About CigBuyer.com

About Cig Buyer.com

Electronic cigarettes have changed the way people think about smoking. Studies suggest that they’re much safer than tobacco – and they may even help you quit!

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with inaccurate, biased or misleading information and it can be difficult to find straightforward advice. At CigBuyer.com, we gather all the facts, share honest opinions and let our visitors do the talking… a one-stop resource you can trust!

At CigBuyer.com, we share in-depth e-cig and juice reviews, industry updates, and useful tips and advice about vaping. Yes… we do get compensated by some of the companies featured on our website, but our goal is not to push or persuade you towards any particular company(s) or product(s). Our goal is to provide honest and straightforward advice so you can make a well-informed decision.

In addition, we’re constantly scouring the Internet to find all the best vaping deals. With hundreds of products and dozens of different suppliers to choose from, finding the lowest prices – from the most reputable vendors – is our main concern. Visit our website (or join our newsletter) for special sales and discounts.

More About Us

CigBuyer.com was developed by a small team of passionate electronic cigarette users (or ‘vapers’) that were frustrated by the lack of complete and unbiased information about e-cigs. Our goal was to create a one-stop resource for everything vaping-related. Although we love to share our knowledge and expertise, the real value lies in the opinions of others. We encourage you to interact and share your feedback! At CigBuyer.com, we value our visitor’s input.

Meet the Members of Our Team:

j-salter Jeremy Salter – Founder / Writer / Editor

Jeremy discovered electronic cigarettes in 2011 after 20+ years of smoking. It was a slow and difficult transition, but he eventually gave up analogs and fell in love with the world of vaping. After experimenting with numerous products and feeling discouraged by the lack of information and resources, he developed CigBuyer.com to help other smokers who were struggling to quit. Jeremy is a passionate industry advocate, contributing to our website and interacting with vaping enthusiasts around the Web.

v-salias Vanessa Salias – Contributor / Female Voice

Vanessa hasn’t been vaping long – but she sure knows her stuff! After a 15 year battle with cigarettes, she kicked the habit in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Vanessa is passionate about vaping, loves to educate (and entertain) visitors and brings a female perspective to the team. She assists with reviews, provides personal feedback and is a regular contributor to our blog.

c-arthur Christopher Arthur – Contributor / Tech Guru

Chris is a jack-of-all-trades and does a lot of the behind the scenes work at CigBuyer.com. He helps manage the website, assists with reviews, tests out products and occasionally contributes to our blog. Another 20+ year smoker who had a difficult time kicking the habit, he’s been vaping for over a year and is extremely passionate about e-cigarettes.

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