Eversmoke Review

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A relative newcomer to the e-cig game, Eversmoke produces high-end, cigarette-like products and has quickly become a market leader. EverSmoke e-cigs are edgy and stylish, with a nice variety of options and upgrade choices. Prefect for beginners or light to moderate users, Eversmoke produces an outstanding line of “mini” e-cigs – approved by us and thousands of satisfied customers.

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  • Excellent vapor production
  • Edgy, high quality design
  • Signature crystal tip
  • Multiple battery sizes and colors
  • 10 flavor choices
  • U.S. based assembly and testing


  • Battery life could be improved
  • No e-liquids available

More About Eversmoke

Based out of Miami, FL, EverSmoke was founded in 2010 and has built quite a reputation for itself in a short period of time. Owned by International Vapor Group (IVG), it’s sister brand South Beach Smoke is comparable in almost every single area – other than appearance. South Beach Smoke sticks to a more traditional look with it’s cigarette-like design, while Ever Smoke offers traditional white and a variety of edgier options such as black or stainless steel with a crystal tip.

Like most products in this category, Eversmoke e-cigs feature a mini, two-piece design, in both automatic and manual formats. The catchy Eversmoke logo sits towards the base, complimenting the edgy and sophisticated look. Topped off with gold accents and a crystal tip that glows orange as you inhale, Eversmoke e-cigarettes are attractive, stylish and definitely built to last.

What Ever Smoke is Doing Right…

With strong competition in the e-cig market, Eversmoke has done an excellent job of producing a top-of-the-line product with stellar performance. The vapor production of an EverSmoke e-cig is right up there with V2 or GreenSmoke, generally considered leaders in this area. Each puff produces a dense cloud of vapor with just the right amount ‘throat hit’ to keep you satisfied. In addition, the manual battery provides you with additional control and more vapor production when you need it. The automatic battery performs just as well, but it may require a few priming puffs to reach the same level of vapor output as the manual.

With more nicotine options that most, the cartridges come in five different concentration levels. Choose between Bold (24mg), Full Flavored (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra Light (6mg) and no nicotine. In addition, you have 10 different flavor choices to choose from and Eversmoke e-cigs are fully compatible with South Beach Smoke products, adding just a little more flexibility to the offering.

Did we mention Eversmoke products are assembled and tested here in the U.S.A? Great selling point! Although manufacturing takes place overseas (just like most e-cigarettes), you can be sure about the quality and we had absolutely no problems during testing.

Areas That Need Some Work

Although Eversmoke has a nice range of 10 flavors (Classic Tobacco, Royal Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Peppermint Party, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla, Coffee Creation, Piña Colada and Peach Passion), we found them to be hit-or-miss when it comes to flavor execution. It’s definitely a matter of preference, but several of our testers weren’t impressed with some of the options such as Classic Tobacco, which had a slightly sweet tinge, or the menthol and peppermint which were generally weak in strength. At the same time Cherry Crush was a big winner, along with Very Vanilla.

Another area Eversmoke is lacking is battery life. The standard battery is rated for 250 puffs, equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, while the high-capacity is rated for 350 puffs – some decent specs! The manual battery will reduce this by 25% when compared to the automatic version, but in either case we noticed the numbers were a bit low (150-200 for standard and around 275 for high-capacity.) Manufacturer’s always account for ‘ideal conditions’ when they generate their battery specs, but we still felt like they should have performed a little better. Nothing a quick charge won’t fix…

The Bottom Line…

Eversmoke has produced a quality product that’s in-line with all of it’s leading competitors. That’s saying a lot, considering they’re relative newcomers to the market. With ample vapor production, plenty of nicotine options, a wide selection of flavors and reliable, US-based assembly and testing, you can’t go wrong with an Eversmoke e-cigarette. Even if you’re not a fan of one of their flavors, there are 10 options to choose from – giving you plenty of opportunity to experiment. Visit Eversmoke →