Double Comma Vapes E-Juice Deal – 120ml for $9.99!!!

Double Comma Vapes E-Juice Deal One more awesome e-juice deal to share today. For a limited-time, Double Comma Vapes is offering 120ml bottles for only $9.99! Considering their outstanding line-up and regular price of $29.99, this is an great chance to try some quality e-liquid on the cheap. We’re working on a Double Comma Vapes e-juice review right now, and its safe to say that we’ve been thoroughly impressed! They have 6 unique flavors, including our favorite so far, Double Clutch Crunch; an Iron Award at Vape Nights Las Vegas and one of the best cereal flavors we’ve tried (bananas, peanut butter cereal and milk).

They have other great flavors as well… and at only $9.99 for 120ml, we would highly suggest you pick up more than one bottle because these guys have some awesome tasting e-juice! Double Comma Vapes uses a proprietary steeping process on all of their products, which means it’s ready-to-go as soon as it arrives. Just visit Double Comma Vapes and use coupon “HUGEDEAL” to save →

* Expiration of this Double Comma e-juice deal is unknown. Good while supplies last.

Double Comma E-Liquid Flavors:

  • Double Clutch Crunch – Peanut Butter Cpt’n Crunch Cereal, Bananas & Milk
  • Murcielago Macchiato – Iced Coffee, Vanilla Syrup & Caramel
  • Nitrous Oxide – Lemon Energy Drink with Cool Ice Exhale
  • Skyline Fuel – Grape “Kool” Drink
  • Countach Crumble – Ripe Peaches, Crumble Topping, Smooth Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Hot Wheelz – Creamy Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich

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