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E-Cig Fires & Vape Explosions: Causes / Prevention -
Stories about e-cig fires and vape explosions have been making headlines for years. Every few months or so a new story hits the airwaves warning people about the...
Cancer Rates Continue to Drop While Vaping is On The Rise -
Cancer rates in the United States have been dropping for the past 30 years. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that the overall death rate has dropped 25%...
Marlboro Manufacturer Philip Morris is Attempting to Kick Tobacco -
A recent announcement by Philip Morris International has many people scratching their heads. They made a surprising New Year’s resolution this week, suggesting that they would like to kick...

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  • Freeman Vape Juice Review

    Freeman Vape Juice Review

    Founded in 2017, Freeman Vape Juice is one of the newest e-liquid companies to hit the market. They’re focused on creating flavorful, high-quality e-juice… and they offer it...Read More »
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  • Vape Wild E-Juice Review

    Vape Wild E-Juice Review

    Known for their fast shipping and extremely affordable prices, Vape Wild has quickly made a name for itself …
  • Cuttwood E-Juice Review

    Cuttwood E-Juice Review

    Cuttwood, also referred to as “The Sauce Boss,” is a premium e-juice maker with a small collection of …
  • Suicide Bunny E-Juice Review

    Suicide Bunny E-Juice Review

    When it comes to catchy marketing, no one does it like Suicide Bunny. The founder, Pip Gresham, is …
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