Wood E-Cig & Vape Display Stands – From $4.17

by · March 18, 2016

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Wood E-Cig & Vape Display StandsOverwhelmed with vaping gear with no easy way to store or display your tanks, batteries, juice and mods? You could always throw your vaping gear into a cabinet, but how about a nice looking vape stand to display all of your favorite items so they’re visible and easily accessible? Acrylic and plastic displays are also an option, but wood adds a bit of warmth and class to your collection. If you’re not a DIY’er who has ability to build your own, then maybe you should consider a prefabbed wood vape display.

You can find a few options listed elsewhere, but Chinese vape supplier Fast Tech has a huge selection of wood e-cig stands – available at reasonable prices. Choose from single item displays, or wood mod display stands that hold dozens of different items. They start from just $4.17 with free worldwide shipping →

* Size, color and material will vary. Fast Tech has dozens of vape stand options!

* No special coupon codes are available. Good while supplies last.

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