Empty 120ml Skull E-Liquid Bottles – $6.90 Each

Iwodevape 120ml Skull E-Liquid Bottles Here’s a unique accessory we thought some of our visitors might be interested in – Iwodevape 120ml Skull E-Liquid Bottles. They’re not what we would consider a necessity, but if you’re looking for something cool and interesting to store or carry your e-juice in, these 120ml glass skull e-liquid bottles are pretty awesome! A few vendors have offered e-juice in 30ml and 60ml bottles similar to these, but we haven’t seen them in 120ml bottles until now. Expect to see some companies offer them in the near future, but if you’d like some empty 120ml skull bottles for yourself… here you go!

Available in black or green with dropper, these 120ml Iwodevape Skull E-Liquid Bottles are definitely cool and a unique way to store or carry your favorite e-juice. You can purchase empty 30ml skull bottles as well, but if you’re looking for big 120ml bottles to store larger amounts of e-liquid, you can find them at Chinese supplier Fast Tech for just $6.90 each (bulk pricing also available) →

* No special coupon codes are required. Good while supplies last.

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