New V2 Cigs EX Series Announced

v2-cigs-ex-series Considered by many to be the leader when it comes to mini, cigarette-like products, V2 Cigs is known for their outstanding quality, performance and vapor production. Next to every other comparable device on the market, we can say that the standard V2 e-cigarette is definitely a top performer in the mini, ‘cigalike' space. That's one of the reasons we're so excited about the new ‘EX Model' being released in 2014! V2 just announced this innovative new product line last week – and from what we can tell so far, we're expecting it to be ONE OF OUR TOP SELLERS!

Overview of V2 Cigs EX Model

The EX series is a completely redesigned line of e-cigarettes from V2. Although they haven't announced what will occur with their Classic line of products, the new EX series is completely interchangeable with all V2 products, so no need to worry about compatibility issues. We'll provide a full review once it becomes available, but here's what we know right now:

V2 Cigs EX Batteries

V2 Cigs EX Model Battery

Although the new, updated cartridges won't be available until 2014, the new V2 Cigs EX batteries are available now and fully compatible with the old line of cartridges. V2 claims a huge step-up in battery life, up to 500 puffs on the EX compared to 200 puffs on the Standard battery and 300 puffs on the Long. The EX batteries also include some other innovative features:

  • Five unique design choices: Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber, Scarlet Metallic, Royale and Bloom
  • Helpful power indicator lights show level of charge
  • Matching designer sleeve works with Classic or EX cartridges

V2 Cigs EX Cartridges

V2 Cigs EX Cartridge We don't have a ton of information on the new EX cartridges, arriving in early 2014. According to V2, they're designed to last much longer, 500 puffs compared to 200-250 puffs on the originals, and provide improved flavor and vapor production. From V2:

This completely redesigned cartridge is capable of providing up to 500 puffs, while maintaining a rich flavor profile and consistent vapor thickness for the life of the cartridge. Breakthrough advances in cartridge construction led to the creation of the EX Cartridge.

V2 Cigs EX Blanks

V2 Cigs EX Series Blanks V2's EX Blanks were released earlier this year, compatible with both Classic and EX batteries. This is one cool, useful option you won't find available with most small, cigarette-like devices! Similar to the clearomizers used on larger, eGo-style models, V2's EX Blanks allow you to easily refill and hold more e-juice for longer. Features include:

  • Screw-on cap that eliminates leaks and allows easier refill
  • Streamlined design
  • Improved liquid efficiency
  • Refillable up to 20 times
  • Drip gauge labeled in milliliters
  • Clear design shows you e-liquid levels

Starter Kits Available Soon…

Although some of the new EX components are available now, V2 won't release a complete EX Starter Kit until 2014. Until then, you can upgrade your existing V2 kit with the new EX Batteries or Blanks and take advantage of most of the upgrade features. You can be sure we'll write a full review once the complete setup is available, so please check back soon!

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  1. Paula BrosanacPaula Brosanac says:

    When can I buy a EX starter kit?


  2. Not sure when full starter kits will be available, but you can purchase the batteries (and charger), then add some flavor cartridges. All their cartridges are interchangeable…

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