Blu Cigs Review

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The largest and most well-known electronic cigarette brand in the world, Blu was purchased by Lorillard (maker of Newport and Kent) in 2012. Even prior to the take over Blu was known for quality and it's strong line of cigarette-like products. Smooth vapor and excellent flavor will satisfy most casual or light users, but they may not fit the bill for everyone, especially moderate to heavy smokers.

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  • Very attractive design
  • Nice portable charging case
  • Outstanding, US-made flavors
  • Small and lightweight
  • No propylene glycol


  • Battery life is lacking
  • Vapor production weakens quickly
  • Nicotine levels too low for heavy smokers
  • ‘Throat hit’ is unimpressive

More About Blu Cigs

Being one of the oldest and most established e-cig brands in the world, Blu Cigs was well-known in the vaping community long before the nationally syndicated TV ads featuring Stephen Dorff. Thanks to Lorillard, manufacturer of traditional cigarette brands such as Newport and Kent, big tobacco has it’s hands in the e-cigarette business and it’s taken Blu Cigs to the next level in terms of marketing and distribution.

With an enormous budget, national ad campaigns and established retail distribution channels, Blu Cigs is one of the only e-cig brands you’re likely to find in your local gas station or convenience store. For someone new to vaping or looking for their first cigarette replacement product, Blu is definitely a great place to start, and for casual users they may just fit the bill.

What Sets Blue Apart – Design!

One thing that really stands out about Blue Cigs is the sleek and attractive design. Adorned by the “Blu” logo which lights up as soon as you flip open the cigarette style packet, the portable charging case is small and manageable – easily slipping into a purse or pant pocket. Inside, you’ll find a charging slot, a slot to store a second battery and spaces for three flavor cartridges. No need to screw anything in, the battery starts charging as soon as you close the lid and the LED lights on the side let you know when the pack is running low.

Originally, the Blu e-Cig was a three-piece device, with a separate atomizer and flavor cartridge, but in 2011 they switched the industry standard two-piece design. The new e-cigarette is lightweight and compact, giving transitioning cigarette smokers the natural feeling of a cigarette. The standard battery comes in black or white, while the longer Premium 100 (sold separately) comes in black and provides slightly improved battery life. Unfortunately, both batteries lack the life of competitor batteries (100 puffs for standard, 150 puffs for Premium) which typically last around 200 puffs. Luckily, they charge up in just a few hours and the portable charging case makes carrying a backup a breeze.

High-Quality Flavor Cartridges

When it comes to cartridges, Blu Cigs may not have have a huge range of flavors, but where they lack in quantity they make up for in QUALITY. Blu’s big advantage over other e-cig companies is that their cartridges are filled with Johnson Creek’s proprietary liquid. Not only is it made in the USA, but it replicates the taste and flavor almost perfectly. All blu cartridges are propylene glycol-free, which may be desirable but often dampens the flavor effects. Definitely not the case here.

Where Blu eCigs Lack – Nicotine & Vapor

One of the major downsides to choosing Blu Cigs e-cigarettes is the limited available nicotine content. For moderate or casual users this is unlikely to be an issue, but for ultra heavy smokers who need higher nicotine levels, the highest level provided (High) is 13-16mg. This pales in comparison to other manufacturers that offer 18mg, 24mg or even as high as 36mg per cartridge.

In addition, the vapor production tends to be on the weaker side with Blu, especially as the battery wears down. A fully charged battery will produce a nice thick cloud of vapor, but as it weakens it will require a few priming puffs just to get just a moderate feeling ‘throat hit.’ All electronic cigarettes perform this way to some extent, but if you’re a hardcore vaper or a heavy smoker, a much deeper, more satisfying hit can be found elsewhere with other e-cigarette brands.

The Bottom Line…

Not only can you buy Blu Cigs online, but you’re likely to find them around town as well. From a convenience stand point, nothing beats running up to the local gas station for replacement cartridges. The portable charging pack is extremely functional and cool, but in terms of vapor production, battery performance and nicotine levels, heavy smokers and vapers are sure to be let down. Blu Cigs are ideal for light to moderate smokers and casual e-cig users. For anyone else, keep shopping around…