V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs has rapidly become one of the top selling e-cigarette brands on the market – and for good reason. With a wide variety of styles, a huge assortment of flavors and a full range of accessories, V2 e-cigs will satisfy both casual and serious vapers. Did we mention the industry-leading performance and reasonable prices? A top pick on many websites – including our own…

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More About V2 Cigs

Widely considered the best (mini) e-cigarettes on the market, V2 Cigs has an outstanding reputation among the vaping community – and we happen to be big fans as well. Known for their excellent performance, superior quality and trouble-free operation, there’s very little
to complain about when it comes to V2.

V2 Cigs offers a wide range of color and style choices, including stainless steel, metallic blue or plain black and white batteries. They’ve won the support of thousands of customers with their stylish and unconventional look, but if you’re searching for the most realistic electronic cigarette design, you may need to search elsewhere.

Why V2 Is One of The Best

V2 excels in virtually every area that matters to former smokers. When it comes to performance, it’s safe to say that V2 provides the best vapor production and the strongest ‘throat hit’ out of every mini electronic cigarette in it’s class. A drag from a V2 feels just like the real thing, producing a thick cloud of vapor that accurately replicates the look and feel of real tobacco smoke. The smooth, yet powerful hits will satisfy both casual users and moderate to heavy smokers.

In addition to the excellent vaping qualities, V2 Cigs offers a variety of high-quality battery options as well. Choose from automatic or manual batteries, and pick from three different sizes – Shorty (100mm), Standard (110mm) and Long (140mm).

The standard battery provides about what you’d expect from a typical e-cigarette battery at close to 200 puffs, while the long battery will provide up to 300 puffs. But what really makes V2 batteries great is the fact that they’re regulated at 4.2 volts, rather than the normal 3.7 volts. Used with the same standard cartomizers, they produce hotter vapor, and more of it, further contributing to the excellent performance.

V2 Cigs EX Series

We’re very excited about the new V2 Cigs EX series! EX batteries come in several sleek and attractive designs, offer extended life and include other neat features such as power indicator lights and matching cartridge sleeves. In addition, V2 also released their new EX cartridges, providing twice as many puffs, more consistent vapor and visible e-liquid level. EX components can be purchase separately, or any standard kit can now be upgraded!

Numerous Nicotine Levels, Flavors and e-Liquids

V2 Cigs offers a full range of nicotine levels (from 0% to 2.4%) as well as ten different flavor options. Choose from three tobacco blends (Red, Sahara and Congress), three minty varieties (Menthol, Peppermint and Mint Tea), several sweeter selections (Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry) and Coffee.

As with most flavor offerings there are some winners and some losers in the bunch, but we’ll leave the ratings to others since flavor preferences are a matter of personal taste.

Overall, V2’s selection is great and the flavor execution is accurate and robust. In addition to the typical 5 and 20-packs, V2 sells their cartridges in large 80-packs or customizable 100-packs to help you save. They also sell e-liquids so you can fill blank cartridges, another great money-saving option.

So Where Are They Lacking???

V2 Cigs is at the top of food chain when it comes to smaller, mini-style electronic cigarettes. There’s very little to complain about here, especially considering all the options you have to customize your experience and provide the excellent results you expect from an e-cig. If the vapor production isn’t quite strong enough, you can upgrade to a manual battery.

Not getting enough battery life? Upgrade to the longer 140mm version. There are ten different flavor options, so it’s likely you’ll find a choice that fits. If for whatever reason one of ten V2 flavor options doesn’t suffice, you can always purchase blank cartridges and buy your liquids elsewhere. How can you go wrong???

On top of that, V2 Cigs has excellent customer service, available by phone, live chat or email. V2 Cigs will provide a lifetime warranty (limited to a maximum of five replacements) and as long as you purchase cartridges or e-liquids every 90-days, you’re covered.

One area that may be a deal-breaker for some is the lack of a realistic-looking cigarette design. A white battery paired up with one of the various colored cartridges will provide a more natural appearance, but they still don’t have the fully authentic look of the faux designs offered by other companies. You also won’t find any mid-size or variable voltage models at V2, so if you decide to move beyond the mini cigarette-style products, you’ll have to search elsewhere.

With all other factors considered, if you’re looking for a small, lightweight setup and prefer an edgier, more custom look, V2 is probably your best choice. You’re unlikely to find the same performance and flexibility anywhere else, and if you do, it’s going to cost significantly more.