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Some of The Best E-Juice & E-Liquid Brands to Try in 2018

Jeremy Salter
by · January 2, 2018

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Best E-Juice Brands for 2018I’ve written a variety of “TOP 10” lists suggesting specific flavors and individual e-juice brands over the past few years, but it seems like every time I finish a list, I come across a bunch of new options to suggest. There are literally thousands of e-liquid brands on the market, and they’re constantly producing new e-juice lines and creating unique and tasty new flavors. As one of the founders of Cig Buyer.com, I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sample hundreds of these flavors each year, so heading in to 2018 I wanted to suggest some of the newest (and best) e-juice brands that have cycled through my device in recent months.

Picking out individual e-juice flavors is no easy task; especially considering the huge array of options. And since everyone’s flavor preferences vary, rather than suggesting individual flavors, I thought I should recommend some of the best e-juice brands to try in 2018. These aren’t necessarily the newest companies on the market, but each produces a high quality list of flavors and they weren’t around when I put together my last Top E-Juice Supplier List a few years ago.

* Expect several updates in the upcoming year. Since I’m constantly experimenting with new e-juice, my suggestions are likely to change as 2018 progresses.

#1 – Naked 100 E-Liquid

Naked 100 E-LiquidNaked 100 has been around for a few years now and certainly isn’t new, but they undoubtedly produce some of the best e-juice on the market. Manufactured by The Schwartz E-Liquid, what started out has a handful of delicious fruit flavors has blossomed into several different lines including a variety of candy, cream, tobacco and menthol flavors. I’ve had the pleasure of trying nearly all of their products, with Hawaiian Pog, Lava Flow and Berry Belts being my favorites. If you still haven’t tried Naked 100 e-liquid (one of the most popular brands on the market right now!), you certainly need to give them a shot.

* Available at: Breazy, Eight Vape, EJC, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Naked 100 Top E-Liquid Flavors

#2 – Dinner Lady E-Juice

Dinner Lady E-JuiceA UK-based e-juice supplier that’s made quite a name for itself over the past year, Dinner Lady is best known for their succulent dessert flavors, and they recently added Tobacco and Fruit / Ice lines as well. Luckily, Dinner Lady e-liquid is widely available across the US (and throughout the world) and they’ve won numerous awards for their outstanding products. I’m normally not a fan of tangy citrus flavors, but Lemon Tart is probably the best lemon-flavored e-liquid I’ve tried! Extremely well balanced with creamy meringue and pastry. They have several other fruity desserts that are just as tasty.

* Available at: Breazy, Eight Vape, EJC, Huff & Puffers
[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Dinner Lady Best E-Juice Flavors

#3 – Vaptasia E-Liquid

Vaptasia E-LiquidVaptasia isn’t exactly a new e-juice company (they were established in 2014), but over the past 12 months I’ve noticed them popping up at growing number of retail vape shops and Internet vaping suppliers. They have about 10 different fruit / dessert flavors, although the most popular are probably Milk Of The Poppy and Killa Custard. I definitely enjoy both, although I prefer Killa Custard Strawberry over the standard version because I’m a sucker for strawberry flavors! They have quite a few unique and tasty options to choose from; Pineapple Express is a really good choice too.

[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Vaptasia's Best E-Liquid

#4 – Yami Vapor E-Juice

Yami Vapor E-JuiceOne of the newest e-juice brands on this list, Yami Vapor has a limited-selection of just four flavors. They’ve been earning a lot of praise over the past few months, and after testing them out for myself… I can definitely see why. Taruto is probably their best e-liquid; a custard filled dessert flavor that certainly lives up to the hype. I’m a big fruit fan myself, so Icy Trio (strawberry, kiwi, and lychee with cool menthol) is more up my alley as an ADV. Yami Butter Brew is also quite popular, but since I can’t stand the taste of butterscotch, my opinion is kind of useless.

[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Yami Vapor Top E-Juice

#5 – Jam Monster E-Liquid

Jam Monster E-LiquidAnother new e-liquid brand with a small collection of flavors, Jam Monster makes up for their limited quantity with some delicious, high-quality products. As the name suggests, they focus exclusively on fruity jam flavors… all of them combined with buttery toast to provide a smooth and extra tasty experience. They’re extremely flavorful and accurate, and I must say that I’ve enjoyed all four. Strawberry and Blueberry are equally good, and their newest flavor (Grape) is right up towards the top. Apple was lacking just a little bit; probably because apple is my least favorite flavor choice.

* Available online at: Breazy, Eight Vape, EJC, Huff & Puffers
[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Jam Monster Best E-Juice Flavors

#6 – The Milkman E-Juice

The Milkman E-JuiceThe Milkman E-Liquid certainly isn’t new, but with a growing collection of award winning flavors, they undoubtedly create some of the best e-juice around. When it comes to creamy dessert flavors, The Milkman truly shines. They have six cream and milk-based options in their Original line; along with five new candy-inspired flavors in the Delight Collection and 3 unique tobacco blends in the Heritage Line. I’ve tested out most of their products, and if you’re looking for smooth, well-balanced e-liquid with light, creamy undertones… The Milkman is one of the TOP DOGS. Now available in 30, 60 and 120ml bottles, it won’t break the bank either.

* Available online at: Breazy, EJC, Huff & Puffers, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
The Milkman's Top E-Liquid

#7 – The Sauce LA

The Sauce LAThe Sauce LA seemed to come out of nowhere last year, quickly making a name for itself because of its exceptional product line and outstanding pricing. I’m hesitant to call it a value brand, but the pricing is hard to beat – especially if you take advantage of their regular deals and discounts. With that being said, some of their flavors are right inline with the best e-juice brands on the market. They have three different e-liquid lines (The Pier, The Sauce and Awesometown) covering a wide spectrum of flavors. If you like fruity cereal flavors, you have to try Capone. Other standouts include 1922, Caramel Waffle Cappuccino, Open Road and The Sauce. Lots of flavors to choose from, so be sure to give them a shot.

* Available online at: The Sauce LA

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Top Sauce LA Flavors

#8 – Vapor Fi Premium Flavors

Vapor Fi Premium FlavorsI wasn’t a huge fan of Vapor Fi e-liquid in the past (mediocre at best!), but they’ve definitely stepped up their game within the last few years. You’ll still find their standard line of average e-juice, but the new Grand Reserve Collection is impressive, and they’ve partnered with Cosmic Fog (#3 on my previous list of top 10 e-juice brands) to create several new flavors. One stands out in particular, Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, an outstanding strawberry dessert that I’ve restocked several times. Very Berry Slushie is also worth trying. A far cry from their e-juice of the past, you might want to consider Vapor Fi again if you’ve written them off.

* Available online at: Direct Vapor, Vapor Fi.com

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Vapor Fi Best Flavors

#9 – Mad Hatter E-Juice

Mad Hatter E-JuiceMad Hatter is another established e-liquid brand that seems to be constantly innovating. Their “I Love” line has grown from just a few dessert flavors, to over a half dozen unique and tasty options. I Love Donuts was the first to gain mass appeal, followed by I Love Cookies, Taffy and even Popcorn. Not sure how I feel about the popcorn flavor, but their newest creations – I Love Candy in Blue Raspberry, Rainbow and Watermelon – are definitely up my alley! A nice selection of premium flavors in 60ml bottles. If you haven’t tried Mad Hatter yet, this should be the year.

* Available online at: Breazy, Eight Vape, Vapor DNA
[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Top Mad Hatter E-Juice

#10 – Air Factory E-Juice

Air Factory E-LiquidThey may not have the largest selection of flavors, but Air Factory definitely has some of the best e-juice available in the fruit candy space. Each is super tasty and sweet, although Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Kiwi are my overall favorites. Mystery? is an excellent blended fruit candy, and Wild Apple is a well-executed apple taffy. I would definitely try them all so you can decide for yourself. They come in reasonably priced 100ml bottles and most vendors have full samplers available for a discount. From what I’ve heard, they also have a new “Treat Factory” e-liquid line coming out that focuses on popular desserts.

* Available online at: Breazy, Eight Vape, EJC, Huff & Puffers
[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Best Air Factory E-Juice

#11 – Loaded E-Liquid

Loaded by RuthlessManufactured by Ruthless (another e-juice brand worth checking out!), Loaded E-Liquid is a dessert-inspired line that’s available in reasonably priced 120ml bottles. But don’t let the affordable price tag fool you, Ruthless is known for producing high-quality, premium e-juice and they’ve continued to release some outstanding products in the Loaded E-Liquid line. I can’t say that I love all of their flavors (Smores was a huge disappointment), but their Glazed Donuts is one of the best, and Cookie Butter and Loaded Strawberry Donut are pretty delicious too.

* Available online at: Breazy, Eight Vape, EJC, Huff & Puffers
[ $$$ ]

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Best Loaded E-Liquid Flavors

#12 – Freeman Vape Juice

Freeman Vape JuiceLast but not least, you need to give Freeman Vape Juice a try. It’s the newest e-juice brand to grace my device, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with their entire collection. Introduced in late 2017, Freeman is both affordable and well-crafted. They offer nine different choices covering a full spectrum of flavor profiles, so they’re sure to have something that you like. Homecoming (strawberry rice pudding) and Cococaine (coconut cookie) are two of my favorites, but I gotta say that all of their flavors are pretty impressive; especially considering the price. Be sure to use coupon “cigbuyer50” to get 50% OFF!

* Available online at: Freeman Vape Juice

Top 3 Flavors on JuiceDB.com:
Top Freeman Vape Juice

Other Honorable Mentions:

As you probably known, there are thousands of e-juice brands to choose from, so I couldn’t possibly list them all. Here are some other (relatively new options) that just missed the cut for the best e-liquid brands to try in 2018:

What do you consider the top e-juice brands for 2018? What are some of the best e-juice flavors you’ve tried? I’d love to hear your suggestions below:

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