E-Cigarettes Are More Popular Than The Patch & Nicotine Gum

E-Cigarette Vs. Nicotine Patch & Gum According to a new study of consumer behavior from Kantar Media, electronic cigarettes are a more popular tool for smoking cessation than nicotine patches and gum. Of the 20,000 adult respondents who used a smoking cessation product in the last 12 months, 57% chose e-cigarettes, compared with 39% who used a prescription drug like Chantix and 39% who used other over-the-counter methods including nicotine gum and patches. Although there have been numerous studies evaluating the effectiveness of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation, this is the first to evaluate the popularity of e-cigs when compared to other products. Is it any surprise that electronic cigarettes are more appealing than other quit smoking aids?

One of the huge advantages of electronic cigarettes over other quit smoking methods is that they mimic the act (and feel) of traditional tobacco smoking, which makes the transition for those trying to kick the habit much easier. And with a huge range of appealing flavors, which have been shown to increase their effectiveness, electronic cigarettes are not only more popular, but recent studies also indicate that they’re more successful at helping smokers quit than the alternatives.

Other Interesting Findings

The study from Kantar Media also found that electronic cigarette users were 35% more likely to say that their current health was somewhat or much better than it was a year ago, and more e-cigarette users reported feeling healthier than users of other smoking cessation products. Not surprisingly, smokers were the least likely to say that their health improved.

In addition, the study provided a window into the typical e-cigarette user, with almost 6 million adults in the U.S. using electronic cigarettes, compared with 44 million who use other tobacco or nicotine products (including cigarettes). E-cig users tend to be young and male and have lower household incomes than the national average. E-cig users are also more likely to live in the South; in fact, in the region including Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee, the ratio of electronic cigarette users to traditional smokers is nearly two to one, according to the study.

Popular Does Not Mean Effective

Electronic cigarette makers are legally prohibited from claiming that their products help smokers quit, and critics continue to question how effective e-cigs really are for smoking cessation, despite the growing evidence. But it doesn’t seem to matter, according Kantar Media’s findings:

“The fact that there isn’t industry-wide, definitive proof that e-cigs help all smokers quit for good may be irrelevant to smokers.”

E-Cigs More Appealing Than Alternatives

Electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative than smoking and lack the tar, smoke and virtually all of the harmful chemicals. They mimic the act and feel of smoking, without the harmful byproducts. Is it any wonder that people are choosing e-cigs over other quit smoking aids? Thousands of vaping enthusiasts (and numerous studies) can attest to the effectiveness of e-cigs for smoking cessation, and even though some experts may doubt it, more-and-more doctors are recommending e-cigarettes.

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