Suicide Bunny E-Juice Review

Suicide Bunny E-Juice Review When it comes to catchy marketing, no one does it like Suicide Bunny.

The founder, Pip Gresham, is sort of a vaping celebrity, and their sexy, tattoo styled branding is unique and attention grabbing. Suicide Bunny e-juice is extremely popular.

But is it just an over-hyped “craft” e-liquid with premium pricing? We don’t think so, at least when it comes to most of their flavors.

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About Suicide Bunny E-Liquid

Founded in 2013, Pip Gresham has taken the lead in pushing Suicide Bunny to the forefront of the vaping world. Surprisingly, she didn’t start developing e-juice because of her love for vaping.

Her original mission was to help her husband quit smoking, but that mission quickly expanded once she realized how many lives could be saved in this burgeoning new industry. Now she’s a regular at vape meets and major vapor events across the country.

With a focus on safety and quality, Suicide Bunny uses carefully-selected ingredients to create layered, complex products with smooth and rich flavor profiles.

Their line-up is somewhat limited, but the company is dedicated to creating ONLY THE BEST, and that often means that you’ll be sacrificing in the selection department. Their core Suicide Bunny e-liquid line comes in five unique flavors, and they also produce Kings Crown and The Cloud Company brands of e-juice.

Our Suicide Bunny Review

Long before this Suicide Bunny review, Mother’s Milk had been, in our opinion, the best strawberry milk e-juice flavor that each of us had enjoyed. But that was about the full extent of our experience with their products.

Undoubtedly their most popular flavor (and one of the more unique e-juice flavors on many people’s lists), we decided it was about time to test out their entire product line and share our opinions.

We purchased a sampler of all five flavors at 3mg, let them steep for 2 weeks and then all three members of our team vaped each one for at least a day.

Suicide Bunny E-Liquid Flavors

Here’s what we thought about the Suicide Bunny e-juice line…

Suicide Bunny E-Juice Flavors

DeRailed (3.5/5)

Described as a Snickerdoodle cookie mixed with banana, Derailed is a unique and tasty cookie flavor that was well-balanced, flavorful and smooth. It probably wouldn’t be our top choice from Suicide Bunny, but the creamy cookie base was nicely accented with banana and just a bit of subtle spiciness.

As far as complexity, we all picked up something a little bit different. It starts off almost like a banana pudding, followed by a more complex blend of caramelized banana, brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon. Some of us felt like the banana was more pronounced than others, but the cinnamon was subtle enough to make it pleasant for everyone.

Madrina (4.5/5)

Melons and cream? Yes please! Madrina is described as a creamy base mixed with “hints of melon” – but there was more than just a hint! Creamy subtle cantaloupe on inhale, followed by an explosion of honeydew and maybe a bit of watermelon on exhale.

You get the musky sweetness of the cantaloupe throughout, but the creaminess ties all of the flavors together perfectly. May not be the most complex Suicide Bunny e-juice flavor, but we all love melons – and we all loved Madrina.

Mother’s Milk (5/5)

The flavor that put Suicide Bunny on the map, people either absolutely love it – or feel let down. Mother’s Milk gets a lot of hype, so there are bound to be some people who feel disappointed with such a highly acclaimed product.

We definitely fall on the “LOVE IT” side, and it’s rich, creamy, custard-y flavor is hard to match. Probably more creamy than strawberry-y, it starts off really smooth with just a subtle hint of fruit, followed by more strawberries, vanilla and a touch of nutmeg. People often compare it to Strawberry Quick in milk, and that’s a pretty good comparison, although the the soft, spicy finish adds just a touch of class.

Suckerpunch (4/5)

Yet another creamy, fruit vape, Suckerpunch leans towards the tropical side with an underpinning of dragonfuit and maybe a bit of strawberry and pineapple. Another juice anchored by their signature cream base, it’s really hard to pinpoint individual fruit flavors since everything is blended together so well.

There was a tropical uniqueness created by the dragonfruit, but we each tasted something just a little bit different in terms of fruit. Either way, it was definitely smooth and creamy like all of Suicide Bunny’s flavors, with it’s own unique tropical flair.

The O.B. (3/5)

Short for the “Original Bunny,” it’s safe to say that The O.B. was the smooth, creamy base used to develop all of Suicide Bunny’s e-liquid flavors. Described as a “complex blend of rich, clean cream flavors”, it has a bit of cake flavoring mixed in – but it’s barely noticeable and we’d say it’s mostly a vanilla custard flavor.

It’s certainly pleasant, with just the right amount of subtle sweetness, but probably our least favorite option only because it lacks the complexity of their other flavors. If you’re into subtly sweet, ultra sultry vanilla custards, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Suicide Bunny: The Queen of Creamy Fruit Blends?

When it comes to creamy fruit blends, nobody does it like Suicide Bunny. Their products are smooth and flavorful, with an underlying richness that ties everything together perfectly.

The same signature cream base that was used to make Mother’s Milk so popular shined through in Madrina and Sucker Punch as well – and we loved all three!

In our opinion, The O.B. was the only mediocre flavor in the bunch because of it’s simplicity, but it would certainly mix well with others.

How About Other Flavors?

Unfortunately, if you’re not into smooth and creamy e-juice, Suicide Bunny is probably not the liquid company for you.

Their selections are extremely limited, and to top it off, their high VG (80/20 VG/PG) mixtures are not well-suited for first generation, low-ohm setups. Sub-ohm tanks and drippers are the preferred methods of delivery – if you want the best performance and flavor.

Price-wise, Suicide Bunny e-juice isn’t cheap. Does it live to the hype? We’ve purchased Mother’s Milk multiple times, if that says anything. And more than likely, this won’t be our last experience with a few of their other flavors.

Expert Flavor Feedback…

Vanessa Salias Mother’s Milk is one of the first “premium” flavors that I ever tried, and I’ve loved it ever since. There are other strawberry custards that I enjoy, but Mother’s Milk is the absolute best in my opinion. Even though it didn’t score well with everyone, I really liked Derailed, and I’d certainly purchase Madrina again. Love the creamy melon combo! I enjoyed Sucker Punch as well, but I’m not a huge fan of dragonfruit, so that’s the only reason it didn’t make the cut for me. – Vanessa May

ABOUT OUR REVIEWS: Since flavor preferences vary and depend on various factors, we use multiple members of our team to complete our e-juice reviews. This review was conducted by: Jeremy Salter, Vanessa Salias and Christopher Arthur.

Their feedback was gathered, combined and summarized on this page, but please keep in mind that this is the general opinion of our team and should be treated as such. Liquid performance varies depending on the device, and flavor preferences vary for each individual. We strongly suggest that you consider the feedback of others and experiment on your own.

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