50% OFF Vapor Fi Reserve E-Liquid

by · March 16, 2016

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Vapor Fi Reserve E-Liquid SaleVapor Fi is a well-established e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturer with a wide range of products. With over 50 flavors in their standard e-juice line (70/30 PG/VG), Vapor Fi Reserve is their premium collection of pre-steeped 40/60 PG/VG blends. A few months ago we completed a full review of all six flavors, and even though some of them were really good, one of our biggest complaints was the premium ($20 per 30ml) pricing.

Well it looks like they’ve cut their prices in half! We’re not sure if this is just a temporary price reduction or not, but you can now get a 30ml bottle for just $9.99. That’s 50% in savings! No coupon necessary. You can purchase directly at Vapor Fi, or choose Direct Vapor and you’ll also get FREE SHIPPING →

* Expiration of this special 50% OFF sale is unknown. Good while supplies last.

Vapor Fi Reserve Flavors:

  • Black Velvet – Infuse your vaping with the essence that is reminiscent of your favorite refreshing tall glass of cola coupled with a fruity twist! This fine flavor is a perfect blend of rich and smooth with the exceptional underlying taste of fruity cherry sweetness. Distinguished for its clean, smooth body, this is not an ordinary flavor on any level!
  • Decadence – The deepest, smoothest, endlessly flavorful e-liquid can be found right here with Decadence. Fantasize a complex flavor profile that uses a silky decadent chocolate as its base, which will indulge every sense and leave you craving more! Intense, with the well-developed smoothness of cream and delightful hint of hazelnut, this exceptionally aromatic flavor is ready to take your vaping to new heights!
  • Monkey Business – There’s no monkeying around with this flavor; it is fragrant, luscious, and temptingly sweet! Delicious in every way, this blend is sure to satisfy every craving with the creamy and light taste of custard topped with the sweet and powerful taste of banana. This angelically smooth, melt-in-your-mouth flavor will make you go bananas for it.
  • Moroccan Gold – Like no other flavor you’ve experienced before, this blend offers earthy traditional tones of tobacco based boldness with rich vanilla sweetness. Pair this with a touch of coconut for an utterly extraordinary, deep, and complex profile. The taste of this fine blend vapes beautifully, and its full, robust body cannot be matched. A notably pure flavor, it will overcome your senses in the best possible way!
  • Norther Lights – A breathtaking taste bursting with a minty undertone was designed to invoke a balance of refreshing flavor and a full flush of juicy sweetness from melon berry and guava. The result is an instant delicious classic perfect for anytime you want a burst of cool with a surge of deliciously sweet.
  • Summer Lovin – Summer never tasted so fresh and delightful! This zesty, harmonious flavor is the essence of California sunshine with every puff! Lemon and tangy raspberry bliss perfectly captures the sweet and tarty flavor that is always reminiscent of the loveliest summer days!

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