FREE Bottle Of Vista Vapors E-Liquid!

Free Bottle of Vista Vapors E-Liquid Have you taken advantage of Vista Vapors’ free e-liquid deal? This offer has been running for over a year now, so why not give them a try?

With over 150+ flavors, Vista Vapors offers some of the cheapest e-juice on the market.

Choose from dozens of tobacco, menthol, candy, cereal, dessert, fruits like strawberry and orange, and other unique varieties – starting at $4.99 for 17ml. You can also purchase 32ml, 52ml or 102ml bottles. Choose from several PG/VG blends and optional flavor boosts.

If you’ve never tried Vista Vapors before, it’s hard to pass up a free bottle. They’ll provide a sample bottle of e-liquid for free, as long as you order anything else from their store over $15. Choose from 20 of their 160 flavors at various nicotine levels. No optional flavor boosts, but who can complain about free e-liquid? You can even upgrade to a bigger bottle for a small fee.

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    Is this offer still available? If so please let me know immediately. Thank you

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