like fruit loops.

  28. Jim Patrick says:

    I just got cape fear very good ejuice company Chicora damn good

  29. Jenny P says:

    Definitely missing Ragna-Rok!

  30. jeffers says:

    If you like pixie sticks got to try kiss my vape “blue rush” all time favorite

  31. Wes says:

    I’ve tried most of the juice brands on your list and like most of them. A few not so crazy about. However of the hundreds of juices I’ve tried I’d have to say Jimmy the juiceman is far and away the best stuff I’ve tried. Being from Chicago myself it’s been fairly easy to come by as it’s stocked in quite a few vape shops around the city and burbs. Thanks for the list it’s helped me discover a few juices I’d otherwise probably never have tried.

  32. D hitchcock says:

    I have tried probably close to 90% of all the ones listed. I would agree with the ratings given to them as well. And then I discovered a company called -Reserved- and -Vapor Lock- blew me out of the water. 6ml nic on drip…but its even better used on my cloupor t8 tank mod. Easily tops 5 pawns (which has really great juice, just falls short compared to vapor lock)

  33. adamc says:

    Vapor Lock is actually made by a company called Cool Breeze Vapor. The reserved u see is reserved line.. In other words high VG 80/20

    And yes it is good stuff. My new favorite atm.

    Not a hugely popular juice and a bit over priced in my opinion but if they work the price down some and get its name out there a bit more it just may gain some speed with the public.

  34. Jody says:

    I would have to say Backwoods Brew has some of the best tobaccos I have ever tasted. Hands down the best for tobacco.

  35. Jesse says:

    I checked out Pajaros del amor, and the desert blueberry is amazing!

  36. A D says:

    I enjoyed reading this a year later, any chance you come up with another list from this year?

    • Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

      To be honest, I’ve been updating this list regularly since I’m constantly experimenting with new products. I’ve created other lists, but this one already includes my choices for “top” craft e-juice companies. These are some other lists I’ve created:





      And I have a few others planned moving forward…

      • Frank says:

        Great list and awesome service to those of us relatively new to vaping. I’ve been at it for about 9 months now and still searching for as many great options as possible. My only experience with the listed vendors are — Halo and Vintage. I’m ordering Mother’s Milk and G2 Mr. Cookie today.

        Vintage ( Legend) was my absolute first ejuice I bought and it helped me quit smoking in 2 weeks. I love it, but haven’t re-ordered due to trying so many others.

        Halo — I have ordered several times and many different flavors. One of the flavors I really like from Halo is the Cafe Mocha. Just curious if you have done a review on other Mocha,, cappuccinos or coffees in general??

        And thinks again for the reviews.

        • Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

          Personally, I’m not a big fan of coffee flavors, so I can’t see myself doing a review about those, but I’m planning to share some dessert and tobacco flavors eventually. Halo has some good options, but I haven’t tried Legend from Vintage yet. I’ll be sure to give it a shot!

          • Matt says:

            If you’re going to review tobacco flavors then you have to try everything from Black Note. Don’t think there I’d anyone that can top them.

  37. kc says:

    Vapor juice by GEMINI. Flavors are strong rich flavors

  38. Sandy Travis says:

    I agree with a few on the list. There are so many companies it’s hard to choose. After attending several vape summits I would have to say that my favorite and most unique is Conspiracy Liquids. The Kennedy and Alien Blood among the best. Thanks for the info!

  39. Wes says:

    Vapors knoll (zephyr)
    Uncle Junks (John Wayne)
    Inter cooler (I don’t remember the company that makes it, but damn it’s good)
    Steadfast (strawberry. Similar to mother’s milk, but better)
    Just a few to consider.

  40. Kellen says:

    The ultimate juice out there right now in my opinion is Milk Man by OneHitWonder. $60 for 180 ml. Muffin Man is also really good by them as well.

  41. Anil says:

    Two of my personal favorites are
    Cuttwood’s Boss Reserve – amazing nutty flavour with abit of a creamy after taste. I’m vaping the 12mg nicotine. Strong and good.
    Vape Bartender’s Ginger Ale – one the best so far. Very ginger ale and the best part is It has a hint of Turkish tobacco. Aged in an oak barrel. You can’t ask for a better combination!

  42. Amber says:


  43. Jaudonna says:

    If you’re a new vapper or if like me you’ve been vaping for the last 7 years, one of the cheapest and most fun ways to find premium artisan (craft) juices these days is to join a Juice Club. Currently I’m a member of four clubs but I’m only happy with three of them – Craft Vapery, Zodist and Nicpik

    Stay away from Zamplebox. After I signed up I found out some unfortunate things about them. Plus, they’ve yet to send me a juice I like. CV has been spot on from the very beginning, Zodist too, Nicpik just seems a bit more small – with fewer Juice & Hardware Vendors. Most services can be paid monthly with your choice of flavor profile, nic level, delivery date, and depending on the amount you wish to spend how many bottles or mls you receive. Keep in mind these are premium juices.
    With that being said, here’s my list of true Premium Artisan Juice:

    1. Vigilante Juice Co. (Rogue & Skull and Crossbones are my favorites in this line so far – one has a nutty, almost amaretto flavor, the other is buttery and warm just melts over you like the finest caramel)
    2. Alchemyst Vapes (Oberon & Aphrodite are 2 die 4 – If you like rich, complex flavors, give AV a try)
    3. The Vaping Rabbit (The true makers of The Milkman) (Based on the characters of Wonderland-The Hatter & The Cheshire Cat have both mesmerized me – The Hatter is just indescribably delicious, and the Cheshire Cat is an orange pineapple upside down cake.)
    4. Natur (Creme – Fairly self explanatory- It’s a 90vg USP Certified Organic VG, Natural Food Flavor, USP Nicotine. That’s the entire contents of the bottle.)
    5. Cuttwood – Personally I like Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk more than SB Mother’s Milk (except of course for Obsidian). I’m not crazy about Bird Brains unless it’s mixed with something creamy/milky (vaping something that tastes dry just messes with addled mind too much!)
    6. Twelve – This one is also known as The Astrological Juice or the “What’s your sign? Juice” I was born literally on the cusp of Taurus & Gemini, but I ADORE the Taurus juice all year long! If you’re looking for a spicy custard then give it a try. While you’re there, try out Sagittarius. It’s a fruit blend that’s heavenly.;)
    7. Vape Chemist – I am not a mango person. If you are a mango person, go order some Pim (Philippine Mango). I became hooked on their Vietnamese Coffee. It’s minty! And STRONG! Then I got hooked on their C-Lo which is like a caramel chewy. Next came the New Fashioned (similar to the Old Fashioned drink) which is an ADV for me along with Natur Creme. Also, the Strawberry Menthol is 2Di4.
    8. Cosmic Fog – Nutz, Church, Milk &Honey, Kryptonite, enticed yet?
    9. Glas – Moist Pound Cake with a mild Meyer Lemon Reduction drizzled on top. There are two other liquids they’ve released: Milk (Strawberry Milk and Vanilla Ice Cream, and Pebbles – can you guess the fruity flavor?
    10. The Originals – The Shrine is a hot, buttery, sticky, sweet, cinnamon roll, fresh out of the oven at Cinnabuns. Radio City is a Red Velvet Cake that inspires you to wear scarlet lipstick and fishnet stockings (or buy them for your girl).

    Hope this helps a little. Remember, Google search is your best friend. Also, spend time on the ECF forums (just search google for ECF forums). Also, Reddit has a terrific vaping community area. Best of luck and don’t stop chasin’ those clouds!
    4. Natur Vapor Liquid

  44. Will says:

    Muffin Man by OneHitWonder. Amazing. Been my ADV for over a month now. $60 for 180ML is an incredibly amazing deal for a top shelf craft juice. They also make Milk Man, but the Muff is hands down the best juice I’ve had in awhile. I’ve been at it for a couple years, and nobody tops OHW pricing, quality, and promotions.
    I am looking forward to trying the suggestions you made. Pulling out the debit card now!

  45. Scott says:

    My ADV is Tobacula by Paisley Vapor. Good tobacco flavors are hard to find.

  46. Brady says:

    A new vendor from Columbus OH, Simply – the company has made my favorite e juice so far in Copious Crunch. Absolutely sublime!

  47. jimmy says:

    I think Adirondacks vapor at the least deserve honorable mention. They have some quite interesting vapors and great tast also. Imo…Placid and Saratoga are one of my favorites.

  48. Christina says:

    Mojo e-juices arw pretty damn good! Breakfast with Mojo is my fav! Spot on with tasting just like fruit loops with milk. Its real lemony if you like that sorta juice.

  49. Craig says:

    I believe Shipwrecked Vapor should have made the list. This 7 flavor line took 2 years to craft. Hand made to perfection and the flavor is outstanding!

  50. Shannon says:

    I’m really surprised no one mentioned “The Milkman” the one that comes in a little milk carton. It’s every bit as good as Mothers Milk actually I like it a whole lot better, but that was a great job on the list!

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