Wotofo Pre-Built Coil Wire (25-Pack) – From $3.62

by · February 18, 2016

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Wotofo Pre-Coiled Wire For all of you coil builders out there trying to improve your RBA build game, Wotofo has some pre-built wire options that will make the process even easier. We all know that some builds are extremely difficult to achieve, but now you can get pre-coiled Wotofo wire in several different configurations: Twisted Wire, Quad Wire, Helix Wire, Clapton Wire, Hive Wire and Tiger Wire. All of Wotofo’s coil wire is made with iron chromium aluminum alloys (FeCrAl) at various gauges and ohm ratings, depending on the coil configuration.

If you’re sick of twisting and creating wire yourself, or you’d like to experiment with more complex and advanced builds, Wotofo’s pre-coiled RBA wire is an excellent choice. Several Chinese vendors have it on the cheap, including Fast Tech starting at $6.59 per 25-pack and Gear Best from $3.96 per 25-pack →

* No special coupon codes are available. Good while supplies last.

Pre-Coiled Wotofo Wire features:

  • Made from iron chromium aluminum alloys (FeCrAl)
  • Various diameters, gauges and resistances
  • Twisted Coil Wire (26 or 28 AWG)
  • Quad Twisted Wire (26 or 28 AWG)
  • Clapton Coil Wire (24×28, 24×30 or 24×32 AWG)
  • Hive Coil Wire (26×26 or 28×28 AWG)
  • Tiger Coil Wire (24, 26 or 28 AWG)
  • Five coils per tube, 25 per box

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