Best Tobacco-Flavored E-Juice Blends

Best Tobacco-Flavored E-Juice Blends I’ll be the first to admit that tobacco-flavored e-juice isn’t as appealing as it was when I first started vaping.

Like most people I picked up e-cigs to quit smoking, and the most natural transition was to vape on full-flavored tobacco blends.

But after I kicked my nasty smoking habit, I slowly transitioned into sweeter, more flavorful varieties. I would say fruit-flavored e-juice is my favorite, but I still like to experiment and switch it up on occasion.

At times, a flavorful tobacco e-juice provides a nice break from overly sweet candy or fruit flavors, and its natural, earthy tone helps to cleanse my palette.

In this post you will find some of my personal tobacco favorites. These are my top tobacco e-juice flavors. I prefer slightly sweet, moderately rich varieties (rather than pure tobacco). I do recommend trying a few to find the one that is perfect for your tastes.

And of course, if you find a great tobacco flavored vape juice that isn’t in this guide and you think I will be interested in, please share it with me by leaving a comment!

1. Tribeca (by Halo)

Top - Halo Tribeca E-Liquid Tribeca was was one of my first go-to tobacco flavors, and I still enjoy it immensely to this day. It falls into the “RY4” category (a combination of tobacco, caramel and vanilla), although I like to compare the flavor to that of a graham cracker. It has a subtle, graham cracker-like sweetness with just mild undertones of tobacco. Hints of vanilla and caramel tie together perfectly to create a smooth all-day-vape. From Halo Cigs:

There’s a reason Tribeca is regarded as one of the top e-liquid flavors in the entire industry—and if you’ve tried it, you already know why. This Spinfuel Choice award winner’s smooth tobacco notes blend with just a touch of vanilla and caramel to produce a satisfying e-liquid with a sweet finish.

* Available online at: Halo Cigs, Vapor DNA

2. Prelude (by Black Note)

Black Note Prelude E-Juice Although Halo (above) is known for their excellent assortment of flavorful tobacco e-liquid, it’s safe to say that Black Note is for the true tobacco aficionados. Although it’s certainly pricey ($29 per 30ml), they’re one of the few companies using only natural tobacco extracts. Each flavor is unique and authentic! I like my tobacco on the mild side, so Prelude is my personal favorite. Derived from Virginia tobacco, it has a natural, subtle sweetness that goes down smooth. If you dig natural tobacco, Black Note has something for you. From JuiceDB:

Prelude is the best natural tobacco flavor I have ever had, a natural sweetness that you can’t fake. After spending hundred’s of dollars on imitation tobacco flavors I am so delighted to have found the Black Note Company. Prelude is light and airy; naturally sweet and with no nasty chemical after taste. The company and packaging is as world class as the juice.

* Available online at: Black Note

3. VCT (by Ripe Vapes)

Ripe Vapes VCT Tobacco Definitely one of the best tobacco e-juice flavors on the market, Ripe Vapes’ VCT is similar to an RY4 — minus the caramel with a creamy vanilla custard flavor. It starts off silky and sweet, and then finishes off smooth with rich tobacco notes and hints of almond. A perfect all day vape that’s extremely well-balanced. A reviewer from All The Juices definitely seems to agree:

Probably the best tobacco flavor I’ve ever had, couldn’t stop vaping it until the whole bottle was gone. Perfect ADV!

* Available online at: Breazy

4. Havana Beach

Vapor Fi Moraccan Gold I didn’t think much of Vapor Fi when I tried their standard e-liquid for the first time, but my opinion changed when their higher-end “Grand Reserve” line was launched. They have a couple unique and tasty options, but Havana Beach (formerly Moraccan Gold) is the only complex tobacco blend; and boy was it a surprise! Even though tobacco flavors aren’t always my thing, this one was truly enjoyable with the perfect amount of mild tobacco, caramel and a hint of coconut. From Vapor Fi:

VaporFi’s Grand Reserve captures the relaxation of the Cuban shore with Havana Beach. This juice begins with a smooth mild tobacco dancing elegantly alongside a creamy caramel front note. While you take in the aromatic and flavorful inhale, imagine a coconut falling from a tree filling out the flavor body.

5. Soho (by NicQuid)

Nicquid Soho Tobacco E-Liquid NicQuid’s SOHO is another RY4-type flavor, but with a slightly nuttier, roasted feel. It doesn’t have quite as much caramel as the other RY4’s I’ve listed so far and the vanilla is barely noticeable, providing a soft, creamy and nutty vape. It almost tastes like hazelnut, with a mild tobacco undertone that works perfectly for me. One NicQuid reviewer had this to say:

I am not normally a tobacco flavor fan, but I love this flavor! Slightly sweet, nutty and creamy, this is a fantastic flavor for everyone, tobacco flavor fan or not. Yum!

* Available online at: NicQuid

Tobacco E-Liquid Honorable Mentions:

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a full blown expert on tobacco-flavored e-juice, I’ve experimented with plenty of different companies and have formed some strong personal preferences over time. Here are some honorable mentions that didn’t make my Top 5 tobacco e-liquid list:

  • Eclipse (Space Jam) – Not my absolute fav, but a nice combo of cavendish tobacco and sweet vanilla custard. Earthy, creamy and moderately sweet.
    Available online at: Direct Vapor, Vapor DNA
  • Fillmore (Frisco Vapor) – Aged tobacco blend with notes of peanut butter, bananas and honey. A perfect combination of flavors.
    Available online at:
  • GwaRy4 (Mt. Baker Vapor) – One of the better RY4 e-juice flavors I’ve tried, Mt. Baker’s version is a flavor-filled combo of tobacco, vanilla and caramel.
    Available online at: Mt. Baker Vapor
  • Jon Wayne (Uncle Junk’s) – Yet another RY4 flavor with tobacco, vanilla, caramel and maybe a bit of honey or brown sugar. It’s tough to nail down the subtle differences, but this one is good.
    Available online at:, Vapor Beast
  • Prime 15 (Halo) – My second favorite tobacco e-juice from Halo. Not as sweet as Tribeca (above), but closer to a traditional cigarette with just a hint of dry, subtle sweetness at the very end.
    Available online at: Vapor Kings
  • Tobacco D’Oro (CRFT) – Smooth and delicious combination of tobacco with hazelnut and vanilla cream. Reminiscent of a flavorful cup of hazelnut coffee – minus the coffee of course. Perfect in the morning!
    Available online at:
  • Tripoli (Charlie Noble) – A unique and flavorful mix of Turkish tobacco, figs, almonds and spices. Tripoli is a complex blend of earthy ingredients with a soft, nutty sweetness. Well-balanced and smooth…
    Available online at:, LiteCigUSA

Well it’s obvious that I enjoy tobacco flavors with sweet, subtle nuances. What are your favorite tobacco e-juice flavors? Please share in the comments below:

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  1. Avatar Aldo Belli says:

    Another tobacco ejuice that should absolutely be on your list is Candied Cavendish from The Plume Room.
    It has a VERY REAL cavendish flavor with just the right amount of sweetness to make it an all day vape.
    Give it a try, I know you won’t be disappointed.

    Another very good tobacco ejuice is Sunset Cavendish from Hurricane Vapor out of Miami Florida.

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