VPDAM Wooden Vape Display Bases – $12.99

VPDAM Wooden Vape Display Bases If you're looking for a nice way to display your vape gear, check out these affordable vape display bases from VPDAM. Each one is configured slightly differently to allow you to organize and display your vape mods, tanks, drippers, juice bottles, tools, etc. Although you may not be able to display everything (depending how extensive your collection is), these wooden display bases from VPDAM are a great option to gather all of your favorite and most regularly used vaping gear in one location.

Sure… you could probably build one of these on your own for a lot less, but even if you have the tools and ability, who has the time or patience to do so?!? If you'd like to leave the carpentry work to someone else, you can grab one of these VPDAM vape bases at Chinese supplier Efun.Top for only $12.99 →

* No special coupon codes are available. Good while supplies last.

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