Write For Us


We need your help! We’re looking for experienced vapers who not only have a vast array of product knowledge, but a love for the vaping industry and top-notch writing skills. Ideally, we’d like to find 2-3 permanent writers to contribute regularly to CigBuyer.com. Knowledgeable vapers with the ability to provide well-written, informative and entertaining articles about vaping… READ ON. These are just some of the areas we’re looking to cover:

The Content We’re Looking For…

We feature a wide variety of topics in our News Blog:

  • Top 10 & Best Of lists
  • New product announcements with commentary
  • Tips and advice articles
  • Updates about e-cig studies and research
  • Coverage of major news stories with opinion
  • Other e-cigarette and vaping news

We’d also like to expand our Vaping Guide with more educational and how-to articles. In addition, we need an experienced vaper to put together full written product reviews. Right now we’re looking to cover all of the latest mechanical and regulated mods, but as our review section expands, we may consider covering tanks, RBA’s and other products as well. Have video production / editing experience and interested in doing video reviews? We can discuss that too.


Intermediate to advanced vapers with excellent writing abilities are welcome to apply. We’re looking for writers who can express themselves in interesting and engaging way, while still maintaining a professional persona. Candidates should be able to write in a clear and concise manner with minimal errors. Experience with WordPress, HTML, SEO and visual formatting are a huge plus.

Expect us to provide topics on occasion, but we’re looking for writers who are actively involved in the vaping community who can develop new and interesting topics on their own. Candidate(s) should be able to communicate effectively and work well with others; since content development will be a collaborative effort. Expect to exchange emails regularly and possibly an occasional phone call.

We’re looking for two well-written 600+ word articles per month, not to exceed four total.


At the moment, we’re looking for freelance writers to pay on a per article basis. The rate will depend on a variety of different factors, including topic, word count, complexity and content quality. Much of this will depend on the author, so specific rates will be discussed with each individual.

In order to determine if you’re a good fit for our team, contact Jeremy at jeremy(at)cigbuyer.com and provide some background with at least two article samples. If you have specific pay requirements, please let us know or provide a pay range to give us an idea about what you expect. If you become a regular contributor to our website we’ll create a personal account for you to login and submit your work. You’ll also receive a bio page, and if all goes well, a mention on our “About Us’ page 🙂