Halo Cigs Review

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Halo offers several different innovative product lines; the flexible cigarette-like G6 and the larger, more advanced eGo-style Triton. These high quality products perform exceptionally well and feature a full range of color, accessory and upgrade options, but Halo’s true claim to fame is their excellent line of American-made smoke juice. A leader in e-liquid, and e-cigs… Halo is one of the best!

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  • Two flexible e-cig designs
  • 20+ quality, U.S. made e-liquids
  • Outstanding flavors!
  • Lots of battery options
  • Easy to upgrade


  • Limited sweet / fruity flavors
  • Short 60-day warranty

More About Halo Cigs

New Jersey-based Halo Cigs isn’t quite as big or well-known as some electronic cigarette companies, but they’re a clear leader in the quality and performance departments. In particular, their American-made e-liquid (or ‘smoke juice’) is widely considered to be some of the best in the industry. Their innovative and delicious flavors are formulated to provide the best combination of vapor and “throat hit” – using only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, USP-approved ingredients.

We agree that Halo’s smoke juice is oustanding,
but their e-cigs aren’t too shabby either. Halo offers two models: the lightweight and sleek G6, and the larger, longer-lasting Triton. Each is designed with slightly different users in-mind, but they both feature a wide array of options, accessories and upgrade choices.

The Cigarette-Like G6 Model

Halo G6 E-Cigarette The G6 is Halo Cigs’s entry level, cigarette-like model – available in several different colors and styles. The traditional faux white option looks just like a real cigarette with it’s slow-dimming LED, or select from a wide variety of brightly-colored, anodized metallic batteries – in automatic or manual formats. Although the G6 starter kit includes a 5-pack of black pre-filled cartomizers, you can eventually purchase matching-colored blanks to give your e-cigarette a sleek and monotone look. The blank cartomizers will allow you to easily fill up with Halo’s excellent selection of e-liquids, or you can purchase Halo’s ultra-cool ‘mini tanks’ to improve the look and performance of your G6 even further.

If you want to keep it simple, Halo does offer eight different pre-filled cartomizers (Prime15, Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, Torque5, HX3, Malibu, Menthol ICE, Belgian Cocoa), but to get the best flavor and vapor production, filling blanks with e-liquid is the way to go. Choose from 20+ flavor choices and a full range of nicotine levels (XHigh – 24mg, High – 18mg, Med – 12mg, Low – 6mg)

G6 Performance Overview

Although it’s lightweight and sleek, the G6 is by no means your average ‘cig-a-like’ product. Not only does it offer a wide array of accessories and upgrade choices, but it’s also one of the better performing mini e-cigs on the market. Vapor production is outstanding and we can’t say enough about Halo’s flavors. Whenever you’re dealing with over 20 different options you’re bound to have some favorites, but in general, each one is uniquely crafted to produce a smooth and rich taste. We’re not sure what Halo’s so-called “Infiniglow” technology does to improve battery life, but we did notice a slight improvement over comparable mini models. Choose from a shorter 65mm / 180mAh or longer 85mm / 280mAh battery and expect upwards of 150+ or 250+ puffs.

The Advanced Triton Tank System

Halo Triton E-Cig Ready for more vapor, longer-lasting batteries and the next level of performance? The Triton is Halo’s top-of-the-line vGo model and is sure to satisfy the heaviest smokers and most dedicated vapers. Choose a long-lasting 450mAh or 650mAh battery with your starter kit, and if you really need serious vaping power, upgrade to 900mAh or 1300mAh batteries (sold separately.) The Triton comes in 10+ attractive colors, including an ultra-cool metallic “Iridescence” version. Halo also sells a variable voltage model if you’re looking for full control over your experience.

Like the G6, the Triton can be used with any of Halo’s 20+ tasty e-liquids and uses a refillable tank system vs. cartomizers. Fast and easy to refill, the tanks hold approximately 2.4ml of smoke juice, compared to 1ml for most cigarette-style models. Not only will the larger batteries easily last throughout the day, they’ll produce bigger, more satisfying clouds of vapor and users will need to refill less, meaning more time to enjoy vaping.

Here’s What We Really Love!

Besides the excellent performance and outstanding American-made smoke juice, we love the fact that the smaller G6 has so many upgrade options – multiple batteries, blank cartomizers, mini-tanks and e-liquids. But here’s what we really love: the G6 cartomizers and mini-tanks (KR808D-1 threading) are fully compatible with the Triton tank system. This makes upgrading a breeze and you don’t have to throw away your extra cartos or invest into a completely new Triton starter kit to give it a shot. With just a Triton battery and charger (the G6 chargers are not compatible) you can experiment with an upgrade for significantly less than purchasing an entire kit. Of course, if you decide the Triton is the way to go you’ll eventually want the larger tanks and a backup battery, but you have some flexibility with Halo’s line-up and can test out various options without breaking the bank.

Just a few minor negatives…

When it comes to Halo’s products, there isn’t a whole lot to complain about. We feel like the G6 is one of the best mini e-cigs on the market, and the Triton is definitely a top performer in the mid-size, eGo space. Halo’s e-liquids are by far one of their strongest points, but it can be a little confusing trying to pick out the right flavors. With odd names such as ‘Torque56’ and ‘HX3’, it’s definitely not easy to decipher your options. And you won’t find a whole lot of fruity or overly sweet choices. Although they’re broken down by ‘Tobacco’, ‘Menthol’ and ‘Gourmet Flavors,’ it’s still a tough decision with 5 to 10 options in each category. We strongly suggest you try a sample pack before you fully commit to a flavor, this way you’ll get a good feel for Halo’s entire range of smoke juice.

Of course, odd product names aren’t a big deal in the big scheme of things and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy many of Halo’s flavors. The biggest factor that hampered our rating was Halo’s warranty. Most companies offer at least a year – with many companies providing limited “lifetime” warranties on their products. There are often strings attached with longer warranties, but 60-days doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, and with such a great line of high-quality products we’re not sure why Halo only offers 60-days, but it’s something to be aware of and a factor that dropped our rating. If you consider the fact that a replacement battery is only $12.99 (G6) to $16.99 (Triton), the weak warranty may not necessarily be a deal breaker and we’re big fans of Halo in every other aspect. Visit Halo →