Best Fruit Flavored E-Juice / Fruity E-Liquid: Vape Reviews

Top 10 Best Fruit-Flavored E-Juice E-juice is typically organized into one of four major flavor categories: tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert varieties. If you’re anything like me and have a decent amount of experience with vaping, you’ve undoubtedly moved beyond the traditional tobacco and menthol blends into rich, flavorful desserts and sweet fruit-flavored e-liquid.Although desserts are certainly delicious, fruit-flavored e-juice is by far my favorite! Almost every e-juice company offers basic options such as strawberry, banana and grape, but the real standouts are the complex blends that combine multiple fruits with other ingredients.

These are my top picks for the best fruit-flavored e-juice:

* These are some of my favorite fruit flavors, although I tried to avoid creamy fruits that lean towards the dessert side. Free free to share yours below.

Some of The Best Fruity E juice / Vape Juice Options

1. Lava Flow (by Naked 100)

Naked 100 Lava Flow E-Juice Let me say this first, Naked 100 has some of the best fruit-flavored e-juice on the market, so picking a out favorite certainly wasn’t easy. Hawaiian Pog is an tasty tropical fruit option; Berry Belts is an outstanding fruit berry candy; and Amazing Mango is a pretty amazing option too. But if I had to pick, I’d say Lava Flow is my favorite option overall. Lava Flow in another tropical inspired blend that combines fresh strawberries with coconut and pineapple. It has smooth, natural strawberry flavor on the inhale, followed by a mix of sweet pineapple layered with coconut on exhale. Not overly sweet like a candy… it’s just right in the sweetness department. Tastes like a strawberry pina colada! Unfortunately it’s only available in 60ml bottles, but it’s priced right inline with most premium 30ml bottles.

He’s what one reviewer had to say on

Incredible! Naked 100’s Lava Flow is one of the best fruit vapes I have tasted to date. Strawberry on the inhale with the pineapple on the back end followed by a creamy blend of strawberry, pineapple and coconut on the exhale. Perfectly blended where you get all three flavors with the right amount of sweetness. I love the the fact that all of the fruit flavors are natural tasting as opposed to candied. Without a doubt, this an ADV for the summer.

* Available at: Breazy, Eight Vape, EJC

2. Astro (by Space Jam)

Space Jam Astro E-Juice Space Jam’s Astro is a fruity combination of green apple, strawberries and peach, and definitely one of my all-time favorite fruit flavored e-liquids. It’s extremely well-balanced with just the right amount of tart and sweetness, making it an especially delicious all-day-vape. Unfortunately, every time I grab a bottle…. I rip through it within just a few days! Subtle sour apple upon inhale, with a crisp, sweet strawberry exhale and just a hint of peach. A super tasty and well-balanced mix of fruits.

An Astro fan on had this to say about it:

Astro is the best flavor in the world, in my opinion, and I have tried hundreds of flavors over the years. It is my #1 juice and the one I always go back to when I get tired of the rest. I have recommended it to many people and all of them have said that it’s one of their favorites. Buy it, like today!

* Available at: Vapor4Life, Vapor DNA

3. Mystery (by Air Factory)

Air Factory Mystery Fruit Flavor I’m constantly experimenting with new flavors, and Air Factory’s Mystery is no longer a mystery! Added to this list on 11/15/17, it’s one of the newest fruity e-liquids that I’ve tried and it certainly deserves some recognition. Air Factory specializes in taffy-inspired e-juice flavors, and even though it leans towards the candy side, Mystery is super fruity and delicious! Unlike their other taffy flavors, the mystery lies in which fruits are included. I can’t say for sure, but there are noticeable berry notes mixed in with other fruits and smooth, creamy taffy. It’s really good; available in large 100ml gorilla bottles. Also consider Air Factory Blue Razz and Strawberry Kiwi.

This is how Air Factory describes their Mystery flavor:

Air Factory Mystery introduces a pink taffy flavor that is as mysterious as it is delicious. Break out your magnifying glass and your Sherlock Holmes cap…it’s time to decipher just how elusively good this flavor really is!

* Available at: Breazy, EJC

4. Chameleon (by JVapes)

JVapes Chameleon Flavor After testing out a bunch of their e-liquid, it’s really hard to choose just one JVapes fruit flavor for my Top 10. They may not be the most well-known e-juice company, but we recently completed a full JVapes review, and I have to say… JVapes has some outstanding fruit flavored options! If I had to choose, I’d say Chameleon is my overall favorite; a melon-inspired flavor anchored by honeydew, with some cantaloupe and maybe a bit of watermelon. It’s described as “changing with every puff,” but all I can say is it’s REALLY GOOD! Sweet, flavorful and smooth.

You definitely want to checkout Yellow Submarine and Furry Wall as well 😉

Have you ever tried an ejuice that changes flavors with every puff? Jvapes Chameleon is a hand crafted delicious blend of melons! If you’re interested in this juice we recommend that you buy a big bottle because you will love it!

* Available online at: JVapes

5. Reds Apple (by 7 Daze)

Reds Apple E-Juice by 7 Daze OK… so I’m normally not a fan of apple-flavored e-liquid, but Reds Apple e-juice is one exception. It seems like most apple flavors are overly sweet or artificial, or they’re the apple cinnamon dessert types that are too rich and complex for me. Reds Apple by 7 Daze is super smooth and refreshing, just like a tasty glass of apple juice! It’s mildly sweet upon inhale and apple-y fresh on exhale. Who says an e-juice has to be complicated to to be enjoyable? Reds Apple may be simple, but it’s done extremely well. They also have an “iced” menthol version, along with Grape and Grape Ice.

7 Daze introduces Reds Apple, a crisp, sweet red apple flavor reminiscent of your favorite boxed apple juice. Locked inside is a crisp and juicy red apple. This e-liquid is ripe and ready to vape any time of the year!

* Available at: Breazy, EJC, Vapor DNA

6. XXX (by The Sauce LA)

The Sauce LA XXX Flavor Added on 5/30/17, XXX by The Sauce LA has become one my new favorite fruity e-juice flavors for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s super tasty and sweet! Described as tangerine and strawberry with notes of kiwi and lime, it’s certainly refreshing vape with a nice citrus-y kick. The tangerine is probably the most dominant flavor, but it’s complimented perfectly by strawberry and hints of tangy goodness. A great mashup of refreshing fruits! Starting at $9.99 for 30ml, you can’t beat the price, and it’s also available in 60ml and 120ml bottles if you’d like to save even more.

This flavor is certainly on the sweeter side; if you’d like a more toned-down, fruity option, I’d highly recommend The Sauce LA’s Model Tea.

Tangerine and strawberry vapor juice, with unforgettable notes of kiwi and lime. XXX is the ultimate summer flavor! The best fruity vape juice for all day vape.

* Available online at: The Sauce LA

7. Kryptonite (by Cosmic Fog)

Cosmic Fog Kryptonite Like Superman, you may just find yourself helpless against the force of Kryptonite! This irresistible, melony sweet vape is tough to put down and is just one of the flavors that put Cosmic Fog on the map. Kryptonite has a cool, refreshing watermelon inhale that finishes off smooth and deliciously sweet. It definitely leans towards the candy side, but it isn’t so loaded with sweetness that it’s harsh or overpowering. Think of Watermelon Bubbalicious Gum. Here’s the description from Cosmic Fog:

A vape that you couldn’t put down to save your life, Kryptonite is true to it’s name. A sweet and refreshing blend of cool melon paired with your favorite candy, makes for a bottle of juice that you’ll finish as fast as a speeding bullet.

* Available at: Vapor4Life

8. Fruit Whip (by Kilo Liquids)

Kilo Fruit Whip E-Liquid I was trying to avoid creamy fruit flavors since they could probably be separated into a different category, but I couldn’t resist adding Kilo’s Fruit Whip to my Top 10 List. Actually, Kilo’s Dewberry Cream is just as good (if not better), but I’ve already mentioned a few melon flavors and Fruit Whip includes the same creamy base with a medley of fruits. A fusion of berries, pears, apples and tropical notes, it’s super tasty and seems to constantly change. At times I get more apple, other times more berry… but the subtle creamy base compliments it perfectly the whole time! So good.

Here’s a short and sweet review from

I love kilo liquids and this is one of my favorites right behind dewberry creme. A must try if you like fruity flavors with a hint of creme.

* Available online at: Breazy, Vapor DNA

9. Gwar Bloodbath (by Mt. Baker Vapor)

Gwar Bloodbath E-Liquid Gwar is a premium new line of e-liquid from Mt. Baker Vapor and Bloodbath is definitely my favorite of the bunch, followed in a close second by Spew. Bloodbath is powerful fruit punch blend, comparable to Fuzion Vapor’s Unicorn’s Blood, consisting of strong cherry and various berry undertones. This rich, fruit-flavored e-juice is extremely sweet and flavorful, just like traditional Red Hawaiian Punch. There’s only one problem with Bloodbath according to this Mt. Baker Vapor customer:

I hate this fluid. Every time I purchase it, it disappears fast and I need to buy more. I cannot tell you how much of an awesome problem this is…

* Available online at: Mt. Baker Vapor

10. Strawberry Fuzz (by NicQuid)

NicQuid Strawberry Fuzz I love me some Strawberry Fuzz! My favorite NicQuid flavor and one of the best fruit-flavored e-juices on the market. As the name suggests, it’s a nicely balanced mix of strawberries and peach; and even though it’s not quite as complex or “layered” as some of the other e-juice flavors on this list, it’s just as tasty and highly addictive. I’ve tried other strawberry / peach combos, but none of them are quite as good as NicQuid’s Strawberry Fuzz. Sweet, ripe strawberry on inhale with a subtly, smooth peach aftertaste. Mmm… mmm… good! From NicQuid:

The perfect marriage of ripe juicy strawberries, peaches and awesomeness can be found in Strawberry Fuzz! It is a tornado for the senses and won’t disappoint.

* Available online at: NicQuid

Best Fruit Flavored E-Liquids: Honorable Mentions

With so many delicious fruit-flavored e-juices to choose from, here are a couple other tasty options that are definitely worth considering:

  • Bettie White (Uncle Junks) – A refreshing blend of pomegranate and candy apple. Just like the famous actress, this e-juice never gets old!
    Available online at: Breazy, Vapor DNA
  • Heisenberg (Innevape) – Heisenberg (from Breaking Bad acclaim) is a tasty combination of blueberry and other fruits. Tastes just like a blue slushie!
    Available online at: Breazy
  • Hobbes Blood (The Vapor Chef) – Watermelon, strawberry and subtle hints of coconut. A smooth and refreshing fruity treat.
    Available online at: The Vapor Chef
  • Juicy Fruit (Vapor Fi) – Similar to Hobbes Blood (above), Juicy Fruit is an outstanding combination of strawberry and watermelon – minus the coconut. Just as refreshing and especially sweet.
    Available online at: Vapor Fi
  • Jungle (Freeman Vape Juice) – A delicious blend of strawberry, kiwi and banana. There are plenty of strawberry banana flavors out there, but this is one of the best! Use coupon “CIGBUYER50” to save 50%
    Available online at: Freeman Vape Juice
  • Mother’s Milk (Suicide Bunny) – This is more of a dessert flavor but it’s one of my favorites. Strawberry in a creamy custard base – DELICIOUS!
    Available online at: Breazy, Vapor DNA
  • Organic Wild Blue Punch (Virgin Vapor) – A nice mix of blueberry with subtle hints of watermelon in a fruit punch base. Perfect for the summer.
    Available online at: Virgin Vapor
  • Snake Oil (Seduce Juice) – One of the first e-juice flavors to truly blow me away! Snake Oil has a subtle cream base with mildly sweet pear and just a hint of coconut. A tasty ADV that you definitely need to try…
  • Spew (Gwar / MBV) – A rich and flavorful blend of melon with mixed fruits and berries. A new premium e-juice from Mt. Baker Vapor’s Gwar line.
    Available online at: Mt. Baker Vapor
  • Unicorn’s Blood (Fuzion Vapor) – Like Gwar’s Bloodbath (above), Unicorn’s Blood is a sweet and flavorful mix of fruits, similar to Hawaiian Punch.
    Available online at: Vapor DNA

This is just a small list of my personal favorites – although there are certainly other fruit flavors I enjoy. What’s your favorite fruit-flavored e-juice?

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18 Responses

  1. Avatar Jim Patrick says:

    How long did you let Astro steep for
    Thank you
    Jim Patrick

  2. Jeremy Salter Jeremy Salter says:

    I’m usually too impatient to let my e-juice steep… lol! I give most e-juice a try within the first 24 hours, then come back a week or two later if it doesn’t taste right. Astro was great right out of the bottle. Of course, it could have been sitting on the suppliers shelf for several weeks before I received it, so not sure how long it was truly steeped. I’d say give it at least a week just to be safe 😉

  3. Avatar Thanatopsis says:

    I just picked up The Vial Sweet Fragaria Pasteque, it’s a strawberry/watermelon flavour. I’m new to vaping and this is the first non-tobacco flavour I’ve had but sampled plenty in the store before buying it. I definitely recommend it.

  4. Avatar Joshua says:

    Azure by Hermetic Steam! tastes like blueberry pie filling.

  5. Avatar Michelle says:

    My ultimate favorite is vapegoon’s orgasm. It’s an addicting kind of sweet fruits. A sweet Mangosteen with Lychee flavor. It’s very flavorful and doesn’t fade. Everytime I taste it it’s like the first time. Like some juices I never get tired of it.

  6. Avatar Dawn says:

    I am looking for a fantastic Peach. Please give me ideas.

  7. Avatar RaiderRick says:

    Pinkman by Savage is my all-time favorite flavor. It’s Strawberry-Peach concoction that I came across on accident and I usually get tired of flavors , or used to them where my palate desires change rather quickly. With Pinkman, I can vape this alone for weeks on end.

  8. Avatar Patrick Buckner says:

    I was saddened, that Poseidon by Cyclops Vapes was not on that list. They have some of the best fruit juices on the market, in my opinion!.

  9. Avatar Max says:

    I vape about 2 years, try already hundreds juices, but only one i never have enough. Gamucci rainbow colours. Still tryin new flavours, but always back for rainbow colours.

  10. Avatar Jayme Lea says:

    I’m looking for a key lime pie flavor…. Not too sweet… I want to taste the lime but not too tart… Something I can vape all day….

  11. Avatar Colette wragg says:

    Pin up…Betty…is my all time.favorite…a great sweet taste…never get tired of this one

  12. Avatar April says:

    Black labels Smurfette is the best! I’ve been vaping for like 10 years & i cant find anything else that even compares. I never get tired of it, it’s so good & fruity.
    I’ve also found that Naked’s Melon mixed half & half with it is pretty amazing as well. Im a heavy hitter, so i try to find other flavors to mix it with because i go through 120 mls of smurfette in a week. But it’s hard to find one that stands up to it. I will never NOT vape it!

    • Avatar Amie says:

      I’m fairly new to vaping and always looking for new fruity flavors to try. I’d like to try the smurfette flavor you recommended but I can’t seem to find it. Is the brand called “Black Label”? Or do you know a website that currently sells this infamous smurfette e-juice?

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