Green Smoke Review

In the relatively new world of e-cigarettes, Green Smoke was one of the FIRST and has built a strong reputation with it’s high quality, well-designed products. An established company with a nice range of cigarette-style devices, Green Smoke e-cigs aren’t necessarily the most affordable, but they’re definitely worth a look due to their enormous popularity and outstanding performance.

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More About Green Smoke

One of the most well-established and respected electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world, Green Smoke is known for quality and produces some of the best performing products available. If you’re looking for a long-lasting and well-built e-cigarette, Green Smoke is a leader in the mini, cigarette-style space.

Although the pricing tends to be a little high with Green Smoke, as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Green smoke sets a high standard when it comes to their e-cigs, whether it’s their exceptional flavors, long-lasting batteries or top-level performance.

Where They Really Excel

Every e-cigarette has it’s pros and cons, but Green Smoke has done an exceptional job of appealing to former smokers. While some manufacturers go for a more futuristic or ‘techy’ look, Green smoke has remained loyal with it’s traditional cigarette-like design.

Not only do Green Smoke e-cigarettes look and feel like the real thing, but they accurately mimic the smoking experience with a rich strong vapor and a glowing red tip that lights up as you take a drag.

The vapor produced by a Green Smoke e-cigarette is exceptional; closely replicating a puff from a real cigarette. Most electronic cigarettes manufacturers suggest a couple of short introductory puffs to increase vapor production, but it’s not necessary with Green Smoke. Outstanding vapor and performance!

In addition, Green smoke offers some of the best prefilled cartridge flavors in the industry – with three varieties of tobacco flavored e-juice (Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Red Label Tobacco), as well as Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice, Vanilla Dreams and Smooth Chocolate.

To fully meet the demands of ex-smokers, they provide a full range of nicotine strengths to satisfy every level of desire. For the most nicotine-heavy users, concentrations start as high as 2.4 percent (Strong), then they move down to 1.8 percent (Full), 1.2 percent (Light), 0.6 percent (Ultra-Light) and Zero.

Don’t Forget the Batteries!

And if accurately reproducing the look and feel of a traditional cigarette wasn’t enough, Green smoke provides several high-end batteries that should easily last throughout the day. The shorter 100mm version will operate for about 200 puffs (about a 20-pack of cigarettes), while the longer 116mm will extend you out to about 275 puffs. In addition, choose from eight designer batteries to spice up your Green Smoke e-cig. The USB charger is very simple to use, just twist the battery in-place and plug it into the wall, a computer USB outlet or vehicle charging port.

Lacking in Just a Few Areas…

Green Smoke e-cigarettes outperform in most aspects, but there are a few small things that could use some work. Although the flavor quality is excellent, Green Smoke doesn’t offer e-liquids and you’ll be forced to live with their seven prefilled flavor cartomizers.

To make matters worse, the KR808D-2 threading is much less common than the D-1 type, so finding compatible blanks to refill will be difficult. You can refill your old Green Smoke cartridges by removing the end cap, but you’ll have to stock up on flavored e-liquids from another company if you plan to venture out.

We’re also not big fans of the USB cigarette (provided with the starter kit in addition to the standard charger). The idea is, you can plug it into your computer as a backup option if your batteries run out and you need an emergency vape.

If you’re like most users this probably won’t be an issue since you’ll form a regular charging pattern, so it’s just waste of money in our opinion.

The Bottom Line…

When it comes to vapor production, Green Smoke e-cigs are one of the best! They produce a heavy, thick vapor, and they do it in a small package. The batteries perform well and the flavors are excellent.

For former smokers, Green Smoke e-cigarettes are an excellent transition product and definitely keep things simple, but if you’re the adventurous type who likes to experiment, you’ll be limited by the flavor options and may have compatibility issues with other brands.