Flawless E-Juice Mystery Bundle – 600ml for ONLY $20!

Flawless E-Juice Mystery Bundle Looking to experiment or stock-up on some super cheap, premium e-juice? Flawless is offering a 600ml Mystery E-Juice Bundle for only $20! Assuming you receive all 120ml bottles… that’s just $4 each! You’ll have no control over which flavors you receive, but good luck finding a better deal on e-liquid. We’re assuming that this bundle only includes Flawless brand e-juice, but they do carry a number of other popular brands on their website… so we’re not 100% sure – it’s a “MYSTERY”…

If you’re the gambling type and looking to experiment, this 600ml Mystery E-Juice Bundle might be right up your alley. It’s a great option to test new flavors, and if you’re not a fan you can easily pass them off to a friend. No coupon is necessary, just visit Flawless Vape and grab a 600ml Mystery Bundle here →

* Expiration of this special Flawless e-liquid deal is unknown.

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