Henley E-Cigs Review

Even though Henley offers it’s own unique line of mini e-cigs, the company is more of a boutique “vape shop” than an exclusive electronic cigarette manufacturer.

In addition to selling their full line of branded products, Henley offers an excellent range of high quality vaping gear; including mods, tanks, e-juice and a variety of high-end accessories from Aspire, Eleaf, Joyetech, Kanger and more.

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Rather than offering just a few stand-alone products to attract customers, Henley is attempting to build a “lifestyle” with their brand. Henley offers a nice line of mini, “cigalike” products similar to other companies, but they also offer a wide range of mods and advanced vaping gear, along with e-liquid from popular brands such as Five Pawns, Niquid, Pink Spot and more.

In 2013, Henley made headlines by opening their first retail store in the heart of NYC, The Vaporium, and it’s indicative of their strategy to reach vapers at all levels.

In regards to their branded line of electronic cigarettes, Henley offers both disposable and rechargeable devices that are comparable to many other brands. As you move through Henley’s product line, you’ll also find advanced gear from Innokin such as the iTaste VV, MVP and more, along with a full range of high-end accessories.

Henley’s Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

Henley offers two (branded) rechargeable setups – the Deluxe and Express kits. Although one is black and the other one is white, they’re essentially the same products, with the Express Kit (white) including just the basics (battery, charger and three flavor cartridges), while the Deluxe Kit (black) includes more options and additional goodies such as an extremely well-designed portable charging case, two batteries and five flavor cartridges.

The Express Kit is the low-cost entry level version, designed for retail stores and providing just enough gear to “get your feet wet.” There are only two flavor choices with this kit – Original and Menthol – and it’s only available at 18mg nicotine. If you decide to buy more cartridges after your initial purchase, you’ll have a total of ten flavor options (Original, Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, Cappucino, Cherry, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Vanilla, Watermelon ) and can choose from a wider range of nicotine – 6mg, 18mg or 24mg.
Henley Rechargeable E-Cigs
The Deluxe Kit is designed for more serious, longer-term use and includes two batteries, five cartridges and an ultra cool PCC (portable charging case). Like the PCCs from other companies, it’s designed to charge a backup battery and carry extra flavor cartridges when you’re on-the-go. Very sleek and stylish, it’s reminiscent of an Ipod or iPhone and carries three extra cartridges and a backup battery. Indicator lights on the side of the PCC show you it’s charge level and the status of your backup battery. Unlike competitor PCCs, the top flips open just like a Zippoo lighter… pretty cool! Right from the start, you can pick from all ten Henley flavors at 18mg or 24mg of nicotine – which can eventually be downgraded to 6mg (if you choose) with subsequent cartridge purchases.

A Quick Performance Overview

As mentioned, after testing both versions the e-cigs themselves seem to be exactly the same. Although the appearance and contents of each kit is slightly different, we felt that both products performed comparatively well. Definitely small in stature, these are true “mini” e-cigs – close to the size of a regular cigarette. They produced a nice amount of vapor for their size, but the throat kit was definitely on the mild side.

Since Henley doesn’t disclose the PG/VG ratios of their cartridges, we can only assume that they’re VG-rich due to the toned down burning sensation, which many people prefer. We tried the Original, Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla and Watermelon flavors, with Original being the better tobacco option and watermelon and vanilla being outstanding, sweet alternatives.

Mods and Other Advanced Devices…

Henley Advanced Vaping Products

Moving beyond the cigarette-style branded products, Henley offers a basic eGo CE4 setup and a wide range of high-end vaping devices from Innokin. This includes the iTaste MVP 2.0, a popular 510/eGo threaded “box mod” with loads of features, the iTaste MVP 20W 3.0, a variable voltage eGo-type option with digital display, and the iTaste 134 “tube mod” with a huge 18650 battery that is adjustable from 6.5 watts to 12.5 watts.

Some of these devices are quite advanced and each of them would require an entire review of their own, but it’s safe to say these are some of the most popular and highly-rated mods available. Henley also offers Vamo V5, iTaste VTR, iTaste SVD and more.

Great Products With Room for Improvement…

Henley’s line of electronic cigarettes are relatively new to the market but they definitely perform well compared to other brands. If you’d like to keep things simple and avoid complications then they should work out great, but if you’re looking for options and the ability to customize your device, there aren’t many choices available.

The colors are limited, they don’t provide manual or extended life batteries, only three nicotine levels are available and they don’t offer blanks to fill cartridges yourself. With that being said, Henley offers a full range of advanced vaping devices and your upgrade options are limitless if you think you’ll venture beyond the basic, mini-style setups.

Their Innokin iTaste models are some of the highest quality and best performing products on the market, but they’re a lot more expensive and they’re definitely not for novices or anyone new to vaping.