Apollo E-Cigs Review

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If you’e looking for options, Apollo has them. Not only does Apollo produce lightweight, cigarette style products, but they offer several larger, more advanced models when you’re ready to take your vaping to the next level. Choose from over 40+ e-liquid flavors, tons of accessories and lots of color choices. Apollo is an established industry leader with a full range of quality vaping gear.

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More About Apollo

Apollo is another big player in the e-cig industry with long track record of producing high quality vaping gear. Based out of Concord, CA, Apollo owns and operates it’s own research and development facilities in China. Unlike some e-cig companies that just slap their label on low-quality, mass produced Chinese junk, Apollo has full control over the development, manufacturing and quality control of their line-up. In addition, Apollo’s e-liquid is fully developed in Northern California with only the highest-quality U.S. sourced ingredients.

Like most electronic cigarette companies, Apollo offers an excellent line of cigarette-style models, but what really sets Apollo apart is their full selection of advanced products. You won’t find 40+ flavors, clear (and colored) cartomizers, long-lasting eGo-style batteries, variable voltage mods and so many upgrade options at V2, Green Smoke or others. Apollo has you covered, whether you’d like to keep things simple or you’re looking for the most advanced vaping gear.

Apollo’s “Standard” Models

Apollo E-Cigs Standard Mini Although there are several different models to choose from at Apollo, when it comes to the slim, lightweight cigarette-style products, you have two main color choices – BLACK or WHITE. The black is sleek and stylish, while the white has a more authentic and inconspicuous look. Both include the standard two-piece design and feature a red or blue LED tip that lights up when you inhale.

One of our favorite options with Apollo’s ‘Standard’ cigarette-style model is the ultra cool portable charging case (PCC). Not only is it handy for carrying extra batteries and cartomizers, but it also charges the battery when you don’t have access to a USB or wall plug. Taking 1-2 hours to fully recharge a battery, you’ll get 5-8 charges from the PCC before it needs to be recharged itself. It includes a helpful LED display that lets you know when the battery is charged and when the PCC is running low on juice. A great option when you’re on-the-go and unable access a charger, carry two batteries and up to five cartomizers to make it through your entire day.

A Quick Performance Overview

As mentioned, Apollo has several different designs to choose from so we’ll provide a quick overview of each to avoid an excessively long review. When it comes to performance, the “Standard” Apollo e-cigs perform quite well and produce a decent amount of vapor – about average when compared to similar products from other companies. A few priming puffs may be necessary and you can expect moderate vapor production that will slowly weaken as the battery is depleted. For beginners or light to moderate users, the standard 180mAh battery should do the job, but if you’re looking for stronger vapor production and more battery life you may want to consider the next step up to the “Extreme” model which includes more powerful, longer-lasting 280mAh batteries – but no PCC.

In regards to flavor, Apollo has a huge array of choices that are primarily available in liquid form. They offer five different pre-filled cartomizers (Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla), but to gain access to their full range of flavors you’ll need to purchase blank cartridges and switch to liquids. The liquids are American-based, 60/40 PG/VG and come in an eclectic array of choices; from classic tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla and clove flavors; to specialties such as banana creme, green apple, rocky road, watermelon, grape and more. As you’d expect, there’s also a full range of nicotine levels – Zero (0mg), Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg) and Extra High (24mg).

Other Apollo Models

Apollo Upgrades Beyond Apollo’s cigarette style designs, you can move up to the Superior Ego Kit, featuring a larger, longer-lasting 900mAh eGo battery – about the size of a cigar. This is the most popular design for serious vapers due to it’s extended life and strong vapor production. Next, is the Apollo VTube Kit, designed for true afficionados that would like to customize the flavor, vapor and throat hit of their e-cig. It includes an LCD screen and the ability to adjust the voltage (3-6V) with the click of a button. And finally, the eSlim Kit is a long-lasting and sleek design that you can fit inside your pocket and uses refillable cartomizers instead of tanks. All of these advanced options can be used with Apollo’s full range of 20+ U.S. made e-liquids.

Areas That May Need Work

In general, Apollo e-cigs perform quite well and there are a variety of different designs to satisfy every type of vaper. One could easily complain about the reduced battery life or lower performance of the ‘Standard’ Apollo e-cigs, but an upgrade to ‘Extreme’ (or another version) should quickly solve this problem. The standard e-cigs also include the portable charging case that makes keeping your batteries topped off quite easy, so if you prefer the smaller, lighter weight Standard batteries, a regular charging routine involving the PCC could remedy any issues with battery life.

The bigger complaint we have is that the ‘Standard’ and ‘Extreme’ versions are not interchangeable. For a company that oversees the manufacturing and design of it’s own products, it should be quite easy to make the Standard e-cig interchangeable with the Extreme. Instead, the standard version features RN4081 threading and the Extreme is DSE901 / KR808D-1 threading. A lapse in design that requires a full upgrade to Extreme batteries and cartridges if the standard battery doesn’t suffice. We’re also not sure (since it’s not specified) whether or not the pre-filled cartomizers include the same U.S. made smoke juice provided in their refillable e-liquids. Since liquids are cheaper and more flexible than pre-filled cartridges, we would suggest this route if you’re serious about savings. Visit Apollo →