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So you want to toss the cancer stick for good, but you find this whole vaping thing overly complex and aren’t sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. At Cig Buyer, we’re committed to keeping things simple.

Read on to stay updated with the latest vaping information, buyer guides, reviews and product suggestions. Whether you are new to vaping or you’re an experienced cloud chaser you’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Quitting smoking must’ve been hard enough; it doesn’t need to get any harder than that. We’ll try and keep this transition smooth and simple.

Choosing the right devices and understanding how they work is your first step. Researching, experimenting and finding what works for you is the second. We’ll help you to do just that.

E-Cigarette Deals and Buyer Guides

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Willpower is the name of the game when it comes to quitting tobacco; pair that with right e-cigarette and you’ll be smoke-free in a matter of weeks.

Enjoying your vaping experience is really important part of making the switch; having access to a reliable source of information like ours will help you get there faster!

Before you begin browsing our website for a starter vape kit or something more advanced, these vaping guides are worth reading.

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We’ve come across many first-time vapers who’ve given up on their devices way too early, only to find out that it wasn’t vaping that they weren’t enjoying, it was the device. Seriously, there’s a lot of trash devices out there, given how new vaping is.

Allow us to save you the time and trouble with the help of some of the best vaping content on the internet!

Whether you know all there is to know about vaping, or simply want to get the ideal vaping products for your needs, then this are a great place to begin.

We’ve broken these down into categories so that you can sort through for e liquids or devices. We encourage you to read up on each product before you buy.

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At, we believe that an educated decision is the absolute best decision. Not only do we provide detailed product information and ratings, but we’ve gathered a wide range of tools and information to assist you.

If you’re looking for the top e-cigs at the competitive prices, your search ends right here! We’ve got some of the best mod deals and reviews on the web!