Strong, Stronger, Strongest: The Best Fruity Menthol E Juice / E Liquid Reviews

Best Menthol E-Juice / Top Flavors People seem to either love or hate menthol flavors. It’s safe to assume that if you preferred smoking menthol cigarettes, you probably enjoy menthol flavored e-juice.

But even if you never enjoyed menthol in the past, there are huge variety of menthol blends designed for almost every taste. Maybe you’d prefer a harsh menthol e-liquid that’s as cold as ice; or maybe you’d rather have one that’s toned down and smooth.

Not only can you find pure menthol flavors that cover every end of the spectrum, but some flavors combine fruits, creams and other unique ingredients.

Since I tend to enjoy them all, I’ve gathered a list of my top menthol e-juice flavors and broke them down by category: Strong, Smooth and Sweet.

Strongest Menthol E Liquid Options

If you’re looking for a pure, unaltered menthol e-liquid that’s supercharged with minty flavoring, these are the best flavors that I’ve found:

1. Subzero (by Halo)

Halo Subzero E-Liquid Halo is definitely known for their unique and tasty tobacco blends, but their menthol e-juice is just as impressive. Halo offers a few different options, but Subzero is definitely the strongest, most in-your-face selection. They claim it has “three times the cool mint effect” as their other menthol varieties, so it’s definitely strong and provides quite an impressive throat hit. No tobacco, just strong minty goodness that mixes well with others. One Halo customer described it like this:

This is my go-to, every day, anytime flavor! I’ve tried many different menthol flavors, but SubZero is by far the best menthol e-liquid out there. Most other e-liquids I’ve tried cut the menthol with tobacco or other ingredients, the flavors are too sweet – or they’re just not strong enough. Not SubZero! It’s straight-up cool, minty freshness! Like vaping on pure Altoids essence.

* Available online at: Vapor DNA

2. Extreme Ice (by Mt. Baker Vapor)

Mt. Baker Vapor Extreme Ice Extreme Ice is Mt. Baker Vapor’s version of Subzero. Although Subzero tastes a bit more smooth to me, Extreme ice is a nice alternative that you can fine tune by adjusting the PG/VG level or adding extra flavor shots. It’s quite a bit cheaper, but it may take some experimentation to get the perfect blend to match your tastes. I prefer 50/50 PG/VG with two extra flavor shots – and don’t forget to let it steep! MBV mixes each batch fresh, so 2-3 weeks of steeping may be necessary to get that strong minty flavor that you’re craving. From a customer at Mt. Baker Vapor:

I was a menthol smoker for 41 years and wanted to quit smoking. This was the juice that finally helped me quit! It’s a wonderful all day vape, although I like adding in some pineapple for a little extra sweetness. I add it to almost all the juices I try, and I have one tank with just Extreme Ice. It’s my go-to, never-fail perfect vape!

* Available online at: Mt. Baker Vapor

3. Menthol Freeze (by Vapor Fi)

Vapor Fi Menthol Freeze E-Liquid I’m not a fan of many Vapor Fi flavors, but Menthol Freeze is definitely one that I’d recommend to menthol lovers. Like my previous suggestions, it mixes well with other flavors, and if you’re currently smoking menthol cigarettes it’s an outstanding replacement. It’s moderately priced, is available at 50/50 or 70/30 VG/PG, and like Mt. Baker you can add extra flavor shots to give it that extra “freeze”. I prefer a double shot at 50/50. Here’s a review from the Vapor Fi website:

I’ve tried many menthol flavors and this is by far the best. For the true menthol smoker, this is the liquid that I’d recommend. I’ve vaped it on its own, and mixed, and it provides a perfectly cool blast to your face! It’s tastier, healthier, and smoother than a menthol cigarette, and it’s by far my top menthol flavor pick.

* Available online at: Vapor

The Best Smooth & Strong Menthol Vape Juice

If you’re looking something more toned down, but still minty and fresh, these e-juice flavors have plenty of menthol, but with subtle undertones of tobacco and other ingredients to soften things up and make them more complex.

1. Solo (by Black Note)

Black Note Solo Menthol E-Juice Let me start out by saying Black Note is not cheap! At $29 per 30ml, it’s by far the most expensive e-liquid on this list. Why so pricey? Black Note is one of the only e-juice companies that uses natural extracts from real mint and tobacco leaves. Solo is their one-and-only menthol variety, but it’s by far the most authentic tasting menthol flavor I’ve ever tried. It’s not quite as strong as the other options I’ve suggested, but it’s by no means weak either. It combines natural menthol extract with real Virginia tobacco, which softens it up and provides the perfect throat hit – just like a menthol cigarette! From a Solo review at Black Note:

Finally the search is over. It’s simply the best menthol e-juice out there! For anyone looking for a true menthol cigarette taste, Solo is it. An outstanding authentic blend, it’s not an “ice” like other menthol flavors where it tastes like you’re vaping a handful of mints. Feels like smoking a real cigarette without the stink and ash.

* Available online at: Black Note

2. Menthol V (by Halo)

Halo Menthol V Liquid As I mentioned earlier, Halo has a great selection of menthol e-juice flavors, but Menthol V is one of the more unique options. If you’d prefer a traditional tobacco menthol, their Mystic e-liquid may be the best choice, but Menthol V is a bit more interesting with peppermint and eucalyptus mixed in. It’s described as a hybrid tobacco blend, and it’s certainly complex with a bit of subtle sweetness. It seems to hit all of your senses, with a mild cooling effect combined with earthy tobacco tones and a hint of sugary peppermint. Very tasty! A Menthol V fan had this to say:

I love this liquid! At first, the cool burst of menthol and eucalyptus was very dominant and cooling, but over a few short hours, I started noticing subtle tones of delicate sweetness in the vapor and a peppermint exhale and aftertaste. This juice makes my mouth water, unlike some other flavors that seem to dry it out. This an interesting hybrid blend, because it isn’t completely menthol, yet it reminds me of a menthol cigarette. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a refreshing liquid that isn’t completely a menthol, or completely a tobacco.

3. Smoothol (by Nicquid)

Nicquid Smoothol E-Juice Described as a “creamy, sweet, cool, and strong mint/menthol,” Smoothol is a nice mix of mint and menthol flavors with a subtly sweet undertone. It doesn’t have any tobacco mixed in, but it does provide a cooling effect similar to a real cigarette. The creamy sweetness is barely noticeable, but it softens it up just enough so that the menthol is not so in your face. Nicely balanced mix that goes down smooth; perfect by itself or mixed with other flavors. Here’s a review from

I am menthol crazy! I absolutely love this flavor, cool, almost creamy. It has a finish as if you’d just brushed your teeth; it’s that fresh! The aftertaste vanishes quickly; inviting you to the next draw. Very smooth. I absolutely love this flavor and will be ordering more soon! One of the best menthol flavors I have tried.

* Available online at: Nicquid

The Best Fruit / Fruity Menthol E Juice

OK… this is where things really get interesting! Don’t get me wrong, I still love traditional menthol flavors, but more often than not I’m craving fruits or other sweet flavors mixed in. There are plenty of options out there (and sometimes I even create my own), but these are some of my favorite sweet menthol blends:

1. Thug Juice (by Mt. Baker Vapor)

Mt. Baker Vapor Thug Juice Undoubtedly one of the most popular fruit / menthol flavors on the market, Thug Juice is one of several unique menthol blends from Mt. Baker Vapor. With the perfect amount of watermelon, grape and menthol, it’s definitely on the sweeter side, but it has plenty of menthol and it’s so smooth and refreshing that I always seem to come back for more! Thug Juice is my absolute favorite from Mt. Baker Vapor, but you might also want to try Hawk Sauce (blueberry/raspberry menthol) and Black Ice (blackberry menthol). One Thug Juice customer had this to say:

Didn’t think I’d enjoy a fruit menthol e-juice, but I decided to give Thug Juice a try after reading some reviews. I got it, steeped it for 2 weeks and wow! I’m a believer! I taste mostly grape with a hint of watermelon and a nice menthol throughout. It’s quite tasty with 1 extra flavor shot, and while I believe it can be vaped straight from the mail, it gets much better with a few weeks of steeping.

* Available online at: Mt. Baker Vapor

2. Menthol Series (by Naked 100)

naked-100-menthol-eliquid Naked 100 has made a big name for itself in the e-juice industry. The company is primarily known for its outstanding fruit flavors, but the Naked 100 Menthol Series has, without a doubt, some of the best fruity menthol options on the market. Brain Freeze (menthol with kiwi, pomegranate and strawberry) is my absolute favorite, but I don’t want to leave out the others since everyone’s preferences will vary. You can also consider Frost Bite (menthol with pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew) or Very Cool (menthol with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries).

Manufactured by The Schwartz E-Liquid, the cooling taste of Naked 100’s fruity menthol flavors provide the perfect amount of fruity bliss with a non-overbearing menthol kick. Enjoy these refreshing fruit medleys with a dash of menthol in a 60ml bottle at an unbeatable price.

* Available online at: Breazy, Vapor DNA

3. Malibu (by Halo)

Halo Malibu Menthol OK… here comes my third (and final) Halo recommendation. Believe it or not, I tried to mix things up and include a variety of different companies, but Halo does menthol e-liquid extremely well and I had to include Malibu! It’s definitely one of their sweeter options, but nowhere as sweet as Thug Juice (above). Described as a “frozen Piña Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper,” it’s perfectly balanced and smooth with subtly sweet pineapple, hints of coconut and smooth menthol. A unique, tropical blend you’re sure to enjoy. From one Malibu fan:

This flavor is one of the most unique flavors I have ever tried. The entire experience reverberates tropical tones and makes your palate believe that you are tasting a fresh pina colada. It starts off with fresh pineapple, followed by hints of coconut and citrus, combined with a subtle menthol undertone. I’ve tried many tropical blends, and this one is by far THE ABSOLUTE BEST. It’s just fruity enough to be sweet, with a perfectly light cooling effect from the menthol.

4. Mint Berry (by JVapes)

JVapes Mint Berry Flavor JVapes isn’t quite as well known as some of the other companies I’ve listed so far, but they’re certainly one of our favorites here at As the name implies, Mint Berry is a unique blend of berries and mint, and it’s just as good (if not better!) than some of the more popular fruity menthol e-juice flavors out there. Upon inhale it’s wonderful berry medley with just the right amount of tangy sweetness, followed by a refreshingly cool minty aftertaste that makes this flavor true to its namesake. A nicely balanced combination of fruits and menthol, without being overly sweet or too menthol-y. Here’s the description from the JVapes website:

Refreshing mint energizes a lusciously juicy combination of berries in Mint Berry E-Liquid by Jvapes. Several varieties of sweet, succulent berries are immersed in a dose of crisp, cool mint to create a lively mingling of pure zeal.

* Available online at: JVapes

So what do you consider the best menthol e-liquid flavors? Feel free to share your favorites in the comments section below.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar avietnamvet says:

    Nice review! I have been a menthol smoker for decades (Kools and Newport). After quitting cigarettes 3+ years ago and never looking back, I switched to vaping. I stayed with my ever familiar menthol flavors. I use a lot of Halo primarily for the same reasons as your great review points out about these products. Menthol is not a preferred taste for many vapors but the idea of vaping a doughnut, or cream pie flavored ejuice makes me sick. I don’t smoke candy! There are some sites advertised on Cheap Vaping that offer 120ml of ejuice for cheap! What’s up with that? Any good? So cheap it makes me wonder how good it is and where it’s make. I don’t vape anything from China only the USA!
    I wish more ejuice vendors would expand their menthol lines because at this point Halo has them all beat but their prices are at the top of the ejuice bubble. Buying 3-30ml bottles from Halo gets very expensive very quick and I just cannot afford to stock up and buy a wider variety of menthol flavors.

    Looking for a cheaper alternative without compromising quality.
    I think it may be time to begin mixing my own menthol blends. Halo needs to cut their prices and Solo at $29 is ridiculous whether they use real tobacco or not, it’s just an excuse to charge more. The main thing I hear and read about Solo is the high cost.

    Nice labels, real tobacco, but too pricey for a regular vape ejuice. Good review though, thanks!!

    • Avatar William Bolyard says:

      Try vape wild ! Wide variety! I’m an ex menthol smoker. They have a Newport flavored e juice that hits the spot;) They also include a free bottle & mystery flavor of the month!

  2. Avatar Buff says:

    Hahahahahahaaahaaaaa you need to review Arctic Wolf by Vapor God. Beats Halo hands down. Absolutely the most powerful menthol out there.

  3. Avatar J Kiss says:

    Hey brother, this might be a little late. But I used to work at a local vape shop and the only thing I enjoyed vaping on was mint and menthol, not strong menthol. If you get a chance look for Seduce Juice White Walker. It’s what you’re looking for, it’s a blend of 5 different mints and menthol. Only problem is, it’s 20 dollars for just a 60 ml. It’s worth it, bit on my quest to find something cheaper, I found a flavor that’s very similar and much cheaper. It’s from one of those cheaper ejuice vendors called Budget Vapes. In their Chillerz line is a flavor called Kringle, and it’s a Mint and Menthol flavor. It’s not burn your lungs menthol and has a sweet minty taste. But here’s the best Part, It’s 10-12 dollars for a 120ml and it’s made in the US, and you can always find coupon codes to take up to 15-20 percent off at times. If anyone can think of a cheaper flavor like White Walker, please let me know!

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